Zikaboo The Vampires | Zaker's Ending

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Weird Situation With the Zikaboo Prince!

Uh! Where am I?

I open my eyes slowly. What is going on? Where am I now?

I see two curious and gorgeous eyes are looking at me.!!

Panicked, I lean behind. I suddenly realize what is happening. A guy's face is looking at me! His face is only a centimeter away that his nose and my nose are almost touching!!

Me : "AAHH!!"

The guy speaks—

????? : "Wow! So the pretty bear speaks too, huh?"

Geez! Who is he calling a pretty bear?

I am breathing fast. The guy stands.

I can see him head to toe now. He is extremely beautiful, adorable, hot and gorgeous!! I bet no one is as beautiful as him! His red eyes are most adorable!!

I look up. His eyes suddenly meets mine! I can feel a deep insistence in those eyes.

!!!!!.. I gulp panicky. He is staring at me with dramatic look. His stareing is making me shiver!

???? : "Hey pretty bear, don't panic. I won't eat you."

He tweaks on my cheek.


My cheeks are burning and getting red by his tweak! I am blushing too much!

??? : "Sit down pretty bear."

He points at a big stone.

Argh! Grumpy!

I sit on the stone. It feels so comfortable!

??? : "Now, what's your name pretty bear?"

Me : "Alice, you?"

??? : "Zaker "

Me : "Pretty name"

Zaker : "I am glad to hear this especially from you!"

2nd man : "Hey, Zaker! Where is my reward for carrying her here with my strong hands? "

Huh? Carrying me with hands?!

Me : "What the heck are you talking about?!"

2nd man : "I carried you here with my hands. "

Does he mean he carried me here like a prince carries a princess?! Ow man! It's just getting all worse!

I can feel I am blushing again. The Zaker guy seems to be enjoying seeing me blushing! He is giggling! What kind of Zikaboo is he? Don't they have manners?

Zaker : "So, I have made a decision about eating you. "

Me : "What is that?"

I am sweating nervously. I don’t want them to eat me ever!

Me : "Please don’t eat me! I didn’t come in this jungle to hurt any of you! Let me go!"

I appeal.

Zaker : "Who said I will let you go this easily?"

He said dramatically.

Zaker : "No one will eat you if you stay here forever."

Me : "What?! Staying here forever?!"

Zaker : "Yes"

Me : "Why?"

Zaker : "Because you are beautiful. "

The two zikaboos who brought me here are glaring at Zaker. Is that a sign of jealousy?

Me : "Wh-what?!"

I gulp nervously. I am sweating. My cheekbones are getting more red by evey seconds!

I guess It's a bit surprising to be called beautiful by a zikaboo. No one called me beautiful besides grandma. And the guy is second one calling me beautiful!

Me : "Th-thank you, I guess."

Zaker : "You will stay in the castle forever. Who comes in the city can't go back. They are imminent to stay here forever"

I notice for the first time that I am in a castle! I look around. I bet if there is any castle more beautiful than it!

Me : "City? "

2nd man : "This is a city or you can say country. You bastard peoples call it jungle!"


Me : "Ok, understood. But where is my room and what am I going to do in this city?"

1st man : "You will know later, sweety."

Why are these zikaboos calling me in such romantic names? Are all zikaboos like them?

Me : "Ok.. But where is my room? "

1st man & 2nd man : "Room?!"

Me : "What is so surprising about? Of course I need my own room or do you zikaboos don't have separate rooms?"

2nd man : "Sorry, missy. We have a guest room but you won’t stay there. "

Me : "Then where?!"

1st man : "You will stay with the prince in his room."

Me : "WHAT!!?? The prince's room?!"

What do they think they are saying?! I will stay with their prince in his room?! Are they serious?

Me : "Why?! Can't I stay in the guestroom?"

