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Kara is young and carefree. Seizing the bull by the horns and living each day like it is her last. Neither money, family, or relationships worries her and she loves her freedom. Commitment is the last thing on her mind as she travels the world with a group of friends in search of the next adventure. Little did she know that her biggest adventure was closer than she thought, an adventure named Parker.

Romance / Erotica
I.M Bagwell
4.5 10 reviews
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Chapter 1 - On a train to Spain

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“Urg” I groaned as Kyle, my on-and-off boy toy and close friend, grabbed my ass early in the morning. “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“Baby, I am always hard for you. Just a quickie and I’ll leave you alone.”

“Fuck off.” I hissed as I left the bed, letting the sheets fall off the bed and reveal my naked body.

“How are you going to tell me to fuck off but then walk around like that?” Kyle smirked.

“Just rub one off while you watch me then. I think I might do some yoga.” I replied as I stuck my tongue out to him and started to stretch.

“Shit, really?” Kyle exclaimed while he started rubbing his obvious erection below the sheets.

I bent over into a downward dog position, displaying all my glory, and looked at him through the gap between my legs. “Is that what you had in mind?” I stretch into a cobra pose, widening the gap between my legs more than necessary.

“Baby, you are so fucking hot. Keep doing that and I’ll finish in no time.” He said while rubbing his hard-on vigorously. I stood up and did a sun salutation, popping my back in the process. That was all it took for Kyle to climax as I heard him groan out loud and spilling his seed in the sheets.

I knew the effect I have on guys and even some girls. I’m tall for a girl with long sleek legs, curvy waist and I’m a good C cup, something for the men to hold as they fuck me to oblivion. My hair is dark and reaches down well past my mid-back, my eyes are blue and I have full perky lips.

I took full advantage of my looks regardless if I was looking to get laid, score concert tickets, get into a VIP area in a club, or just because I wanted something in general. I only slept with men if I felt like it, most of the time I just flirted. Most people would think bad of me for doing that but if the men were stupid enough to think that I would fuck them for a backstage pass then they had it coming.

My phone vibrated with a text from Star, my best friend since birth. Our mothers are best friends and we were born just days apart. Naturally, we grew up together and were rarely seen apart. Star was beautiful in her own way. She was pale-skinned with freckles, had red hair and blue eyes, an ample bosom, and a waist on the thicker side. She drove guys mad with her body but never gave in.

The two of us were traveling the world with Kyle, Ethan, and Karl. Star and I had met them in high school when Star and Karl had started dating.

Star: Are you two ready to head out? We need to leave now if we want to catch the train to Pamplona.

Me: Why do we have to go there? The running of the bulls is torture on the animals and I can’t with a good conscience watch it.

Star: Where was that good conscience when we swam with dolphins in Oahu? Or when we rode horses through the Grand Canyon? Or when we flirted our way into the Great Wall of China in the dead of night with the promise of sex? I could go on...

Me: Fine, whatever. But I have to stand for something...

Star: or you’ll fall for anything. I know but your dad isn’t here and can’t tell you to follow a moral compass.

Me: We’ll be down in a few.

I put my phone down and glanced over at Kyle as he stepped out of the shower. He really was a prime example of god’s gift to women. Black bed hair, brown eyes, and caramel skin that felt so good pressed against your own. He was ripped from head to toe and knew exactly how to use that massive cock of his. “Pack up, we leave in five,” I told him and threw my clothes in my bag.

We hurried to our seat as we almost missed the train although we raced down the street to catch it in time. Star and her long time boyfriend Karl sat across from Kyle and on the seat next to him sat Ethan. Ethan was fine as hell but the complete opposite of Kyle. I hadn’t slept with him but that wasn’t from his lack of trying. I just had a feeling that he wanted more than sex and I couldn’t give him that.

“Kara, you can sit right here,” Ethan said as he motioned towards his lap. Kyle scoffed and hit him on the arm. “Knock it off before I knock you down.”

“I was just kidding, sort of,” Ethan mumbled as I sat down on a seat adjacent to them.

