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Ch. 2

Alx's P.O.V.

Chris has a sister. I knew he had a family. It’s just… *Sigh*. He never talks of them. He never talks of anyone outside the pack. He’s put everything he has into this pack. A loyalty that I never expected from him. This pack would be at a loss if I had chosen differently that day.

He’s fought through every trial. Hell, the transformation would have been enough to kill most. Then he still chose to be more than a worker. More than a warrior. He fought for respect. He fought to be my right-hand man, my beta.

My beta?

Now that seems too low of a title for him. He befriended someone that his people would call a monster. And I didn’t even have the decency to ask him about his family. Do they even care for him? No search parties. No worried parents asking for him. Why am I blaming them? It’s only thoughtless of an Alpha not to ask such things.

Stop wining on your failures as an Alpha and go see the girl’

‘Shut up Eric.’ Rubbing my head.

‘We need to see the girl Alx.’

‘No, we need to get this work done.’

‘We’ve been sitting here for four hours and you’ve done nothing. We need to see the girl. We need to see her face.’


‘Alpha.’ The doctor? What could he want?


‘Yes, what is it?’

‘She’s gone. The girl. She’s gone.’ Doctor, in a worried tone.
Arriving at the hospital gates a worried doctor greets me and leads me to the room they had placed her. Walking into the room the first thing my eyes land on are the blood-stained sheets and the bloody tissues that are yet to be thrown away. It displeases me. I have seen men gutted in front of me, yet this displeases me?

‘It’s not that it's blood that displeases you. It’s that it’s her blood that displeases you’

‘? Eric, shut up.’

“I’m sorry Alpha. I swear I only left for a moment.” Doctor, starting to pace the room. Such a kind soul. No other job would suit this man.

“Doc, calm down.” As I placed my hand on his shoulder. He takes a deep breath in and exhales slowly

“Now what happened? Start to finish.”

“The beta brought her in and placed her on the bed. When I tried to look at her wounds, she wouldn’t let me. In fact, she fought passing out, just to make sure I wouldn’t touch her. The beta kept telling her to be still and that I was just trying to help. She just wouldn’t listen. The beta finally suggested that I give her something to make her sleep. When she saw the needle, she started hitting him. The beta had to hold her down before I could do anything. And even then she fought the drug to the very last moment. As I started to see to her wounds, I noticed the beta fulling to sleep. I advised him to get some sleep. I told him that she was safe. Alpha we need to find her.” Doc, starting to panic again.

“Doc, you were seeing to her wounds and then…?”

“Right. Yes. I was cleaning her wounds and binding them. I left to go get some more bandages and say good night to my mate down the hall. When I came back, she was gone. Just gone.” Doc, pacing the room once more. He worries too easily. But when there’s some on his table, he’s calm and collected. How can this girl worry him so?

‘Because she’s hurt. Hurt, meaning we need to find her.’

‘Could you calm down. There’s no reason to tear up half the town looking for her.’

‘Yes, there is. She’s-’

“Doc, why are you so worried? We’ll find her. She’s human. She couldn’t have gone far. " Stating with a calm voice. In most cases, this should have calmed him, but it seems to have done the opposite.

“Her being human is why I’m worried. Her wounds are extensive. Too much movement will rip her stitches, open the other wounds I close with glue and her increased heart rate will make her bleed more. For a human it’s a little more than life-threatening” Doc, allowing himself to panic beyond the point of return.


‘Find her! Find her NOW!’

‘Eric not the time.’

“Doc, you could have led with that.”

Due to his steadily rising heart rate, Doc sits on the chair.

“Doc, if you let your heartbeat any faster, you’ll worry Jewly.” Doc’s head shot up at the sound of his mate’s name. Forcing himself to be calm for her sake.


‘Yes, Alpha?’ I can almost see him jumping to action from his spot on the couch.

‘Get here. Now.’