2nd man : "No, you can't. There is a rule. If the prince decide not to eat the person and like the person, then the person will stay with the prince in his room. "

What kind of rule is this?! The book said they are different type from other ghosts but this? This is more than rude!

Me : "I am sorry? I am not comfortable. "

Zaker : "Sorry, but you will. "

Me : "You may eat me now but I can't stay there. "

Zaker : "Rules are rules. We won't eat you whatever you do. And since we won't eat you, you will stay and maintain the rules."

What?! This is blackmailing!

Me : "Argh! Who is the prince? "

Zaker : "Me."

Me : "What?!"

He is the prince? He is totally annoying and I will need to stay with him?! He will drive me crazy!"

Me : "Fine!"

What have I gotten myself into? What are these crazy Zikaboo vampires going to do?!

Me : "Ok but Where is the king and queen?"

Zaker : "Don't know, After an incidence, they both were missing. No one know where are they."

Me : "Oh..I am sorry."

Zaker : "Are you done questioning? "

I am not done yet but I say yes.

Zaker : "You two, Take her to my room. "

The two man seems very furious. Is it because Zaker said to take me to his room or something else?

1st man : "Come missy, to your new room. "

Me : "Geez! "

I start yo follow them. We walk through the corridor.

The whole castle is huge! Anyone will dream of this house! Most things look made of gold and silver! The floor and the celling is made of marvel!

Does Zikaboo Vampires have the "money" thing? I am curious to know about their culture!

1st man : "Here we are! "

The sudden words makes me come back to the reality. I enter the room.

Me : "Whoah! It's the prettiest room ever I saw!"

2nd man : "Yeah, Go and change clothes. You have a lot things to deal with. "

Me : "Uh, ok."

They shows me the closet and everything in the room. I am scared about how It's going to be when Zaker and I are in the room! I guess I have to get used to it.

When I am about to start changing my clothes, I notice that those two haven’t left yet.

Me : "Um...Mind going outside so I can change? "

2nd man : "No, Zaker told us to help you with everything. "

What?! Does they think I need help with changing?! It's unfair!

Me : "No way! I am a girl. I can change on my own! GET OUT!"

They seem shocked from my reaction. Like they think I am mad or something.

Me : "Uh, I didn't mean to yell like that. Ju- Just go please! I don’t need help"

2nd man : "Hah, Alright. "

They go outside of room and close the door. I go to the closet.

I am confused. They have girl's dresses. But a bit different type. Hope I can manage.

They have wonderful dresses. What should I wear? Something cute or something hot? I end up choosing a cute blue dress. Blue is more my type!

There is a cute ribbon with the set. I pick up the dress to wear.

As I continue, I realize that they weren’t joking. The dress is very hard to manage and wear perfectly. I really needed help! But I can't let them see me naked!

I somehow mange the dress but It's still a bit messy!

I go ahead and open the door. The two zikaboos are vanished! I am confused where to go or what to do.

I start walking throgh the corridor awkwardly. I keep walking. A sound from behind catches my attention. I look behind but see nothing.


Me : "Ah!"

Zaker : "Whoah!"

Ohn no! I bumped into Zaker! He is going to make fun again!

Me : "Sorry!"

Nervous, I take a step back. When I am about to take another step—

Me : "Ah!"

I am about to fall on the floor but Zaker catches me!

His both hands are wrapped around my waist. My hands are on his shoulder.

Zaker : "Quite the falling?"

He release me.

Zaker : "It's ok. What are you doing alone? Where are those two?"

Me : "I didn't saw them after opening the door so I was walking around to find someone."

Zaker : "Uh..Those scoundrels! Never do a work properly!.Whoa!!"

He suddenly seem surprised. He looks at me head to toe. Looks like he can't take his eye off from me.

Me : "What?"

Zaker : "You are beautiful! "

Me : "Have not you said that already? "

Zaker : "I never saw a girl this beautiful! "

Does a zikaboo really find me beautiful? What is gonna happen next?

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