I Hope You Know

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Alisa and Traci have been dealing with their abusive boyfriends and decided it was time to leave. They didn't get far but two princes saved them and want to show them that no one will ever hurt them ever again, especially not Charles or Michael.

Romance / Drama
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A new day to do the same old thing. Yet, the only thing I’m gonna change up is that I am planning on leaving to my parents’ house with my sister, Traci. We have been dealing with our abusive boyfriends and need to leave them tonight. -Phone text rings- ‘Meet me outside in 10.’ (a text from my sister reads.) I grab a small bag that has my things I need to take tonight. I dress up, grab my stuff and head to see her with her bags too. Luckily, the guys are still hungover and asleep from last night. I quietly lock the door and head to her. “Ready to go? I know I sure am,” she asked. I nodded. We head into the called taxi cab and leave and not look back. We hope to be safer than we had been before. We finally got to our family home and see our parents waiting for us outside. We put our shades on to cover our eye bruises that haven’t yet healed. “Hey, my babies! What’s up? Where are the boys?” our mother asks. “They couldn’t make it. They said we should tell you hello for them though,” I say. Our dad is thinking of if we’re lying to them. “Why are you both wearing shades? There’s no sun. Take them off,” our father said. We look at each other. “Um, we can’t. We have these prescribed to wear them during the day,” Traci said. Our dad doesn’t believe that. “Take them off. Now!” he yelled. We sighed. We take the shades off and they see our eyes. “What the he*l happened? Did they do this to you?!” he yelled. “Dad, don’t worry about it, It was an accident. It won’t happen again,” Traci said. “Like the other times you had said that?” our mother says, angrily. We sighed. Traci ends up heading inside the house to go to the bedroom. “We’ll protect you both. You two will not be going back to them. Ever,” my father said. “Dad, we cannot put you in any danger. We’ll just stay for a couple of days and head back home,” I say. “Everything will be okay by then,” I assure them.

~ 5 minutes later ~

“Alisa, baby. Why didn’t you tell us you were coming to see the in - laws?” my boyfriend says from behind me. My dad walks up to him and punches him hard in the mouth. “Dad! Stop it! Please, don’t!” I cry out. My dad finally stops and yanks him up by his shirt. “If you two ever put your hands on my daughters again, I will end you. Believe that. Do you understand me?” he warned. Traci rushes back out next to me. Michael and Charles are angry. My dad heads inside the house with my mother and we just stand there looking at them. “You’ll pay for this!” Michael yells. He and Charles storm up to us and slap us hard across the face that we taste blood form in our mouth. They actually have the audacity to beat us outside of our family home. “Mom, dad, help!” Traci cries out in pain. I hate hearing that. I push Traci back into the house and shut the door. “Don’t hurt her anymore. Hit me,” I say, weakly. I feel the next punch in my gut by Charles as Michael kicks me in my back. I curl up in a ball as I slowly lose consciousness. I see two handsome guys running towards me and then I lose consciousness.

~An hour later~

I open my eyes slowly to see my parents looking at me and two other guys too. I try to sit up but they push me back to lay down. “I need to sit up. I can’t stay down forever,” I say. “Alisa, you took the beating for me. Why did you?” Traci asks, through tears. “I’ll always protect you. You shouldn’t have to get abused by someone you thought loved you,” I say. She hugs me gently. “These two guys here saved you as you lost consciousness, dear,” my mom said. I look over at them and mouth, “Thank you.” “No problem. We wouldn’t allow that to happen to any females,” one of them said. “What can we do to repay you?” my dad asked. “Promise us that you will never go back to them or deal with them again,” the other guy said. I look at Traci. She sighs. “Um... we can’t promise you that. Anything else?” she says. “Why is that?” Prince Chris asked, confused. “Because we have to go back home. We can’t put our father and mother in danger,” I say. “That’s not going to happen, because we’ll provide you with security personnel from this evening,” Prince Chris warned. “Don’t do that. It would mean we would have to be indebted to you,” I say. “No, you wouldn’t. We don’t need you to repay us. We want to do this for you,” Prince Chris says. My mom shouts, “Wait! Are you two the Princes?” They look at our mother and nodded. “You two are the princes? What are you doing here?!” I ask, shocked. “Alisa, how dare you ask that?” my dad asked. “We were actually driving around on our daily drives,” Prince Chris says, with a smile.

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