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I have been a Daddy's girl all my life but it all changed when i got to high school .My Dad was a rich business man,my Mom passed away when i was 5 and is been me and my Dad ever since.i was 16 and i started high school on ''2nd March 2020'' which was 3 days ahead.

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First Day

''2ND MARCH 2020"


I woke up with a smile on my face and rushed to my bathroom. I took a quick shower and picked out an outfit. I wore black jeans with my baby blue top.

I skipped downstairs and greeted Salma [our maid] .She had cooked pancakes and waffles i had orange juice with my "paffles" That's what i call my pancakes and waffles.I went to my Father's office and said goodbye to him and i left for school i had a car so i got in and drove off to school.I got to school with everyone's eye on me and i didn't know why until my best friend Arius came over and ask why i bought a Lamborghini to school.

I noded and said is the only car i had but he said never mind and we went inside but as i opened the school door i bumped into someone and quickly said sorry and i rum to my bestie and asked her where my class was i gave her a piece of paper and she said ''Oh class 2C ''thats where i was going so we went togeher and i took a seat at the back of the class but as soon as i sat down i saw a hand hit my table and a tall devilish guy said thats my seat but i sat down and told him class is about to start find a place to sit. He looked at me with his gray eyes and I froze for a second.

School was quick and I heard the bell ring for lunch. I stood up and went to Arius who looked at me in shock. He asked if you have been homeschooled for 6 years. You come to school and you stand up to Davian Greenwood!!. i stumble up my words wait he's Davi as in Davian the bad boy of the school my head break loose i start to wimper and Aruis took me to luch we sat down and he told me i heard one time a girl asked him out and she never returned home .After that the rest of the day went fast and is was time to go home i got my car keys out and screamed Aruis let's go .i got home did my homework watched some tiktoks and fell asleep.

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