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Chapter 20

November 4th, 2016
Munich, Germany
World away - Tonight alive

“So, how did you two end up in such a different band?” Søren asked as he leaned on the counter bar, making a sign to Ben, who was at the other end.

“Didn’t Chris tell you about that too?”

“No. We were engrossed in that conversation about the old times and then got interrupted, so he didn’t get to tell me anything else.” He grinned.

“Oh, right, your fans.” Leah snorted.

“More like groupies but yeah.”

“What difference does it make?” She rolled her eyes.

“Well, fans listen to our music and come to concerts to enjoy it, not to have an excuse to sneak into the backstage and suck a cock.”

“Wow! You have a way with words!” Leah laughed.

“It is what it is.” He shrugged. “I bet you already know that.”

“To be honest, we don’t have that many groupies, well the guys do, I only get to punch creeps in the face.”

Søren arched an eyebrow.

“What?” she asked as a nervous snicker left her mouth.

“You don’t have fans, right.” He smirked.

“I do, but it’s not like women need to be in a band or anything to get wankers trying to sniff their panties.” Both of them laughed. “Besides, the guys always scare them away.”

“The guy from last time was one of those?”

“Nah... He was a fuck that turned into a fucker when I found out he was married,” Leah commented as she tore a napkin into pieces.

She had already been alone with Søren, talked to him as if they were friends, and he was cool, but she had also tasted a little bit of him, and tampering down all those shaking sensations put her in a very nervous state. She was aware of what her body wanted, but her brain was not ready to face the aftermath.

“Was it serious?” the metalhead asked with such a stern, inexpressive face she didn’t know what he was thinking.

“No...” she muttered, “I just hated being the other one. If he wants to leave his wife, he should but using other people like that, it’s disgusting.”

“Yeah...” His eyes, which were fixed on her all the time, moved to the counter. “Anyway, you were telling me about a creep you had to punch?”

“Long story short, I caught him stealing from us, tried to get him out, he got a bit aggressive, I punched him, and then he pushed me down the stairs of the bus.” She laughed. It was awful when it happened, but it seemed funny now.

“Jesus... That must have hurt.” Søren chuckled.

“I sprained my wrist and had a huge, purplish-black bruise on my ass for weeks but the guys came right after that and called the police. He was just a fucking junkie and ended up in a cell for a few days.”

“What can I get for you, guys?” Ben asked as he finally approached them.

“Another O’Doul’s for me and...” Søren looked at Leah, asking what she wanted.

“A Paulaner.”

“Right away!”

“So, you weren’t in Buried Alive from the beginning?” the metalhead resumed their previous conversation.

“Huh? Well, Chris was. I hadn’t played in a while when I joined.”

“How so?”

“I had moved to Hamburg for college and didn’t have that much time anymore.” She shrugged. “Thanks to that you have that amazing new guitar.”

The truth was that, since the moment she met Ryker, her free time, her hobbies, and the people around her slowly dissipated, becoming a distant memory by the time she was in her second year of college.

He was nine years older than her, experienced, smart, hot, and had that darkness within him that attracted her so much. At the beginning he was fun, caring, and amazing in bed. They met at an audition his band was holding back at that time and two weeks later, she joined them as their new guitar player.

It all started with stupid arguments they had because he was possessive and Leah didn’t like his attitude, they even broke up a few times, but then he would come begging her to go back with him. And she did because she was in love—or that was what she thought.

After that, everything began to revolve around him and what he wanted. Leah did whatever to please him so they didn’t fight, the idea of losing him scared the shit out of her. Then, he started cheating. She turned a blind eye the first couple of times, but one day she snapped and confronted him. That was the day he slapped her for the first time, busting her lip in the process.

She fought with her father because he kept telling her to break up with Ryker, that he was shady and he didn’t trust him. Chris went out of her life a few months later because every time he came to see her Ryker was in a bad mood for days—not like alcohol helped.

As time went on, she found herself trapped in a spiral of despair she hated, but she couldn’t live without him. The thought of leaving him had become worse than the physical and mental pain he caused her.

