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Larissa comes out of the woods from a good days hunting to find her sister has been taken ,from there her life go'es from bad to better then to worst.

Romance / Adventure
Colleen Haynes
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Home is where I feel safe,home is not much just a small 2 bedroom wooden hut really,as you enter the front door your in the living room with a fold out tattered couche a threadbare rug and an old coffee table ,the fireplace is cold at the moment it will be lit later when father gets home with the boys and whatever they have managed to catch for dinner,anyway a small kitchen leads off the living room but you cant really call it a kitchen, we have no cooker (everything is cooked on the fire in the living room )its just a few cupboards which are mostly bare, canned goods are hard to come by ,the local store is a days walk and they don't stock much,you can order things in if you have the money to do so but we dont,the store is run by mr and mrs weaver a kindly couple who always gives me juice and a biscuit whenever I'm there,they had a son Jimmy who was taken a few years back we haven't seen him since, when I asked my parents who had taken him they went very quiet and told me I shouldn't concern myself with it so being young and nieve I skipped along to the place I love most ,the woods ,our house is surrounded by woods with a stream,I used to sneak after my father when I was young because I wanted to do what he did I didn't want to be stuck in the stupid house with mother like a girl, I was fed up of hearing "larissa you are a girl so act like it" and being forced to stay home and clean floors, prepare meals which didn't need much preparation as we had to wait for father to bring home the meat,it wasn't until father got fed up of chasing me home that he finally relented and now takes me hunting with him most days,so for 2 days father takes my 9 year old twin brothers leo and Orion with him and for the rest of the week I go.

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