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Chapter 23

November 20th
Taipei, Taiwan
Rebel Yell - Black Veil Brides

As Søren woke up the morning after, he felt exhaustion still bashing his body. After flying to Singapore on Thursday, playing there on Friday and then traveling to Taiwan on Saturday morning to play that same night, he was dead tired.

Yawning, he rubbed his face with one hand while he patted the night table with the other, looking for his phone. When he found it and unlocked the screen, he couldn’t hold back the smile. Amongst the bunch of notifications he had, one caught his eye.

Leah: We did it!! We’re going to the national competition!!!

Moving to the next phase meant they were one step closer to being part of the Burn to Rise festival, but it also meant that among all the bands whose albums had been checked and selected for the first concert, they were the most outstanding.

Buried Alive had been the band with the best performance, songs and stage attitude—not that everyone was like that at the festival but the newbies always went through an in-depth overview so only the best ones made it for the tour.

Søren: Congrats!

Søren checked the rest of his notifications, answering some and ignoring others. When he was done, he left the phone on the table again and turned his head to look at Alex. He was still sleeping, which wasn’t strange at all, the weird thing was that he was already awake since it was barely eight in the morning.

They wouldn’t have to catch another flight until Tuesday, when they would be traveling to Hong Kong, so the band would have some time to rest and sightsee around the city between interviews and whatnot. Maybe even go to one of their wild, paradisal beaches. The weather in Taiwan was fairly warm and he felt like just laying somewhere and doing nothing.

He had been waiting to see if Leah would answer, but it was late in Europe and she was probably sleeping.

He turned his back to the window to avoid the soft morning light from hitting his face and closed his eyes to try to get some extra sleep but then, his phone vibrated.

Leah: I can’t believe it!!!

Søren: Told you

Leah: This is... Ugh! Don’t even have words to describe it. Anyway, how are u?

Søren: Good, just woke up, but I was trying to go back to sleep again. It’s so f early

Leah: Sorry!

Søren: Don’t worry, it’s not like you woke me up. Btw, aren’t you celebrating?

Leah: Yeah

Søren: Then, why are you texting me?

Leah: The guys have abandoned me

Søren: Hot chicks?

Leah: 🙄

Søren: Even Erik?

Leah: Nah, he went to sleep.

Søren: Haha, poor you.
If I were there, you wouldn’t have time to get bored...

Leah: Yeah, right! LMAO

Søren: What kinky shit has crossed your mind?

Leah: You’re the only one w a dirty mind here, Wolff

Søren: Hahaha, sure.
Anyway, when is the next concert?

Leah: Dec 10th in Hamburg

Søren: Nice

Leah: Yeah

Søren: Aahh... I’m so tired and bored, tell me something. Entertain me!

Leah: Am I a monkey or smth?

Søren: Kind of, lmao

Leah: So funny 😒

Søren: Jk, but tell me something about you ’cause you know a lot of shit about me and you’re a complete stranger to me.

Leah: What do you wanna know?

Søren: I don’t know, anything

Leah: I’m wearing black lace underwear

Søren: That’s a dangerous game, Jäger

Leah: LOL.
I don’t know!

Søren: Okay... Hmmm...
Where did you learn to sing?

Leah: My mom was a professional opera singer and voice coach.

Søren: Didn’t expect that. Nice.
No wonder why you have such amazing vocalization. And the grunts?

Leah: I learned on my own.
The guitarist of the a band I was in during college taught me to make them deeper, more manly.

Søren: That’s great.
Wait. You said your mom “was” an opera singer... ?

Leah: She died some time ago

Søren: Shit! Sorry!

Leah: It’s fine, it was hard at the beginning but it’s gotten easier w time.
It’s not like it happened yesterday, don’t worry.

Søren: Still sucks... Sorry

Leah: Anyway, my turn to ask!

Søren: Haha, ok. Shoot.

Leah: Why did you buy me that Gibson?

Søren: It’s one of my favs and being originally from the 80s and customized makes it one of a kind. Had to add it to my collection.

Leah: But I’ve read you play with Jackson mostly, right?

Søren: Yeah, I mostly use Jackson or Charvel to perform. I like their sound better for our music. But Gibson is Gibson, nothing can compare.

Leah: Agree!

Søren: You said you played the guitar, right?

Leah: You remember that?

Søren: Of course, haha, why would I forget?

Leah: Because it’s meaningless?

Søren: It’s not meaningless.

Leah: Whatever.

Søren: You should play something for me one day.

Leah: Yeah, right

Søren: Why not?

Leah: Because!

Søren: That’s not even a reason LOL

Leah: Shut up! My skills are so lame compared to yours.
No way I’m playing in front of you. EVER.

