You Deserved to Be Loved

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Second Part of a 4 part series. We take a look at how Traci and Alisa had to survive and make money. New events happen that may take their relationship with the royals on a different level.

Romance / Drama
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I wake up on a soft bed in an unknown place and try to look for Alisa but I don't see her. I get up and stand up quietly as Prince Luke is sleeping next to me and I don't want to wake him. I try to walk quietly to the door, but I hear him say, "Where do you think you're going?" I jumped as he had startled me. I turn to see him standing up and walking towards me and I feel my heart race. "What is going on? Why am I here with you? And where is Alisa?" I asked, nervously. "She's with Chris. We told you to stay here so we can protect you both, but you both left, and we got you back," he said. I try to unlock the door but it was locked. "May you please unlock the door? I need Alisa," I asked. "No, she's fine. She and Chris need to talk alone," he said. "It's not your decision to make though. Please open the door so I can get to her," I say. "No, I will not. Let's go back to bed. You still need rest," he says. I shake my head No. I see my phone on the desk table and rush to grab it. I dial Alisa's number but Prince Luke actually snatched my phone from me. "Why did you do that? Give it back to me! That's my private property!" I cried out.
He raises it higher and I trip and land in his arms. I looked up nervously and try to back away, but he tightens his hold on my waist. "You smell really nice; what do you use?" he asked. "Uh.. I use a minty fresh scent at home," I say, shyly. "Please let me go? We are not supposed to be like this. You have a fiancee. ~Knock on the door~ "Luke, baby! Are you in there?" I hear a female call out. I back into the bathroom after taking my phone and shoes and shut the door quietly. I see an open window I can get out from and climb out onto the ledge. I have to step carefully so I don't fall. "Traci, come out. She's gone." I hear Prince Luke call to me through the door. I don't answer, so he comes in and sees me on the ledge. "What are you doing? Give me your hand, please," he said. "Then, you have to open the door so I can go to my sister. Deal?" I say. "Fine, deal. Now, give me your hand," he said, reaching out his hand. I give him my hand and he pulls me inside the bathroom. "Now, please open the door," I say. He shakes his head No. "You lied to me? Are you serious right now?" I cried out. He sighed.
"Just listen to me. They really need to talk alone. Nothing will happen to her," he says. "I don't trust you both yet, so to gain that trust, let me go make sure she is okay," I say. "Do you want to go eat something? You haven't eaten anything since you got here, so let's go eat," he asked calmly. I sighed and say, "Fine. Only because I'm hungry and nothing else." We head to the kitchen and see Prince Chris and Alisa talking. "Alisa, are you alright?" I ask, worried. "Traci! I'm okay. Are you?" she asks, getting up. She comes up to hug me and we hug each other. "I'm hungry so we came to eat now," I say. "Did you eat yet?" I ask her. "Yeah. We just finished eating and talking. Come here real quick," she says, guiding me to the other room. "What's the matter? Everything okay?" I asked. "They put Michael and Charles in jail for us. We don't have to be scared anymore," she said. I squealed. The female from before, Princess Destiny, who is arranged to wed Prince Chris walked in. "Why are you both here again?" she asked, rather rudely.
"Because they brought us back here. What is your problem with us? Take it up with them," I said. Alisa looks at me, shocked. "I will. Let's go handle this right now," Princess Destiny said. We head back into the kitchen and hear Princess Destiny say, "Why are they back here? This is not a hotel for goodness sake. They shouldn't be here, Chris! Escort these people out!" She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Prince Chris and Prince Luke angrily. "No, they are our guests. They will be staying until we say so," Prince Chris warned. I see Alisa rub her arm shyly. 'Does she have feelings for him?' I think to myself. I'll have to talk to her alone on this. "Come and eat, Traci," Prince Luke says. I head to the table, but Princess Destiny trips me and I end up falling on the floor, but luckily my hands caught me. I got up slowly and kept going to sit down to eat. I began to eat and saw Alisa. She walks up to Princess Destiny and slaps her on the face. "How dare you, you piece of trash?!" Princess Destiny yelled. "Because I'm so sick of you stuck - up Princesses thinking you can abuse us as you like," Alisa says. Princess Destiny goes to hit Alisa back but Prince Chris stops her. "Chris, she hit me! Why are you scolding me?!" Princess Destiny cried out. "Because you started it, Destiny. Go now; we'll talk later," he says. Princess Destiny storms off angrily.
The Queen happened to enter and I quickly got up. We curtsy to her and say, "Good afternoon, Your Majesty." "As you were, my dears. May I know who you both are?" she asked. "I'm Alisa and this is my sister, Traci. Your sons saved us yesterday from our abusive boyfriends," Alisa answered. "Oh my. My boys, good work on this. Did you handle those guys?" she asked. Prince Chris nodded. The king then walked in and we also greeted him. Prince Luke's arranged wife, Princess Tiffany, walked in and greeted us all and then went to Prince Luke. I see her kiss him and my heart dropped into my stomach. Why is that? "Um... excuse me. I need to go get some air," I say, curtsying and heading outside to the balcony. Alisa walks up beside me. "What's wrong? What happened? Talk to me," she asked. I sighed. "I'm not sure. But, when Prince Luke and his arranged fiancee kissed, my heart dropped. I don't understand that," I say. "You might be having feelings for him," Alisa says. "But, it's not possible. It can't happen. Look at us. We're just abused and thrown aside," I cry. Alisa hugs me tightly. "Don't you ever think that way. Do you understand me?" she says. I nodded my head. "But, it's true. You're both abused women. You shouldn't be here," Princess Destiny came out to us. Alisa blocked me and stood in front of her. "What else do you want? Haven't you had enough?" Alisa asked.

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