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Chapter 14

That was the first night since I’d gotten out of jail that I had managed to fall asleep. I’d been tossing and turning ever since I’d gotten back and saw Nikki take off with Mark that night. As soon as she started sleeping in my bed, I would eventually pass out, but after being close with her, back to the way we used to be; I’d slipped into unconsciousness before my head even hit the pillow.

Until, I stirred in my sleep and found myself grinding against Nikki’s backside. She arched into me in response and my arms snaked out to grab her in the darkness, pulling her closer.

“I’ve missed you baby.” I murmured into her hair as I slide inside of her, a throaty cry escaping her lips. “You feel so fucking good.”

“Shane...” Her voice trailed off as she raked her fingers down my back the harder I thrust into her, picking up my speed as I felt the familiar tighten of an oncoming orgasm.

As I went to pull out, Nikki locked her ankles around my back, holding me against her.

“Babe, I need to-”

“Don’t stop, please.”

Fuck me. I spilled inside of her, caught up in how fucking good it felt.

Nikki’s lips pressed against mine as I fell back asleep.


Of course, the night Nikki and I decide to finally have sex, everyone in the goddamn neighborhood had to be in the house the next morning. It didn’t bother me any, but I could tell it put her on edge. Nikki wasn’t the best at dealing with awkward situations, which made it all the more hilarious to me.

Michelle, Tyler, Rick and whoever the fuck the girl with the rainbow hair was, were sitting around the kitchen table. Mark was still lying on the couch, which was apparently his new home, according to Tyler. I could hear mumbled voices from Kristen’s room, wondering who the hell was in there with her.

If this was my house and I was calling the shots, I’d tell them all to go the fuck home.

But Tyler was always taking in strays and could never leave someone out on the streets.

That was probably why I was the hitman, not him.

“I thought you were in jail.” Nikki blurted out before acknowledging anybody else, glaring at Rick.

“Got off easy. They dropped charges because the fuckers didn’t have a search warrant and I’m still underage. Shane.”

He nodded at me. This was my first time seeing the kid after four years and not much had changed except for the fact that he had track marks in his arms now.

They had definitely heard us fucking, judging by the grin Michelle had on her face and how Tyler looked disgusted.

“Mornin’.” Nikki mumbled to everyone else, pulling out a mug from the cupboard and pouring her coffee.

“Have a good night?” Michelle laughed, looking at the both of us.

I nodded as Mark sat up from the couch.

“I’d fuckin’ say. I heard damn near everything.”

“Would you shut up?” Nikki crossed her arms over her chest. “You hear those two go at it all the time.” I motioned to Tyler and Michelle.

“Yeah but we don’t sound like we’re going to fall through the floor.”

I shrugged.

Tyler looked at me, chucking the pack of smokes in my direction.

“Are you two good now so I can stop being referee?”

I nodded, smirking at Nikki.

“Yup. One big happy family.”

“We’re the kind of fucked up family that would make a therapist need to have therapy.” Mark muttered.

The door to Kristen’s room opened as she came down the hallway, looking at Rick and the girl. Her blue eyes immediately widened as she put her hands on her hips, glaring at them.

“What’s this bitch doin’ here?”

“They’re buying ecstasy, Kris.” Tyler told her, motioning for her to calm down.

I thought it was kind of funny how mad she was. I’d never seen Kristen swear at someone like that and I had to keep reminding myself that she wasn’t the kid I left behind four years ago.

Apparently, Rick and his girlfriend or whoever she was were waiting for Scar. I was assuming it was for meth or some stupid shit like that. Coincidently, Scar was who I was waiting for too. Tyler was waiting on X and Curtis to come over to split the heroin and coke we had in the basement.

Today was Saturday, which meant it was my collections day. When someone tried to rip Scar off or not pay us what they owe, I go after them and sway them to do so. At first, it’s a threat and maybe a broken limb. Next time, it’s a gunshot to the leg. And further on until I put them six feet underground. I needed the names from Scar and how many times we’d warned them about paying up.

Finally, Scar walked through the front door.

“Hey,” He said to everyone, taking a seat at the kitchen table. “How much did you want, Rick?”

“Six pills.”

Scar raised his eyebrows, “Six? This is strong shit. One would be good enough for you, but it’s up to you, man.”

“We’ll take two then,” His chick said, reaching into her pocket, pulling out cash. Leave it to that scrawny little crackhead to find someone to leech off of.

I fucking hated that kid.

“Aren’t you pregnant?” Michelle frowned.

Damn. I didn’t know that.

“Yeah, and?”

“God you’re stupid.” Michelle shook her head. “That kid doesn’t stand a chance.”

Michelle was the only one who had some shred of motherly instinct.

They got their shit and got out of the house.

Scar coughed. “Anyone seen that bag of blow I brought over here last night? I can’t remember where I put it.”

“No man, sorry. Are you guys good here if we split? I gotta go get payments.”

“Yeah, we don’t need you to divide it up. Go ahead.” Tyler nodded.

Scar got up and made his way to the front door.

Before I walked away, I went over to where Nikki was standing and kissed her in front of everyone. She looked at me with a dumbfounded expression on her face, which made me laugh. I ignored Michelle’s teasing and went outside to catch up with Scar.

I had my girl back, I didn’t give a fuck about anyone else.

“You ready to break some bones?” He asked me, cracking his knuckles for effect as we got into my truck.

“Hell yeah, man. Where to first?”

“South central. We’re lookin’ for a mouthy little fucker named Ryan.”

“South central it is.” I said, putting the truck in drive.

We pulled up in front of this kid’s house, waiting for him to come outside. This was a way nicer neighborhood than what we were used to. This was some white picket fence shit. It made me wonder why we were here in the first place and how someone from here managed to get caught up with us. Scar was twisting his hands in anticipation.

“What’s our plan of action? Take ’em to the warehouse?”

I nodded. “Easiest way. It draws less attention. What are we lookin’ at with him? How much does he owe?”

“He owes about two grand. Has mommy and daddy’s money, came looking for a good time for a college party to impress his friend’s. Thought he could run off and not have any consequences.”

I hated entitled college pricks like him. You can’t fuck over a drug dealer and expect everything to be fine.

“There he is.” Scar said. I opened the door and got out of my truck.

The kid looked at me before noticing Scar in the passenger side and the colour drained from his face.

“Get in the truck.” I said.

He looked like he wanted to run and was stuttering, trying to think of some lame ass excuse.

“You have five seconds to get in or I’ll blow your brains all over the fuckin’ sidewalk. Bet your mommy and daddy wouldn’t like that too much, would they?”


“That’s what I thought. Get the fuck in.”

Once I got in the driver’s seat again, I put the child lock on and locked all the doors, driving away casually; like I hadn’t just threatened to shoot someone’s brains out.

“Ryan, long time no see.” Scar laughed.

“I’m sorry man, I didn’t mean to run or try to rip you-”

“Save it.” I snapped. “I don’t wanna hear another fuckin’ word out of you until I tell you.”

Scar grinned manically as he put a Biggie CD in, switching it until “Notorious Thugs” started playing.

This was our “collection” song that we would play on repeat all day long on Saturdays.

“We’re back in business.”

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