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🚨⚠️⚠️18+ some sexual content , and foul language Work in progress. If you hate it that's fine if you don't yay . I'm not great but writing helps. Thanks for taking the time. (Original work by I.A.B)

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

"Caroline? Are you even listening?" Two large brown eyes were staring back at me with a furrowed brow under her clear glasses. Ruby, my best friend, and makeup artist for tonight's Halloween office party. With the 3 hours we had to spare before it started Ruby and I got to work with makeup and tequila.

"Hmm? Oh sorry Ruby was miles away . Just trying to make sure I finished everything earlier today so Mason doesn't make me work off the clock by chance." I gave her an apologetic smile tossing back a shot

"Jesus that guy." She shook her head and snorted " Even he would find a way to ruin a Holiday."

I grinned "I mean I've worked for him nearly 5 years, I don't see why he would stop now. Halloween is my favorite, and I asked for it but ofcourse...."

Ruby frowned,adjusting her glasses but up her nose. Dabbing a bit more yellow on my face before downing the last of her glass she squinted at our faces in the mirror. Tonight we were supposed to be twins . Our faces both painted half sunflower, and half sugar skull. Our hair both curled with a perfect bounce and our black dresses tight enough to hug our chest and hips till it met the sprouted tulle tutu beneath. If the dress wasn't so tight I would have considered wearing underwear with the fishnets below but Ruby insisted. The tightness makes the costume and our faces apparently. Ruby was a wonderful artist, painting up our faces freehand it almost looked natural. She was my best friend and savior at the company we worked for.

"Perfect, not even a full blown make out session would take this off." She grinned ear to ear "Now for the last touch." Ruby held out a jar of black shiny putty. I looked back at her in confusion

"Ruby I think anymore paint isn't a good idea, my skin won't change back." I laughed lightly still confused, as she rolled her eyes

"No dork. How can we be twins if you're a ginger and I have black hair. It's just hair wax it comes off in the shower."

"Oh well okay...even if it doesn't at least I have a few days off."

" No one will be able to recognize us. Ready to go? I called an Uber, he's about 10 minutes away."

"I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be." I grinned scratching the paint covering my tattooed shoulders. Not even a smudge.

I felt my buzz begin to stir making Ruby and my surroundings a bit more fluffy. I guess I should have taken the pre-game a little easier . Too late to turn back now, in the short span of 25 minutes we were across town, parked in front of the fresh hell I left 3 hours prior. PortPackton Distillery. Home to my boss Mason Packton, the Irish whiskey Prince of Portland. God, I roll my eyes just thinking of that title the press dubbed him after his distillery was recognized time.and time again nearly weeks into its upcoming. A spoiled brat he may be but a whiskey genius he certainly was. But there wasn't much to him behind the scenes. Mason was like any 27 year old; loves to have a different girl every other day, have his drink fresh and served with one perfect cube of ice and loves, loves to throw parties. Hence our company party, well not so much of a company one when he invites half of Portlands elite.

Girls flooded in with their glittered lingerie costumes , almost putting ours to shame. If I didn't work here I would've thought it was a night club with the line growing in front of security. Ruby and I broke out our badges;smiling past the pouting crowd as we walked through the velvet rope. Music flooded the place shaking the walls that were now so unrealistic, decorated with fake webs and floating streamers cascading with fake insects taped to them. Not too shabby, a bit cheesy but not too shabby. The lights were switching from lavender to green to red, pulsating with every beat. I watched bodies in costumes flay around with the combined smell of perfume and heavy alcohol, allowing themselves to lose all control. Perfect timing I'd say.

My eyes scanned the floor for my boss in hopes to avoid him at all costs, even going to the extent of shutting off my phone. Ruby was grinning pulling my hand through the crowd to get to the bar.

" 6 shots of vodka each please!" She screamed to the bartender

" Ruby! We just got here. And we had about 5 at your apartment!"

" Take a shot for every slutty costume walks past us!" She grinned eyeing two garter wearing nuns walking past us as if on cue. She winked.

" Oh God I'm gonna die tonight aren't I?" We laugh tossing back 2 shots together . With one more shot to go Ruby's favorite song bursts on , I watch her squirming in excitement, before forcing me in a selfie. Downing the shot and pushing me to finish mine so we can hurry and reach the dance floor . The dance floor was Ruby's domain, another one of many talents she had,moving her body to not miss a beat. My buzz I felt creeping and crawling down my body releasing euphoria. I silently thanked God for allowing me not to fall on my ass In the black pumps I had been wearing. 5 years of heels required as a uniform I have to thank.

