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Love and War

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Cawol is an introvert whoes meeting with a girl named Eskarosa changed his life. In their little stay together,he found out that she was an alien princess who was punished for trying to save humanity. They both too save earth from the gripe of Eskarosa's father Sacanaka. Their love story was given a terrible end but earth was saved

Romance / Action
Jerusha Joseph
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Chapter 1

Cowell pov

I woke up due to the sound of my clock,it was 6:00am. I took my bath and went downstairs to have my breakfast and then I went to work. Today I had another meeting with the representative from Canada. The meeting was so boring and I could not remember anything. I needed to clear my head,so I thought of camping in the woods. Thinking about the woods, made me remember my dead wife, she loved the woods so much. I went home early to prepare for tomorrow.

The woods was cold than usual,so I set up my tent and food to have a good breakfast free form the chokeness of my house. I could hear voices in the woods, I guess some people were there before me. I listened to there conversation which was interesting on till I heard " you are a traitor and must be punished"........
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