What the heart wants

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Chapter 3

The commotion with Todd didn’t last that long. After having Mike throw Todd out and telling him to stay away from the store he looked back and saw the group of people who started to form to see what was happening. What he didn’t see was Rosalie.
Reaching into his pants pocket he made his way to the manager’s office to call Max.
“Was he arrested? I knew he couldn’t resist punching that man” he sighed into the phone “how bad is it?”
“Actually not that bad. Although I’m going to need you to bail me out...again,” he said with a smile.
“Oh it’s you, I thought it was that lovely girl I was talking to earlier. She sounds cute, is she cute?”
“You talked to her all of 2 minutes, what the hell did you talk about? She said you couldn’t wait to meet her? Really...I don’t think Shelby would appreciate you flirting. Especially in your condition.”
“Pssh she won’t mind we have this agreement. I flirt with whoever I want as long as it stays just that” he chuckled “yeah right she’d kill me if she thought I even glanced at another woman.”
Shaking his head he knew Shelby would if given the chance. She and Max had been dating for 2 months before he proposed to her. He said it was love at first sight...she said it was an annoyance at first glance. But they were so enwrapped with each other you could tell they were perfect for each other. He often thought what it be like, to be with a special someone, then he thought about all the fun he could have without someone to hold him back and decided he’d wait it out for a while longer before he settled down.
“That’s right. So why are you flirting with Rosalie?” He all but growled
“Jealous are we?” He chuckled again. “I take it that she’s cute then.”
He tried to remember every curve, those lips, and big brown eyes with groaning out loud. Instead, he found himself sitting on the desk he’s legs crossed grinning from ear to ear. damn, but the woman had a body.
“-nroe? Are you daydreaming?”
“What? no. So what do you want me to do about this manager issue? Because he’s been fired. Another thing why would you send me to a place with a manager named Todd? You know how I feel about Todd’s.”
“Right...douchebaggery. So I guess what you have to do now is find another manager. Until then I guess you can manage the store until then. I can do some work from home,” yeah right buddy I know your faking. “And maybe check out the employees and see if one of them would like a promotion.”
“Great. I have only met two people and one of them is a security guard.” He rustled through the desk that Todd left a mess and looked for an employee schedule or something to let him know who worked here.
“Who is the other person?”
“Rosalie, I think she’s a seamstress.” Still shuffling through the desk, he found what he was looking for. “Looks like 6 people work here, but I only saw Rosalie so ill check the situation there.”
“Okay call me with any updates and stay out of trouble this is my company your running.”
“Well then come back.”
“You know I can’t. I’m handicapped. Would you like me to walk on broken bones, fall on the curb then die?” He sounded pathetic trying to make he feel bad. Jerk.
“No...I’ll call with more info later, Max.”
He hung up the phone before Max even replied. One of these days I am going to sneak up and check on him. To make sure he’s actually dying.
With the list of employees in hand, he decided to he’d back to Max’s office and try to contact these people. On his way out he bumped into Rosalie.

“Oomph-oh hey, I was just looking for you.” She smiled a little. “Are you really the CEO? That’s pretty cool.” She didn’t know what she was saying she was nervous and didn’t what is going on. “What does a CEO do anyway...besides beat up rude grumpy managers. Thanks, by the way, I was hoping he would get fired one day. Wishing really” she stopped abruptly when she realized he was looking at he like she was crazy.
“I have no idea what a CEO does. I have only been here for a month and so far it’s only been paper work and more paper work. Today was the most fun I had since I’ve been back.”
“Back?” Honestly, how can he expect her to be coherent when his voice is like warm rocks on a beach. Feels food on your feet but still a little rough.
“Yeah, I was born here and haven’t been back since college.”
“Well, I’m glad you did.” She found herself saying before she knew it. “I mean who else was going to manhandle Todd,” She said with a shrug.

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