Our bodies swayed in sync almost making the song become more intimate. For a moment this place really didn't feel like a job. The crowd jeered at Ruby and I , seemed all she was missing was a whole pole. Our liquid courage just hyped us that much more. Even in my drunken state I could feel eyes on me. Turning my back to Ruby, still moving; I caught him leaning into a pumpkin paper decorated wall, surrounded by a small crowd, an Ace Ventura smacking him in the chest as they all howled with laughter.

The set of eyes that weighed into me, the tall handsome, smirking before sipping his drink. His blonde hair slicked back coming together with his skeleton attire. His skull painted face created a small amount of chill run up my spine. What a devil he must think of himself. Wearing a t-shirt that showed a hollowed ribcage, snug against his sculpted build, with a chain from his front pocket to the back glinting in the lights.

Even in my hazy state I couldn't help but get gitty, attention was always on Ruby. It's nice to be noticed. I played it off, still dancing, grabbing a shot from a caterer walking through the sea of people. And there it was, my 12th shot betraying me and my body. Making the world sway into smiles and laughter .

" Oh God babe you're so drunk already! Hey Mr. Packton said he called you 8 times already for you to call him back. He doesn't even know you're here!" Ruby giggled kissing my forehead. Only two hours into this party and I was so thankful she persuaded me to come. Ruby was off to the side chatting up a few party goers, probably seeing if she could get them to do something outrageous.

I laughed. Tonight I had no desire to lose my night. Especially this intoxicated. I shrugged, still dancing till I felt a hand slip into mine.

Looking up to the skeleton stranger in a haze I smiled and giggled at feeling him dance with me. His smell was melting, sweet and subtle. I felt his hands graze my waist, traveling to bring me closer, moving with me. My eyes closed, how reckless this was, but when do I really ever get to enjoy another's company, with the leash Mason has me on. I grabbed 2 shots from a passing tray and gave him one before he protested. The smell of sweetness filled my nose when he drew in for a kiss. It was one for the books, his tongue traced my lower lip taking a bite that made my core shiver. It's been terribly long.

Within minutes our kisses seemed more as an attack between desperate and hunger. Our bodies, entangling fiercely as we dragged ourselves to the closest door. To my dismay it was a bathroom. I heard the lock click behind us.the bathroom was lit in red. How befitting for this situation; If there was ever a time I was glad Ruby talked me out of wearing underwear it was now.

"Turn around." He said hoarsely trailing kisses down my neck as I turned to face him. Feeling his hand move from my waist to cup my breast . In one swift motion the top of my dress was tugged down, revealing the abrupt end to my charcoal paint above my breasts. He chuckled,taking one into his mouth, licking, and savoring my nipple. I felt myself arch into him, trying not to be too loud. Only letting out a sigh feeling his free hand lifting my dress. I felt his fingertips caress my nets over my sweet spot, swearing when he felt how wet I had become, pushing his fingers in massaging my clit. I let out a hushed moan.

"Fuck." I breathed, feeling his fingers pump in and out so slow it was savoring.

In one motion he turned me to face the mirror, Ruby was right no paint came.off what's so ever. I nearly laughed at the realization. While the music was barely contained in the walls, I still managed to hear him in my ear. "I want you to watch."

He kissed me again before snaking his right arm around my throat. His foot kicked my heel to skid across the floor, spreading my legs as my stockings were being ripped. Looking into the mirror I saw a grin spread across my skeletal face. This only excited me, the roughness, the domineering look in him when he looked back into the mirror. His grip tightened on my throat as I felt him enter me. I let out a squeak. The thickness was painfully unexpected, but I reveled in it. I felt myself dripping more with each thrust. My squeaks turning into moans over and over again in bliss, nearly pushing me to the edge, feeling the slick between my folds traveling down my legs. I touched myself in disbelief

Pm" Eyes open." He whispered, biting into my shoulder.

I felt my hair being tangled into a fist and with that I gave into my euphoria, crawling my nails into his perfect slicked hair, feeling my body nearly limp even as he kept going, only to release another. I whimpered, my eyes still on his grin while he kept fucking me.

He pinched my nipples as he caressed my breasts, picking up the pace, shoving himself faster and harder inside of me . I felt my voice lost, my mouth opened in ecstasy, but no sound was made. Till I felt his thrusts become more frigid . He was close . I smiled devilishly pulling away from him to hop onto the sink to face him.

Spreading myself for him, my heels keeping me in position instead of sliding from the marble counter. He growled in pleasure at seeing my display forcing himself in harsher, biting into his neck was all it took for him to let out a groan twisting my hair back. I felt him twitch before pulling out. There I sat on the sink, knees connecting, panting, dripping from him. I pulled him in for one last kiss, before finding the bravery that got me here in the first place. My bold skeleton was pulling up his pants before he had a chance to speak; I gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving him alone in the bathroom. This liquid courage left me grinning for many reasons.

Main one being: I was so done up No one has any idea who I am, or what I had just done. Halloween will always be my favorite.

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