Søren: Lmao. Such a shame

Leah: LOL.
Just saw some pictures of tonight’s concert. My face, HAHA
I look like a demon in some of them.
Check these

When she sent him the link of the Instagram company hosting the event, he began to slide through the pictures—the photographers were good. After a bunch of pictures of people, he didn’t know and didn’t care about, he finally reached Buried Alive’s.

The four of them looked amazing on the stage, giving their best in their performance. He hadn’t watched them but their body language and expressions were enough to know they had enjoyed and felt every bit of it.

Leah looked like a fucking demon, indeed, but only in those where she was wrinkling her nose with the mic close to her mouth, free hand held in front of her as if it were a claw, creased eyebrows as she was crouching down, looking straight at the audience. But he could feel her passion and he loved it. In others she looked perfect, in ecstasy.

One particular picture caught his attention. She had her head thrown back and her hair floating around her in the air. Left foot stepping on a black, metal box before her with her left hand resting on her thigh, the one holding the mic down, separated from her body. Eyes closed in a serious expression, feeling the music running through her.

She was wearing her usual combat boots with some skinny, tight black jeans tucked inside of them, a grey loose t-shirt with a low, round neck that put a fucking bandage bra in full display. Breasts squeezed between its strings.

Søren’s dawn horn was already relaxed, but that picture woke up his more primal needs in the blink of an eye—thank God it was a low-angle shot and not one from above.

Holy Frankenfuck!

He was trying to treat her like a person and not like a piece of meat because she was much more than most women he was used to; her honest and strong nature was so intriguing he couldn’t ignore it, that she always talked back to him turning him on every damn time.

He had met—and fucked—all kinds of women, from ordinary ones to groupies to other musicians and supermodels, but Leah was different and he didn’t know why.

As weird as it was with the little time they had known each other, he felt they had some kind of connection, something that made him want to get to know her on a deeper level.

However, there were certain things that butchered his rational side and turned him into a sexual animal that just wanted to pin her against the wall and ram into her, to feel her trembling, clenching, moaning and melting in his arms.

Seeing those kinds of pictures was one of those triggers.

When they texted, he could concentrate on their conversation, she was fun and smart, always answering him with sarcastic and witty-remarks when he said something dumb. Talking to her was always nice and the distance made it easier to bypass the fact that she was fucking gorgeous and hot—well, kind of, it was impossible to forget those haunting eyes or those irresistible lips—but that picture... He would have to take care of himself.

Leah: Have you seen that picture of Marc’s hair hanging, covering his face when he lowered his head? It’s so creepy and amazing at the same time!

Søren: The one of Erik biting his lip with his head thrown back as he’s hitting the drums is great too, you can almost hear it. Those are some nice shots.

He tried to damp and drown his inappropriate thoughts because he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. She hadn’t said anything about the slight flirting, but she always avoided it and he didn’t want to feel like a whipped bitch, crawling to her when she had made it clear that she didn’t get involved with musicians.

But why the fuck had her body reacted to him the way it did when they kissed a month before? She said she didn’t want it but the way she looked at him told him she craved him too. How could she fight that flaming desire? What the fuck had happened to her to want to avoid it so bad?

Leah: Ikr?! It’s so weird looking at myself in those pics but they look great

Søren: So do you

Leah: Thanks!

Søren: Sorry but my eyes are feeling heavy
I think I’m gonna try to go back to sleep

Leah: Sure! Sleep tight!

He lied. It had been two or three weeks since the last time he had sex—he was unsure—and, even though he hadn’t felt the need to fuck someone’s brains out during that time because the fatigue was always stronger, seeing those pictures of her, that fucking bra, awoke something in him and he had to relieve the tension already building up in his balls.

With a boner that could have punched and turned someone’s eye purple if it wasn’t because it was contained inside his boxers, he walked to the bathroom.

As he opened the water tap, he took off his underwear and threw it somewhere on the floor, then walked into the shower. The water running down his face and torso felt nice, soothing, but it wasn’t enough to make him relax.

It had been a while—more than he could remember—since the last time he played a five-knuckle shuffle, but there was nothing else he could do. Yeah, he was obsessed with Leah like a horny teenager and had nobody else to bury himself into, so that would have to do.

As he began to slide his hand up and down his shaft, he felt the tension building in his core. Imagination running wild as he pictured her in the most erotic situations. Hands tied above her head in the bed, wearing that strapped underwear, submitting to him. Fuck, he wanted to be inside of her, taste her and make her scream his name.

A few minutes later, he shivered as an electric shock ran up and down his spine, squeezing his balls and making his skin tingle, announcing that the so needed explosion was close.

Søren leaned on the wall in front of him with his free hand, chest rising and falling with ragged breathing, heart pounding hard. His hand began to move faster, pleasuring himself with solid and furious strokes until that delicious rippling sensation shook him up, forcing him to bend forward and clench his jaw to refrain the groans from leaving his throat.