Waiting for him, I smell the air. Picking up her scent. Trying to find where it leads to. But it never leaves the room. The only trace of it outside the room is mixed with Chris’, from when he brought her here. Her scent tainted with his makes me frown?

‘Find her!’ I can feel Eric clawing at my skin to take control.

Chris walks into the room. I can see the dark circles starting to form under his eyes from worry. Maybe I shouldn’t have woken him.

‘FIND HER!’ I find myself having to close my eyes, as I battle Eric to stay in control. Chris knits his eyebrows together at my behaviour. I don't blame him. Eric is acting very strangely.

“You okay?” he asks calmly.

I merely nod in response.

Frowning briefly Chris scans the room. I can feel the rage radiating from him when he sees her blood.

“I’m so sorry beta. I’m so sorry. I know I said she was safe and that I would look after her. I only left for a moment.” Doc, a single thread keeping him from breaking down. If he hasn’t already.

“It’s okay Doc. It’s okay.” Chris, comforting the Doctor. All his anger is gone. He has more control than I do. Chris inhales the air as I did earlier.

“Her scent doesn’t leave the room.” I informed him. Allowing my arms to cross as I lean on the door frame.

Tilting his head at my words, he stops to think for a moment. 'We only talk though mind-link from now on. Okay.’ Chris, stats calmly, as he scans the room once more.

Doc’s a bit shocked at how he addresses me. I pay no mind to it; he means no disrespect.

‘Doc?’ as he takes a step closer to the closet.

‘Yes?’ he and I both watching his every move.

‘That bed folds up and goes behind that closet, right?’

‘Yes’ Doc, letting his eyes dart between Chris and the closet.

‘And there’s a compartment that it fits perfectly into?’ taking another quiet step closer to the closet.


Chris takes another quiet step. And another. And another. Reaching the side of the closet. Now on his haunches, he knocks the wall of the closet.

‘But it’s heavy. I highly doubt that someone in her condition could move it.’

A quiet ruffle. I almost missed it. Chris smiles, now standing.

‘She’s stronger than she looks’ a proud smile taking place on his face. Slowly inching the closet away from the wall, he stops. He didn’t move it very far? His hands fall to his sides. With a sigh, he tries to move the closet slowly and gently. It doesn’t move? His hands fall to his sides again. A tired expression claiming his face again.

“Come on. It’s just me.”

The closet starts to move slowly. The doctor and I move closer, tilting our heads to get a better look. A small hand makes its way out from within the closet. A face. Brown hair. Blue eyes. The scratches on her face and arms anger Eric and myself beyond reason. Her eyes go from her brother to the doctor, to me. Where they lock with mine for a moment. A moment. A short moment. But none the less a moment. It seemed to calm Eric down at least.

*Slam* the closet colliding with the wall.

“Stronger than she looks.” Doc, slightly surprised. I nod allowing a smile to take place on my face briefly.

Stronger than she looks. Good. Now get her out of there.’ Eric, impatiently.

Chris starts to move the closet away from the wall. It moves just enough for him to put his fingers through the gap. The closet moves with ease. *Slam* the closet colliding with the wall once more. Crushing Chris’ hand in the process. This amuses and frustrates Eric on a level I don’t understand.

“Ow!” Chris, inspecting his hand.

“Come on sis. On one’s going to hurt you.” Chris, knocking the closet wall with his frustration.

“Sister. She’s his sister? But she’s human?” Doc, a bit overly shocked if I must say.

“Chris wasn’t always the way he is now.” Informing the doctor that I was aware of this.

“If I pull with any more strength than I have been, I’ll hurt you. So, could you please just come out already. I really don’t want to hurt you.” Chris, waiting for some sort of response. Giving the closet a good shake when he doesn’t receive one. And sighs again.

“Alpha could you please. I can’t bring myself to hurt her.” Chris, giving me a pleading look as he moves away from the closet.

You can't hurt her either.’ Eric, almost threatening me.

‘You wanted her out. I’m getting her out. Be happy.’

