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Love and War

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Chapter 2

You are banished,who the hell even use that this days, something about this was not right and I could feel my instincts telling me so,but like an introvert which I was,we don't go pucnoseing I people's business. But I needed to check this out so I will ran into the woods, I could hear people screaming kill her, but I don't really understand what they meant and the only way to find out is to go there so curiosity to the better part of me. My tracks went dead when I could view them. They look really funny and hideous but all the same I needed to save someone. They have long ears I know that sharp as daggers, they had completely golden eyes and there dress was hideous. I Was cut off from studying them when I receive a Punch to the face, and before I could retaliate I was giving the beating of my life. Right now I really think I was the one who needed a Savior. But all oxygen was knocked out of my nose when they brought out a dagger to kill me, but the person I went to save did something that made them leave. It was now that everything began to fall back in place, reality was becoming reality, the unanimous person took the Dagger for me. . . .

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