He threw his head back and sighed. You’re doomed, dude.

November 28th, 2016
Chengdu, China

Søren: What do women and noodles have in common?

Leah: Do I really wanna know?

Søren: Both wiggle when you eat them.

Leah: OMG!

Søren: Facts

Leah: Indeed

Søren: How r u?

Leah: I’m fine, working on a new bass. You?

Søren: Just got into bed

Leah: Jesus! This time difference kills me. What time is it there?

Søren: 2.30 am

Leah: Shouldn’t you try to sleep?
After a concert, I’m always dead tired.

Søren: And I am, but I can’t sleep... Ugh!

Leah: Okay, hmm... Wanna play a game?

Søren: You getting playful, Jäger?

Leah: Omg, shut it!
I was thinking, twenty-one questions?

Søren: Oh... I see... You wanna get to know me, huh?

Leah: Okay, I’m done. Bye.

Søren: LOL. Come on... Yeah, let’s play.

Leah: Okay, hm...
I know you love music, that you live for it, but... Is there anything you’d like to be if you weren’t a musician?

Søren: I don’t know...

Leah: There must be something else you like aside from music

Søren: Animals!
I’d forgotten, but when I was little I used to dream about being a vet.

Leah: That’s kinda cute

Søren: If you say so...

Leah: I say so. The hot and imposing metalhead hugging kitties and puppies, hahaha. Simply adorable.

Søren: So you think I’m hot

Leah: Oh! I forgot.
And annoying

Søren: Pfff, LMAO
Okay... Hmm
Is there something you have done and wish you didn’t?

Leah: ... I guess I wouldn’t date my last boyfriend.

Søren: Was it that bad?

Leah: He was an ass. Let’s leave it there.
What is that one thing people misjudge about you?

Søren: That I’m a player.

Leah: And you’re not?

Søren: I’m not celibate, but I never lie or promise anything to the women I sleep with. They know it’s just sex.

Leah: Fair enough.

Søren: Okay, my turn.
If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Leah: Travel!

Søren: No doubt there! Hahahaha

Leah: of course not, I’d love to travel more, but I don’t have the time or the money.

Søren: Yeah, I think that’s one of the things I like the most about this job.

Leah: Chris just got home. Gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow?!

Søren: Sure

Leah: Night!

December 1st, 2016
Bandung, Indonesia

Søren: Hey you!

Leah: That’s a Pink Floyd song!

Søren: It is! Haha
How r u?

Leah: I’m good. Wbu?

Søren: We’re just chilling in backstage.

Leah: Nice!

Søren: Wanna keep playing questions games?

Leah: You’re that bored, huh?

Søren: Is it that obvious? Haha

Leah: Hahaha, yeah. Sure, let’s play. You go first.

Søren: Okay!
Living in a luxury hotel where you won’t do household chores anymore or in a mobile home?

Leah: Mobile home. Wakingup to the most beautiful places? Nothing compares to that.

Søren: Haha, agree

Leah: You?

Søren: I’d love the ‘no needing to clean’ but a mobile home.
Tho you already know that since you’ve seen the pictures of my camper on my feed

Leah: Don’t know what you’re talking about.

Søren: Yeah, right. Haha

Leah: Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk and understand animals?

Søren: First one

Leah: Why?

Søren: I love history, it’d be a lot easier to get to know about it that way

Leah: That’s right! I always forget you’re kind of nerdy.

Søren: Yeah, who do you think I am? A brainless skirt-chaser?

Leah: Maybe

Søren: 🖕

Leah: Lmao

Søren: You?

Leah: Talk to animals, I’d like to know what they think.

Søren: Hehehe, ok.
Would you rather have out of control body hair or a strong, pungent body odor?

Leah: First one, no doubt. I can handle a little pain but can’t deal with strong human odor, simply disgusting

Søren: Hahaha, fair enough.

Leah: You?

Søren: Out of control hair. I hate waxing but that could help.

Leah: You’ve tried?

Søren: How do you think my body looks so smooth and hairless in some pictures?

Leah: Hahaha, balls included?

Søren: Lmao. Wtf, Jäger?

Leah: Just wondering

Søren: You sure you wanna know?
I could show you

Leah: What? Ew, no!

Søren: HAHAHA, jk, relax...
Do you think I’d actually send you a picture of my balls?
That’s so disappointing...
They’re worth much more than that!

Leah: LMAO, you’re so stupid!

Søren: Can’t help it, hahaha. You made it so easy...

Leah: Okay, your turn.

Søren: Gonna have to leave it here. Have to get ready for the show!

Leah: Sure! Have fun!

Søren: I will! Have a good day!

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