I walk up to the closet and pull it gently. Nothing. I pull a little harder. Nothing. And I pull a little harder. It moves ever so slightly. She is strong. Considering her condition; and well, the fact that I’m an Alpha. Finding my patience wearing thin, I yank the closet away from the wall. I grab the girl, pull her out and move the closet back into its place. She wriggles free from my grip and runs to the corner of the room. Where she curls up into a ball.

“Now was that really necessary?” Chris, now standing in front of her. She doesn’t answer. Just buries her head deeper into her arms. Ignoring the electric sparks running up my arm, I raze an eyebrow at her.

‘Doc?’ Chris, moving closer to his sister.


‘How hurt is she?’

‘She has cuts and scratches all over her body. Bruising on her stomach, arms and legs. Luckily, she doesn’t have any broken bones. How her ribs aren’t broken, I don’t know. And her back looks like it's been through a mincer. But she’ll heal. It will take time. A very long time. But she will heal. Why?'

‘Something's wrong?’

I give him a questioned look.

‘Well for one. She has never, ever, curled up into a ball before. And normally if I ask her if something was necessary. She has some sort of come-back.’ Chris, taking a seat next to her. She moves away.

“Shay?” Chris, moving closer to her. She doesn’t move this time.

“Shay? What’s wrong Shay?” Chris, hugging her. She’s still as stone.

“What happened?” She collapses into his shoulder. I can see tears leaving her eyes. But she doesn’t make a sound. A shocked expression crosses Chris’ face, as he began to stroke her hair.

“Shay?” his voice breaking.

“You’re pretty badly hurt. So, I need you to do me a favour. Okay?” he’s so worried, he’s almost scared.

“You need to do what the doctor says. To heal you’re going to need a lot of bed rest. I already know you're going to hate it. So, I’ll visit you whenever I have the time. There’s a bathroom over there. So, there’s no need for you to leave this room. Do not leave this room unless myself or the Alpha say otherwise. Can you do that for me? Please?” She nodes ever so slightly. One would miss it if they weren’t looking for it.

“Come on. Let’s get you to bed.” Chris picking her up. Being very careful not to hurt her in any way. With her now on the bed he places a blanket over her.

‘Wait for her to go to sleep before you see to the rest of her wounds. I don’t want a repeat of earlier.’ Chris, reluctantly leaving the room. Knowing he can’t do much for her. Doc moves the chair in front of her. To watch her.


‘Yes, Alpha.’ He answers in a tired tone.

‘Do you want her Identity hidden from the pack for now?’

‘Sorry don’t quite know what you mean.’

He really does need sleep. 'Her identity as your sister.’

‘No. if anyone is to tell them it should be me. And from my mouth. Not some gossip.’ His protective side kicking in.

‘If they ask who she is I’ll ignore them. If they continue, I’ll tell them that she’s a friend of yours. But as far as gossip goes. I can’t do much about that.’ I inform him as I continue to study the girl.

‘You would do that for me Alpha?’ Chris, both grateful and shocked. It irritates me. But I have given him no reason to think differently.

‘Chris please refer to me as Alx. I know I’m not the friendliest of people.’ Not bothering to explain myself further. 'She is your family. She might not be a part of this pack. But she is your family. I don’t believe she’s a threat. And I understand why you want her identity hidden. It’s a service that I’m willing to do for you.’

‘Thank you Alp-Alx.’

With a nod, I close the mind-link. Allowing him to go to sleep.

Doc’s examining a wound on her arm. Claw marks. Fresher than the others.

You did that to her!'

Did I?

Anger. Self-anger is all I feel when I think of hurting her. And it’s not coming from Eric.

Noticing a change in my behaviour, doc looks at me.

“Sorry doc, those are from me.” He merely nods his head as he sees to the rest of her wounds.


“Alpha?” The doctors questioned look greeting me as I opened my eyes.

“I’ll take my leave.” Straightening my stance and leaving the room.

‘Doc, you are not to talk about the beta’s sister to anyone.’

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