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This story is about one of kindest person and a very great vampire . Riya is very kind heartened girl, she is an orphan not actually an orphan means she have her father but she dnt knew is he alive or not ? And she lost her mom at the age of 05 due to cancer and from time that she have taken care by orphanage school and now she turn 18 and she get seat in very nice college and because of her excellent grades she got scholarships and free hostel seat to live . The only problem was it's very far from her mother land so she have to live her mother land for her higher studies and bright future. Raj is very strong and special vampire, he is special because he can live among human being without any difficulty and can also travels in sun ray not just that he can also survive without human blood and have only animal blood and red wine . He is very handsome, charming, very attractive with his grey eyes, with that he is very kind heartened from inside but he is very rude and very arrogant from out side. He live with his parents , here parents means his creator, they have travel from place to another to keep their secret as secret only. They are also like Raj but he is more powerful than these both .. Raj and his family live away from their coven so that they can inform The coven about present world and different changes that have been taking place.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 01 A new beginning of my life.

Riya pov:

My new life is going to start from today I am very happy from one side and another I was very upset with thought of living my mother land and my friends behind here.

Riya Riya some one calling my name which lead me to come out of my own thoughts and turn towards the direction from where sound was coming. They I found a beautiful lady standing with in well dressed suit.

It's Annie the care taker of mine. I ran in her arms, she gave me a tight hug '( Annie and me was like own mom and daughter)'.

After that Annie gave me a lot of blessing and said that today before leaving the hostel their is small farewell for me.

So I get excited but after awhile, I started crying so Annie said everyone have to leave this hostel one day.

Riya you have a bright future ahead after saying this Annie gave me a gift box and left me alone .

I started packing things, keeping everything in a bag and at evening I was done with packing and all. So I decided take a shower and I unwrapped the box which Annie gave me this morning.

I found a beautiful black gown in it and I decided I will wear for today fare well after that I will change in a normal outfit for travelling.

I got ready for party, the gown was beautiful . I combed my hairs and left room to meet some teachers of my school and college.

After meeting all I attended my farewell party. All wished me good luck and good bye .

I went to room for the last time and changed my out fit and then met Annie for last time.

Annie hugged me and gave wishes then I left the hostel.

Here my new life, my new journey started I wonder to my self .

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