Conflict of Interest

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Shit. Shit. Shit!

Where in the heck was that damn paper?

Grace looked at the tornado she left in her wake. Not like her at all, she had left drawers open, piles from drawers she emptied on the floor, tables, and desks. Folders were flat-faced and open with their paper contents scattered everywhere. Her slight obsessiveness to have things organized would kick in when she got home after work. She’d tidy up then.

If it wasn’t here though, it had to be at work. She’d find a way to approach Maggie and Seth again – quietly – so the office gossip didn’t get around she was on the search for a missing phone number. That would be the last thing she needed right now. And she didn’t want Luke finding out she was attempting to date another man. She was angry, but not enough to punish him for it. Or, maybe she was, but she wasn’t that type of person. Sure, she could be stubborn, but not mean.

And yet, Luke was still always on her mind. She was beginning to accept that’s just the way it was probably going to be until she could find something that could come close to replacing him.

Come close, she thought ruefully. She knew it was impossible. She couldn’t deny the great time she had with him. She also had to admit it was nice to see him, even though every time it happened, it made her just a little sadder than she’d been before.

Just come close. That’s all you have to do. The words repeated in her mind like a broken record. Her new mantra.

She needed this number. It would be her saving grace.

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