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Ch. 3

Alx’s P.O.V.

My eyes go over my training worriers in progress, my chief of command giving advice here and there. She has the gift of knowing the fine line between being helpful, irritating and making one feel like they are useless. My warriors are lucky to have her. My commander was a crude old man. Refusing retirement. Always belittling his students. Making them feel like crap. I can only wish that he tried that on me; I could have gotten him out of his job a lot sooner. He was always demanding respect. Never realising the fact that he didn’t deserve it.

If one has to demand respect one does not deserve it.

“Alpha?” My chief of command eagerly awaiting her feed bake.

“Your teams are well balanced, they fit together, and they all seem to like each other. Most of your men are excelling. Your weakest link has skills above average. And you’re not working them too hard. So, excellent job as always.” Nodding to further communicate my approval.

She smiles and continues with her lesson. I leave them to continue without distraction, trying to decide where I am to inspect next. Only to have Eric growl at me.

‘Shut up Eric.’ I reply for the 1936th thing in these past weeks, as I continue walking.

He just growls at me again.

“What is it, Eric? You’ve been growling non-stop for the past five weeks. So, what the hell is it?!” I yell aloud knowing that I am alone.

Visit the girl.’

‘Is that all this has been about?’

Visit the girl.’


Visit the girl.’

‘Eric, we have other things to do.’

They can wait.’

‘We have our responsibilities before all else.’

Visit the girl. THEY. CAN. WAIT!’

‘Okay. Alright. Calm down. I might as well kill two birds with one stone.’


Making my way through the hospital, trying to find doc. I hope that I’m not disturbing him. Walking past the girl’s door, I can do nothing but smell her scent seeping through it. I Ignore its potency.

Walking through to doc’s office. I see him sitting with his head in his hands. I tilt my head to the side as I walk in silently and take a set.

“Alpha” Doc, suddenly coming alive upon noticing my presence.

“Would you like some tea?” Doc, moving to the counter that held a kettle and other items.

“Coffee. If you could.”

“Indeed.” Doc stated. It seems like he too needs the strength of the bitter liquid. He proceeds to make two cups of coffee.

“May I ask why you’re here, Alpha?” handing me my coffee and taking a seat at his desk. Opening his top let draw, he pulls out a flask and offers me some. I shake my hand to polity decline. Nodding Doc pours a good amount into his own coffee.

“Just a check-up doc. Have I come at a bad time?” taking a sip of my coffee.

“If I was to say either yes or no, both would be a lie.” Doc, taking a long sip of his coffee.

I give him a questioned look.

“In some aspects it's good you’re here. In others it’s bad. It’s good you’re here because I need to talk to someone like yourself. It’s bad you’re here because I don’t know how you’ll react. That, and I don't practically want you to see me like this.” Doc explains, taking another sip of his coffee.

“What’s wrong Doc?” finishing the contents of my coffee before putting the cup down.

“The girl.” he answers plainly.

Eric is having his own, not so, little rampage at those two little words. Not that one can notice from my exterior.

“What about the girl?”

“On most accounts, she’s been fine.”

“What happened?” allowing a little anger to come out in my tone. Why? I am yet to know that myself.

“She hasn’t been harmed any further, Alpha.” Doc answers in fear.

I force myself to calm down. Finding the task harder than I remember it to be.

“Please continue.” I stated now calm.

“She’s taking her medicine. She’s wary not to strain herself. And she keeps a good hygiene routine. She even sees to her own wounds. By most regards, she’s the best patient I’ve ever had. But…” Doc trails off.


“She’s not eating. And refuses to talk to anyone”

“You’re telling me that she’s starving herself?”

“No. She’s not starving herself. Well… she is but, she isn’t. She does try to eat. But is never able to get past a spoon full. And every time I ask her why; she refuses to talk. She won't even talk to the beta. Dare I say he’s tried everything under the sun the moon and the stars. Nothing works.”

“This is a dilemma.” Leaning further back into my chair. “I’ll visit her.” Getting up to leave the room.

“Alpha.” Doc standing from his chair.


“She can break sir.” Doc, concerned for her safety.

Most of my pack members would have encouraged me to kill her, but not doc. He has compassion for all innocents. Werewolf, human or otherwise.

Walking to her room I contemplate why one would do this to themselves. But my thought are cur off by the sound of cups, plats and cutlery all meeting the floor and walls some braking in the proses.

“Why won’t you just fucking talk to me?!!” Chris stomping out the door and slamming it behind him, coming face to face with me.

“Sorry Alpha.”

I tilt my head at him.

“Sorry Alx” correcting himself.

“She just won’t-”

“I know.” Cutting him off.

“I was just about to talk to her.”

“She won’t-”

“You referred to me as Alpha in her presence earlier. Does she know of our existence?” I cut him off again.

“Yes. She does.” Chris accepting defeat. I’ll question him about this later.

“You are dismissed.” I stat simply entering the room.

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