Dropping out of college before the end of the four year, she became a prisoner of his possessiveness and rage. Cook, clean, and deal with all his shit was everything she did during the next months.

Their neighbor had called the police a couple of times, claiming Ryker was beating her, but the bastard was smart and never hit her in visible places, never causing blood, and when the police came to check on her, she would always lie.

It wasn’t until that woman talked to her that she started thinking about an actual way out of all that. Of course, she argued with her the first few times she tried to knock some sense into Leah’s head but one day, she invited her for a coffee at her house and without warning, she showed her a bunch of pictures of bruised backs, cut wrists, and swollen eyes.

“These women went through the same hell you’re living in right now. Some of them listened and were able to start a new life, some of them didn’t and died.”

The shock and fear that invaded Leah back then were indescribable. The realization sent her straight into a huge breakdown. That woman had been harsh but later she understood why. Her sister had been killed by her husband.

“Well, I’m glad you found your way back into music, you’re talented it would’ve been a shame if the world didn’t get to listen to your voice,” Søren commented with a deep chuckle, snapping her back into the present.

“That’s a lot coming from you, thanks.”

She loved hearing those words coming out of his mouth, at any other moment she would have jumped and squealed like a kid at Disneyland, but she had to put on the fakest smile. The demons from her past peeking out again had disturbed her and she didn’t want him to notice. She clenched her jaw and drank a long sip of her beer. “Let’s go have some fun,” she said as she walked towards the rest.

“Wanna play darts or something?” he asked as he followed close behind.

“Wanna get your ass kicked again?”

“Just you and I. Let’s see if you’re that good by yourself.”

“Challenge accepted!”

“I know you’re your own boss and all that shit but get up!” Chris’s voice rumbled inside her head when he opened her door. All he would have needed was to knock on a saucepan with a stick to make her feel even worse. “Jesus! You look like shit.” He laughed.

“Go die!” She shouted as an earthquake shook her guts, making her grimace. “Oh my God...!” she whined, the hangover hitting hard.

“Here.” Chris chuckled, leaving a glass of water and some pills on her bed table. “You sure had fun yesterday...” He commented as he sat on her bed with a humorous tone. “You look good together.” He giggled like a fucking school girl.


Her friend put his phone on her face, making all the memories from the night before rush to her mind.

It was a picture of her hugging Søren. Her arms were on his shoulders, with one hand she was holding a beer, the other one playing with his hair while he had both of his hands resting on her hips.

She had the biggest smile on her face, one of those honest, happy drunkard smiles, and his head was thrown back, laughing whole-heartedly. She had just told him a stupid joke in an attempt to stop the sexual tension building up between them before she combusted. His strong magnetism was driving her crazy and she needed to keep all those sensations at bay.

“I don’t know why he didn’t bang you in the bathroom.”

“’Cause he’s not an ass like you!” Leah hit him with her pillow and then covered her face with it as she groaned. “Oh my God!” She didn’t know what was worse anymore, the hangover or the embarrassment.

“Don’t worry so much. It was dark and packed, not many people saw. I was just coming back from peeing and couldn’t help myself.” Chris laughed. “Expect a lot of teasing from the guys though, the picture is in the group.”

“You... Little bastard!” She threw him the pillow.

“Søren liked it too.”

“Wait, what?” She sat up on the bed. “You sent the picture to him?”

“Of course, he’s one of the models and has all the right.”

“I’m gonna kill you.” She pushed him off the bed.

“Whatever you want, but it’ll have to be later, I have to go to work.”

“Yeah, run you little slut!” Leah got up to kick his ass, her ears buzzing as she did. “Fucking hangovers...” she grumbled, letting herself fall onto the bed again.

“Have a good day! See you tonight!” Chris shouted before closing the entrance door.


She grabbed her phone from the night table with the idea of apologizing to Søren for her creepy-ass, uninhibited behavior, but when she unlocked it, he had already messaged her.

Søren: Hope you’re still alive

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