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Chapter 8

I killed people left, right and center. It was my job. The sight of blood and shredded flesh shouldn’t bother me, right. Yet, as I stood in the bathroom bandaging Nikki’s back up; I wasn’t sure if I could stomach it without hurling.

“Why do you do that?” She asked me, looking back.

“Do what?”

“You’re a hitman, yet you can’t handle seeing my scars.”

I shrugged, trying to think of a reasonable explanation she would believe that wouldn’t involve me confessing my undying love for her. “Because I know you, that’s why. It shouldn’t have been like this you know.”

And of course, in this house you couldn’t have privacy for longer than 10 minutes because the door opened slightly and I stuck my foot out to block whoever was trying to come in.

“Guys,” It was Seth. “Guys, I really need to piss and I’ve been holding it for about an hour...”

I rolled his eyes and Nikki laughed once before walking out into the hallway. Seth stood in the doorway, dumbfounded at the sight of her naked in a towel and me behind her.

“It’s not what it looks like.” She snapped at Seth before he ran into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

“Holy shit...” I heard someone say from the living room and turned to see Mark, Kristen and Scar sitting on the couches, passing around a joint.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Nikki tried to explain.

I could honestly care less about what any rumors were spread or what anyone said about us. For some reason it bothered her.

“I was just helping her clean her cuts because Michelle had to go jump the bitches that got her,” I cut in.

Scar just focused intently on staring at the wall, avoiding any kind of conflict or drama.

“I bet you did.” Mark scoffed and that’s when I snapped, my psychotic temper coming out.

“If you had given a fuck about her and went to check on her, this wouldn’t have even fucking happened.” I could feel a fight coming on if Mark wasn’t smart enough to shut his mouth, “I already beat the shit out of you. Want me to finish what the fuck I started? ’Cause I can put you out of your fucking misery right here, right now. You want to be put six feet under? I can do that for you.”

Kristen’s eyes widened and I kept cursing myself that she was always around to see me like this.

Thankfully that was enough to shut Mark up as he glanced away, crossing his arms over his body. Mark was a good fighter don’t get me wrong. That’s why Tyler valued him, but he didn’t stand a chance if I flew into one of his blind rages.

“Should we get some drinks going on or something before everyone comes over?” Scar asked, trying to lighten the mood as Tyler came in the front door, eyeing us.

“Hey! Curtis and- What the fuck is going on?” He asked, frowning with confusion and disgust when he caught sight of Nikki naked in a towel, me with my shirt off, hair dripping wet and probably a murderous expression on my face and Mark, who had his arms crossed, nose still swollen and slightly bloodied. “I don’t want to know,” He pointed to us, “And I quite frankly don’t care. More importantly, Curtis called me again, said him and a few of his Bloods are comin’ down here later tonight. We’re gonna have a meeting.”

“Meeting about what?” Nikki asked, and he turned to look at her.

“First of all, go put some clothes on. You’re like my sister, I don’t wanna see that.” He pointed to the hallway and judging by the look on his face, he wasn’t in the mood to argue.

“And you,” He turned to me, “Try not to beat the shit out of any more of our own gang members, okay? I don’t need you doing life in prison. Mark, stop pouting like a bitch and admit you fucked up. Then I’ll tell you exactly what the meeting is about.”

“Whatever you say boss,” Nikki muttered, taking off down the hallway.

I followed her into my room, opening one of the dresser drawers looking for a clean shirt.

“You didn’t need to threaten Mark or beat him up. You don’t owe me anything.” She said.

“I think I do.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t care anymore, Shane.”

“That’s bullshit, Nick. I know you do. You wouldn’t be at my throat the way you are if you didn’t give a shit.”

She laughed. “Whatever. Mark knows he fucked up. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about the real reason you broke his nose.”

“He left you at one of those most dangerous schools in the city. I had every right to be pissed! You’re a part of the gang whether I like it or not. He was supposed to have your back.”

“So it didn’t have anything to do with the other night?” The sarcasm in her voice was thick and a pang of guilt hit me.

Then, jealousy consumed me and before I had a chance to taste my words, I spit them out at her.

“What, how he fucked you like some whore and you came crawling back over here when he was done with you? How he used you?”

Nikki’s face faltered and I immediately felt like an asshole.


“You used me until you got what you wanted and then left like it was nothing, so I think it’s safe to say I’m used to it.”

That was a punch to the fucking gut.

“Don’t you ever fucking compare me to him. You got it?” I snapped, hating the fact that I resented Mark for sleeping with her and hating the blow to my gut when Nikki looked at me with disgust, grouping what Mark did in the same category her and I were once in.

“I can make death threats on my own; I don’t need you making me look weak.”

“Sweetheart you have bruised ribs and a cut that needed ten stitches. It wasn’t me making you look weak.”

“I can stand up for myself, Shane.”

Nikki flung the door open, storming out into the hallway. Voices from the living room got louder as we got closer.

“Oh really? You can stand up for yourself? How about when those girls had you nearly beaten to death on the bathroom floor?”

I cut in front of her, not letting her pass.

“You’re an asshole.” She rolled her eyes, trying to shove past me.

Just like that, the moment in the shower was forgotten and we were once again at each other’s throats.

“Sometime today!” Tyler shouted.

She glared once more at me, but I wasn’t moving out of her way.

I could feel her anger radiating off her as she stepped towards me. I wasn’t prepared for how hard she threw her body at me, pushing me out of the way; losing my footing a little and landing in front of everybody.

