The Stand In

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A romantic valentine love story. Charly works behind the scenes of modeling. When her dream man comes in one day for a photo shoot, fireworks go off between them. (This story has not be edited and only a rough draft.)

Romance / Humor
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

I'm going to introduce myself, I'm Charly and I work behind the scenes at photo shoots, I fix the hair or make up of the models and sort out all the clothing for them to change into. It's a hectic job at times but I really do love it. I've never aspired to be a model myself, I enjoy eating good food too much, and occasionally letting myself go and having a good drink. Although I do take care of myself and work out when I have time.

Today I'm working with one of my favourite photographers, but I can't say much about the models.

" that arm so it's resting on his chest."

I can hear him getting frustrated with her as she doesn't seem to be able to follow instructions, I know some of these models are still quite new but it is simple instructions.

"There... hold it.... good... one more. Right I think I got that one, take five minutes."

"And here they come."

The young model whines about Ben the photographer, but if she knew the results he gets when he has the finished photos, I think he is one of the best I've seen. I've sorted out their next pieces of clothing to be changed into for the next shots.

This carries on for the next couple of hours till all the shots were taken. Exhausted now, I sort and pack away all the items, the models do get to take the clothing they have just been shot in but not all of them do so I get the benefits if I want them.

"Hey there"

Ben is a fantastic photographer and got to where he is through hard work. I've worked with him many times now and know how good he is.

"Oh hi Ben."

"You fancy a drink?"

"Not this time thank you, I'm totally knackered, you worked us hard there."

"Oh ok, well maybe next time then, I've got things to do anyway to get ready for tomorrow."

I can hear the slight disappointment in his voice.

"Yeah, and it's good to see you back here again."

"Yeah I've missed studio work, but I've been having great fun doing shoots out in some amazing, beautiful places. Maybe next time I'll show you."

"Yes next time."

Ben is a really sweet guy and we occasionally go out for a drink together when he is about, I think he just likes the company without the pressure of someone trying to impress him when he is out. although he does tend to get noticed by many girls and models as he is well known, especially as he is one of the younger male photographers about.

He heads off and once I've picked up the rest of the clothing that was left I get to put it in my bag and take it home. I share a flat with my bestie Milly, she loves it when I come back to see what I managed to get.... One of the perks of my job.

"Hi girl, what have you been left with today?"

"You wouldn't believe what I got today, the model only took a couple of the items."

"Oh wow.... looks like you got heaps."

"Yeah the model walked out straight after and left all this."

"Who was the photographer?"


"You know I think he is totally into you."

"He's sweet."


"Well I'm not really interested in anybody at the moment."

"You know Valentine's day is coming up shortly, this will be the third year that you've not had anyone."

"Well you know me, I've just not found the right guy."

"Yeah you keep thinking he is going to fall from the heavens and land in your lap or something."

"Hahaha... well a girl can dream."

"I've got Matty coming around tonight I hope you don't mind?"

Milly and Matt have been going together for about a year and a half now I'm just surprised that she hasn't moved in with him yet, as they practically live together, he's either here or she's at his place. He is a little bit crazy but in a loveable way and they are really good together.

"No It's fine, I'll be going to bed early as I've got to be at work by 8am tomorrow morning, we have a top model coming in for a shoot so I have to be organised."

"Oooo... who is it?"

"Don't know yet, I'll only find out tomorrow morning."

"Well I want to know the gossip when you get back tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah…"

"I think Matty is bringing food over with him, you want any?"

"Oh sure, he always gets so much, you would think he was feeding ten people."

"Hahaha... you know what he is like."

It isn't long before Matty arrives, bags in hands, full of what looks to be like a Chinese meal for six.

"Yo... babe."

"Hi Matty."

"I douth come with Nosh to feed the kingdom."

Ok so Matty is a bit funny and says silly things but he is good for Milly, I've never seen her smile or heard her laugh as much as what she does when he is around

"Hahaha... in da kitchen ready for the display."

"Matt you are so funny sometimes."

"Hay got to make an entrance to the babe house."


"So Chinese then?"

"You know me babe, China all the way."

Yeah... he's a bit of a joker as well.

"Yeah well here's your China bucket to feed ya in."

"Got it thanks babe your the best Char."

Oh yeah and he calls me babe too. Fuck knows why but he does .

"Hey babe you got the soy sauce?"

"Yeah Matty I have."

"Fucking good, you know how much I love the soy sauce."

"Hahahaha... you can't live without it poured on your Chinese...can you?"

"Babes of the house you know me too well."


We are pissing ourselves laughing. Matty certainly knows how to make us laugh. After I finally crashed and left them two at it. I must have fallen asleep dreaming of the fantasy every girl dreams of... meeting the one.. my fantasy is meeting Jaxon who is a top model and only works with top photographers...but that will never happen .....will it.....

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