What the heart wants

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Chapter 2

He knew that look. Usually, it followed his signature smile, but this time, that looks came way before he even thought to show it. He stared back at those big Hershey kiss chocolate eyes and used his peripheral vision to scope out the rest of her.
Wavy shoulder length dark hair flowed from her oval face. Nice body, the kind you’d like to trace the outline of her curves with your hands. She wasn’t tall but not short either, he’d measure her 5′8 to his 6′3. While she glanced away for a millisecond he got a glimpse of her lips. And what nice lips they were. All he would think about was grabbing her, and tracing his tongue along the seam of her lips until she opened up for him. Then when she least expect it pull her full bottom lip into his mouth. Mentally shaking himself, he focused on the here and now instead on daydreaming about this woman.
Trying to catch her attention he said, “Miss?”
“Oh, I’m sorry kind of spaced for a sec. What did you ask me again?” Without thought, his smile spread. Something about this woman made him want to sit down at a café and talk for hours. Before he could respond to her question she spoke.
“Oh yeah. He’s in the back room marked ‘Manager’.” He could hardly hold in my chuckle.
“Thanks,” He said before walking in the direction she pointed to. The store was bigger than he imagined. Everything in its order with a small section for the customers to view their suits and get them altered. He wondered what the woman’s job was. He got to the back of the store and found the door that was indeed marked “Manager”.
Knocking on the door, he waited for an answer.
“I told you guys not to bother me for the next few hours or I’d fire-” Todd finally looked up at him. Before when he said that “Todd” sounded like a douchebag he might not have been that far off.
“Oh. You’re not one of my employee’s. Well, you already heard enough so I might as well not be polite. What do you want?” Wow. He could safely say that these complaints about Todd weren’t faked. He didn’t care if someone overheard him threatening the staff, in fact, he didn’t stop being unprofessional when he was caught.
“Well, Mr. Matthews. I am the new sitting CEO of Max’s Suit Warehouse, MSW as I’ve been told recently. We have been receiving complaints from customers about you and I was told to come down to check it out. As I just witnessed I have to believe that these allegations are true, so now if you could collect your things and meet me at the front of the store that would be great.” He was so proud of himself, using words like allegations correctly in a sentence. Honestly, he didn’t know what to do with the guy. Theoretically, he’s not the real CEO, but Max put him in charge so he guessed he could fire the guy. If he acted this way to the employees that meant he acted this way towards her.
She heard a commotion going on in the back room. It sounded a little like arguing, and then she heard a grunt like someone had been punched in the stomach. She has always been a nosy person, why would she stop now. She tipped toed to the back hallway where Todd’s office was where she heard low grumbles.
“Listen buddy, I don’t want to have to get physical with you. Grab your stuff and let’s go.″ That sounded like Mr. Green eyed gravelly voice.
“You’re not even the real CEO. So you have no right to fire me. Let. Me. Go” He said in a voice like he was trying to wiggle free from Mr. Melt me with just a smile. She should probably find out his name soon.
“Sitting CEO and CEO are basically the same things. Max couldn’t be here so he sent me.”
“Hey!” Todd yelled. Uh oh, she guessed he wasn’t kidding when he said he’d get “physical”.
“You had your chance,” He sounded closer. Stepping out of her hiding spot she saw them coming down the hall. Todd’s arm held by Mr. Rough and Tough’s strong hand, they saw her in the hall.
“Rosalie. Call security and tell them this barbarian has attacked me in my own office!” Todd’s face was beet red, the only time she saw this face was when he was yelling at us. This was often.
“Yeah Rosalie,” he has to know his effect on the female populace, the way he said her name felt way to intimate to her liking. “Go get the security guard. Also, if you could do me this huge favor and call this number, ask for Max, and ask him what does he want me to do with Mr. Matthews?”
She was too busy memorizing that voice when she felt the card shoved into her hand.
“Right away,”
“Rosalie! Do as I say or you’re fired!” Shaking my head in annoyance I look back up at Mr. Barbarian.
“And who shall I say this call is from” Duh you idiot, you are calling so, of course, you’re going to tell this Max guy your name. She wanted to run away. He just smiled and said,
" Monroe, Ethan Monroe.”
“Got it,” She ran to the front of the store where Mike the security guard stood and told him the situation. She dialed the number that was given and waited for someone to pick up.
“Hello,” Another voice you could melt to. Today must be her lucky day.
“Hi. Is this Max?”
“Yes. Who’s this?”
“Right, my name is Rosalie Santana. I am calling on behalf of Ethan Monroe. He wants to know what he’s supposed to do with my manger Todd.” She heard him chuckle.
“So, Ethan had you call? And what is my good friend doing that he couldn’t call himself?” Good question. He was holding Todd with one hand and he was getting help from the security guard he could have called himself.
“Well, it looks like he’s trying hard not to punch Todd in the face. Which, in my opinion, is multiple tasks in itself?” This time, he laughed out loud
“Ok. Well, tell him to do what he thinks is right, but without being arrested. It was nice talking to you Ms. Santana. I hope to meet you one day. Bye.” She blushed. Actually blushed she hadn’t done that in years. He sounded like he was flirting with her. Ah, the good ole’ days.
“Thanks. Me too. Bye.” I started to walk over to where Ethan was when he turned around. His gaze burned into mine. I almost forgot to breathe. Practically willing my legs to move, I found myself standing right in front of him.
“He said to do what you have to do, as long as you don’t get arrested.” Handing him the phone, while keeping my eyes on him, I wonder what he has seen in his life so far if his friend is worrying about him being arrested.
“Was that it?”
“Uh, he also said that he hopes to meet me one day.”
“Hmm,” he said looking at me from head to toe. “Maybe he will.”
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