Tyler didn’t look impressed at all. Michelle looked mildly amused and Kristen was off to the side, chewing on one of her nails- a nervous habit of hers. There were ten other people from the Southside, our allies.

“Shane!” Curtis said, standing up to walk over to me, bumping fists with me, “Never thought I’d see you out again.”

Curtis was the leader of the Southside Bloods. Him and Tyler were closer than we were, my guy was X; on the other side of the table. Man of few words, he gave me a nod.

“You know how it is, man.” I replied, as everyone else turned to look at us.

A couple of the Southside Bitches were there- Janice, Rayven and a blonde haired girl I didn’t recognize. All three of them were huddled to the side where another guy stood-and their heads snapped up when they had heard we walked in.

I didn’t miss how some of their eyes raked over my body, eyeball fucking me. I smirked at the new girl, who blushed in response, twirling her hair around her finger.

Nikki’s spine went straight beside me, like a tiger ready to pounce. Hell, I didn’t even think the new girl was that pretty- I was just in the mood to piss Nikki off the way she did to me. She looked down when she realized everyone was still staring at her cut up face.

Fuck, now I kind of felt like a dick.

“Heard you got jumped, Nikki.” Curtis said, motioning to the bandage that was hidden underneath her clothes and the numerous cuts that were now settling into scars on her skin.

“Yup.” She answered.

“Any idea why?” Curtis asked her, and this time she couldn’t stop her bitchy attitude.

“Well I’m not one to point out the fucking obvious or anything, but they were Crips, and I’m a Blood. I think that’s reason enough.”

A couple people laughed, and then quieted down. I silently hoped she would shut up, but another part of me was amused. Curtis could be a self-righteous prick at times. Leave it to Nikki to not be scared to put him in his place.

“I’m just trying to figure out why they would jump her of all people.” Curtis said, shrugging; but glaring at her enough that she stopped the backtalk.

“Nick, that’s enough.” Tyler said, sternly. “She got information out of one of their guys that they import the shit off the dock in our territory. She got the time and day they meet so maybe he went back and snitched?”

“Maybe this deal is compromised.” Michelle interjected. “Maybe they know we’re going to come after them, so they’re trying to set us up.”

“Why would he snitch?” Janice cut in, “He would’ve gotten killed if he told them he gave it away. It’s a big enough shipment that he wouldn’t risk saying anything.”

“Bullshit.” I said, leaning against the wall.

“What?” Tyler snapped.

“In prison, the Crips in there were talking about a major takedown on the Northside. They’re getting paid big bills to take out the important people and move in on the drug and gun business. Seeing as how some fucking moron thought it would be a good idea to make Nikki a drug runner, one of the best apparently, I’m gonna assume that’s the reason. They wouldn’t tell some seventeen year old hoes wearing blue bandanas about their biggest drug import plan.”

Tyler and Curtis exchanged a glance.

“I’d say,” I continued, “That the deal is still gonna happen and they have no idea what’s going to hit them.”

“On another note, we recruited a few more people,” Curtis said, motioning to the blonde. “A few more girls because there aren’t very many of you to begin with; the more backup the better.”

“We’re doing just fine out here, we don’t need any more recruits.” Nikki said, glaring at me.

“Are you sure about that, Nikki?” Curtis asked, “You were just jumped and nearly died. You’re going to need a week or two to get back to normal, if not more.”

She turned to me, almost as if looking at me for backup. As much as we claimed to hate each other, we always had each other’s backs.

“He’s right.” I shrugged, almost apologetically at her. She almost died on me, I wasn’t letting that happen again.

“I’ll think about it,” Tyler said. “We don’t have a lot of problems with Crip bitches out here, it’s mostly the guys. Lately, though there have been more attacks than usual. I think they’re planning something. Maybe it was Brandon’s idea to take out the strongest female, and watch everything else fall.”

“He doesn’t know Shane’s outta jail, so that’s an advantage on our side.” Michelle piped up.

“Maybe it’s better to have Nikki take some time off the streets and make them think that they’ve won and we have no idea what’s going on.” X, finally spoke up from where he was standing.

“Nick, we’ll be cool,” Janice said, “We can take care of shit and help your girls out ’till you feel better.”

“Alright I think we’re done here.” Tyler said, with a wave of his hand; “Curtis, Scar and I have things to talk about, just us three. Booze is in the fridge, help yourselves.”

That was the sign for everyone to branch off and do their own thing as Tyler lead them down into the basement.

Michelle hopped off the counter, joining Janice, Kristen and Rayven in the living room.

“Look at you, mouthing off gang leaders without any consequences.” I smirked, coming up closer to her.

Part of me was just egging her on to see her fly into one of her rages.

“Just leave me alone.” She snapped, which got the attention of a few other people in the room.

“When are you gonna realize that it’s just for your own good?” I asked her, “Look at you, you’re in no shape to fight or to go slang whatsoever.” I tried to soften my voice, but she wasn’t having it.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Are you trying to fuck up my life?”

“Stop freaking out, you’re going to tear your stitches.” I rolled my eyes at her, “Just go back to bed and get some sleep. You can’t drink with the antibiotics they have you on.”

“I have shit to do, Shane. I’m a fucking drug dealer I can’t just take days off. My job is to slang whatever Scar gives me.”

“I told Scar to just give it to me and I’ll take care of it.”


“Because I can handle it.”

“Well aren’t you just a stand-up guy? Where was this chivalry five years ago?”

“Where are you going?” I asked as she stormed off.

“What do you care anyway?” She snapped as I held my hands up.

“Right, whatever. I don’t give a fuck.” I muttered, but I was wrong.

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