A few hours in and they were all asleep. I wasn’t tired so I just listened to some music while watching the scenery zip by. I kept a blog of our travels mainly for myself and my family so they knew what I was up to. My mom ran a successful designer clothes business that had stores all over North America and some in Europe. I had everything I could ever want and would never have to work a day in my life. I was beyond spoilt and I knew it.

My mother tried to keep me grounded to earth by making me volunteer which I quickly took up on my own, I figured that I could do something useful with my time and not only party. I never expected to get any followers but I had accumulated some overtime. Enough that I had a few sponsors which I made sure were cruelty-free, child labor free and as environmentally friendly as possible. I promoted fair labor brands and had done a story on the poor conditions coffee farmers lived under in South America.

I was working on my latest post when the train stopped to let new passengers on. A group of guys boarded the train and sat down by me. I didn’t pay much attention to them and continued to look out the window and typing on my computer when inspiration struck. I felt someone touching my shoulder and I recoiled from the touch. I popped my air pods out of my ears.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Is it alright if we sit here?” One of the guys asked me.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied a little on the cautious side. I didn’t know these men and my friends were out cold.

“I don’t mean to be too forward but damn girl, what I wouldn’t give to bend you over this table and show you what a real man can do.” The second guy said.

I leaned towards the second guy and blinked seductively while biting my lip. I reached my hand to him and caressed his cheek. I moaned “Mmm, honey. You let me know when you find a real man, ok?” I hastily retracted my hand and leaned back in my seat.

The third guy laughed out loud and his voice was deep and sexy. I was getting wet by his voice alone. I looked over at him and saw a gorgeous blond-haired, tanned man. He had blue eyes and dimples on both sides of his beautiful smile that reached from ear to ear. He was ripped, judging from his tight-fitting t-shirt. I just had to have a taste of him.

The first guy was having a fit of laughter as he said “Shit Ben, she really got you. I never thought I would see the day a girl would reject you.” He stretched his hand over and introduced himself “I’m Oliver, you met Ben, and that grumpy wanker over there is Parker.” Ben greeted me with a sour look on his face and Parker looked indifferent as he nodded at me. “Are you traveling alone?” Oliver asked.

I took his hand and shook it “I’m Kara. That over there is Ethan, Kyle, Star and her boyfriend Karl. We are traveling the world before they all have to get back to the real world and settle down. At the moment we are headed to Pamplona for the running of the bulls and then we are headed to Portugal the day after. Where are you guys going?”

“Well we didn’t really have a plan yet but Pamplona sounds great.” He winked. “So, is either one of them your boyfriend?”

I laughed in earnest. “No, although that’s on me. I’m just not looking for anything long term.” I saw Parker perk up in the corner of my eye. “Why’s that?” He asked.

“I’m young and traveling the world. I want to have new experiences and I can’t do that if I have a guy weighing me down.” I replied as I felt a chill going down my spine. It was getting cold in the train car and my sweater was packed away.

“I agree. I couldn’t be fussed to keep just any girl around.” Oliver paused and took his sweater off “Here, take my jumper.”

“Thank you. You are too kind.” I said with a seductively smile.

“If I wasn’t too pissed to tell I would think you were flirting with me?” Oliver exclaimed.

I was confused, pissed? Why? Parker noticed my confusion and spoke up “Mate, she’s American, she thinks you’re mad, not drunk.” I could sense a hint of irritation in his voice and I wondered what I had done to make him mad.

“Sorry love, I forgot. If you couldn’t tell, we’re from Australia. Hence the good looks and sexy accent.” He winked.

We continued our conversation until we arrived at our destination. Sometime along the ride Star and Karl woke up and joined in on the conversation. Oliver sobered up but his flirting didn’t slow down. Ben warmed up to me and he was really funny. Parker, however, mostly listened with the occasional one or two words reply when he was asked a question. I couldn’t help but glance over in his direction when he wasn’t looking. He really was the most attractive man I have ever met.

The train came to a stop and I stood up to leave “Sorry boys but this is our stop. It was nice meeting you.” I woke my friends up, picked up my bag, and left the train.

Something told me that I hadn’t seen the last of them.

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