What the heart wants

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Chapter 1

Ethan loosened his tie and leaned into the incredibly comfortable office chair. Agitated, he ran his fingers through his hair for the 20th time in an hour.
“I don’t even know what I’m doing”. He had only been the sitting CEO of Max’s company for a month and he was planning to quit. He was surfing with some cute Hawaiian chick when he got a call from Max’s wife to come back home, to Boston, because Max had been in an accident. What had Max been thinking asking him to watch over things if something ever happened to him? What if Max died in that car accident instead of just breaking a few bones? Now that he thought about it, Max could be faking. He hadn’t had time to visit once he got the call from the hospital. Things change but, he was pretty sure Standard Life private hospital wasn’t there when he was young, and why did Max need a private hospital. Something was fishy, but he didn’t have the time to get the bottom of it.
Burying his head in his hands, Ethan dreaded the fact that he had to finish some paperwork that he really wasn’t interested doing. Something about profits and marketing estimates whatever that meant. He could always have the assistant finish it for me and sneak out early he thought to his self. Shooting up to his feet, he gathered all the notes and statistics he asked Ashley to print out for him when he came in this morning. Arranging one of Max’s warehouse suits he was given, a two-piece black suit with a white dress shirt and silvery green tie to match his eyes, he headed for the office door.
Looking back to inspect the desk, he took one last swipe of the room to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything.
“Hey Ashley,” she looked up at him from the crossword puzzle she was doing. Her blue eyes looking at him in surprised. Okay so maybe he’s never really talked to her face to face, she was cute and he didn’t want to ruin anything for Max by making her another girl he slept with for fun. She was just your average type female; average height, weight, hair length even face. But it had been so long for him, a month and a few days, which seemed like forever in his timeline.
He gave her a small smile when she realized she just sat there with her mouth hanging open a little. “Mr. Monroe, how can I help you?
“Ethan, please. You know how to do this paper work don’t you?” He asked smile still plastered on my face.
“Ye-Yes. Do you need help or something? I could walk you through it if you want. I used to help Max all the ti-” she babbled. Looks like the smile still work he said to himself in mock confidence. He didn’t know what it was, well he did but pretended he didn’t, chicks fell hard for the smile.
“No, but maybe next time” smile “I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I have this lunch meeting with some friends today, and I almost forgot. I have blown them off too many times already so I can’t miss this one. You know how friends are.” She nodded in agreement.
“Sure, I can finish it for you. Oh wait-” she was rummaging in the top drawer looking for something. He hoped it wasn’t her number, then maybe she’ll make up some excuse like ‘Anytime you want me to help you with anything just call me’ wink. His thoughts got cut off when she produced a small pink Post-It.
“Hear it is. Max called just before you walked out. He wants you to go to the warehouse on Main St. There have been complaints about the manager and wants you to check it out.” She must have seen the dangerous look on my face because she rushed on and said, “Don’t worry you can do it after your lunch with your friends. That way you won’t disappoint anyone.”
Taking the Post-It, he saw the manager’s name scribbled down. Todd. Sounds like a douchebag to me. Never trust a guy named Todd. It never ends up well.

Rosalie woke up from the best dream she had yet. She was walking somewhere downtown in a city that wasn’t familiar. She had on a vintage restored sweetheart neckline white and blue flower dress. She topped it off with a lightweight cardigan and a pearl necklace and earring set she got from a thrift store. She walked up to a clothing store that reads “Rosalie’s Attic”. She inhaled a breath and stepped through the doors. It was everything she hoped it would be, maybe even better. When she stepped into her store, she saw racks and racks of vintage and restored clothes. They were organized by color and type of clothing. The shoes were on the far wall all arranged by the same style as the clothes. Her little vintage store was everything that she dreamed of and more.
That’s when she woke up, with a smile on her face. Remembering what her mother use to say, “If you can dream it then it will come true.” It also helped if you worked as hard as she did. Rosalie started sewing when she was in middle school, usually taking clothes from her mother’s closet for inspiration. For her 14th birthday, her dad bought her a sewing machine and $50 to buy any supplies that she needed.
Now she worked at Max’s Suit Warehouse as a seamstress. Not exactly the dream job she wanted for herself but, at least, she’s working with clothes. On the rare occasion, she does some alterations for friends and she has her own little project that she is working on with clothes that she gets from thrift stores, but at the moment making men look good in a suit was her first priority.
She was just finishing Mr. McKinney’s hem when she heard the front door bell ring.
“I’ll be with you in a moment,” she said without looking up.
“Okay Mr. McKinney, come back in an hour and I’ll have your suit ready for you. Can I help you with anything else?” she put away her travel sewing kit and took the pins she still had in her mouth and put them into the pin cushion.
“No that’s it Can I pay now? I have a meeting to go to and am going to have my assistant pick this up for me,” he put on his suit jacket he came in with and reached for his wallet.
“Sure, just let the person at the front desk know,” We said our goodbye’s and she walked away with a big grin on her face. Not because of the awesome job she did with Mr. McKinney’s suit, but from the tip he left her.
After putting away all of her stuff away, she walked over to the new customer at the tie rack and proceeded to offer him her help.
“Is there something I can help you with Sir? She asked automatically, as she does to all potential clients, sometimes there no need to look at the client right away most of them just browse.
“Yes, you can tell me where I can find a Todd Matthews?” Wow, that’s a voice you can’t ignore, all raspy and deep. It brought Goosebumps to her arms instantly. In a few moments, he would have to scoop her off the floor if he kept saying words.
Looking up, she guessed you can say the voice matched the man. His rugged features, strong jaw, sharp nose, and cheekbones. Silvery green eyes, like a crisp dollar bill. Man, this guy had a gorgeous face. It was a mix of a playboy and a military man, enough to confuse the female population on whether he was handsome or beautiful. She sighed to herself. Pull it together Rosa you act like you’ve never seen a man before. She wondered what he wants with the manager, she thought to herself as she still stared at up at him. And up some more and more, he must be about 6′3. Man, but I do love tall guys. You know what they say; a tall man has a b-
“Oh, I’m sorry kind of spaced for a sec. What did you ask me again?” He smiled. OH, MY GOD, I’m melting. To think he was gorgeous before, nope apparently I was wrong.
“Oh yeah, he’s in the back room marked ‘manager’.” Still staring she noticed a dimple on the right side of the cheek. Gah, kill me now.
“Thanks,” then he was gone, like an illusion. Maybe she made him up.
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