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Chapter 13

Nikki’s lips parted the moment I brushed mine against hers. I kissed her back harder, my tongue sliding past my lips and clashing with hers; teasing the bar that pierced it with my own.

It wasn’t sweet, it was raw, carnal. Teeth scraping against lips, nipping at skin, tongues swirling around as we tried to get as close to each other as we physically could. Nothing could take me away from this moment, nothing.

She sighed as I let out a low moan, her arms snaking out to wrap around my neck, picking her up and pressing her against the wall. I moaned again when she rubbed against me, creating a fucking awesome friction.

“You done fightin’ this?” I whispered as my lips left to trail down her jaw, biting and sucking.

She pulled on my hair as I sank my teeth down into her neck.

“Mhm.” She murmured against me, pulling at my shirt and breaking away so I could take it off, throwing it in the dark somewhere.

I ripped off her hoodie and shirt, letting her jeans fall to the floor as I popped the button on them. Her black bra matched her lacy black panties, that created a contrast against her pale skin.

Fuck me. I wasn’t going to last long.

Her tiny hand ran over the bare skin of my chest and abdomen, looking at my body and the various scars and tattoos that ran across it.

We were both breathing hard when we finally came apart for air.

She bit her lip and cast her eyes downward as I stepped back to look at her in the flesh. I had been dreaming about her for over four years, this moment that we would be together again. Her face is always what flashed in my mind whenever prison life got too much and I needed that light to get me through. She was my angel, my saving grace. It was remembering her softness that brought me back to reality and what made me fight harder to get out.

I picked her up, her legs wrapping around my hips as I slammed her onto my bed. I unclasped her bra with no effort as it slid off, my mouth going straight to her tits, running my tongue along them, biting and sucking.

“Fuck, Shane.” She moaned, her fingers tangling into my hair again.

When I pulled back Nikki was resting on her elbows, I was standing in between her legs and her fingers shakily undid my jeans and I didn’t miss the look on her face as I stepped out of them.

I kicked my boxers off and grabbed her panties, ripping them in half as I tore them off of her.

Slowly, Nikki leaned forward and started pressing sloppy kisses against my abs, trailing them down by my hipbone and my breath hitched when she reached her target, her mouth coming down on me.

“Fuck...” I let my head fall back and gripped her hair tighter as she showed me just how much she missed me with her mouth.

If I didn’t stop her, I was going to blow in her mouth. I flipped her back onto the bed, nudging open her leg with mine and settling in between her.

“Condom?” She asked me. Ah hell. I didn’t have any on me anyway. A part of me could’ve ran down and asked Tyler, but I didn’t want to use one with her.

I shook my head. “Fuck no.”

In one quick movement we were together again and it was like there had been no time spent apart between us.

Holy shit. She felt fucking heavenly. Between the death grip her thighs had on my hips to how fucking tight her pussy gripped onto me, I had to focus on not blowing.

I kissed her, looking down at her as if at any moment she would disappear, almost as if this was a dream instead of reality. I had dreamt about her every night and now she was finally here again, in the flesh instead of in memory.

And even if this was a dream, I’d kill the person who tried to wake me.

It was over an hour when Nikki’s legs started to shake and my thrusts were becoming harder and uncontrollable and I let out a string of curse words as my hips snapped forward one last time and I spilled into her, riding my release out. Nikki cried out, arching her back and raking her fingernails down mine so hard that I could feel myself starting to bleed.

I didn’t know how long we spent just lying there holding each other, but we didn’t let go.

Nikki rolled over, resting an arm across my chest.

“Shane?” She asked sleepily.

“Yeah baby?”

“I told you the truth about a lot of things tonight.”

“Yeah, yeah you did.”

“Wanna know another truth?”


“I loved our baby more than anything else in this world, even though I wasn’t brave enough to keep it.”

I pressed my lips against hers in the darkness to ignore the ache in my chest. “I know.”

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