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Chapter 32

January 20th, 2017
Stuttgart, Germany
R U mine? - Artik Monkeys

As soon as he closed the door, tossing their coats and all the bags on the kitchenette’s bench, the countdown began.

Kissing and touching everywhere as they made their way to the private room, they stumbled upon a few things—fucking Ian’s opened suitcase and Alex’s acoustic guitar. Søren lost balance and almost hit his head on the bunk beds, but instead of stopping and protesting, they both chuckled against each other.

“Mikael and Dave are sleeping,” he whispered, motioning with his head towards the closed curtain—luckily for them the manager was a heavy sleeper and the driver always used earplugs. “You better not make any sound ’til we get to the back.”

Leah tucked her bottom lip between her teeth and nodded. Hesitating, with a mix of nervousness and excitement glowing in her gaze, she moved her hands to his chest and up to his shoulders and pulled his red tartan shirt down, letting it fall on the floor.

He watched as her fingers caressed the inked skin of his arms all the way up until they found his leather necklace. She pulled from the steel arrow pendant and tiptoed, closing the space between them, licking his lips as she stared straight into his eyes.

As he smashed his mouth against hers again, Søren guided her through the corridor, clothes flying and being thrown everywhere in the hallway. Sharp breaths fell from his nostrils as the blood inside his veins reached the boiling point.

Hungry for him, Leah worked on his belt, unbuckling it, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans—quick fucking fingers. Søren kicked his black Vans off before they entered the room, locking the door behind him.

Taking his pants off, he only stopped ravaging her mouth to crouch down and help her remove her boots as she sat on the bed. With impatient need, he pulled her ripped, black jeans down, black lace panties and socks sliding with them.

He felt the need to bite the inside of her thighs, bury his face between them and make her shudder as he slid his tongue along her opening, but he had to get the protection before things got hotter and heavier.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a soft snicker, fingers running through his hair.

“Gonna need these,” he stated, showing her the pair of condoms he kept on his wallet.

“Right.” She chuckled, moving up on the bed to make room for him.

When he stood up again, towering over her, he watched her chest moving fast with uneven breaths. The dim illumination slipping through the window and showering over her enough for him to see her dilated pupils almost palpitating, synchronizing with the accelerated rhythm of his heart beats.

He tied his hair in a low ponytail, kneeling on the mattress, spreading her legs as he pushed them with his. Taking a second in the midst of that frantic, sensual moment he let his eyes feast on the incredible woman in front of him, completely at his mercy.

He caressed her body all the way up, silky skin feeling amazing under his palms. Propping on his elbow, he laid on top of her, right hand sneaking to her rear when she bent her leg and wrapped it around his waist. It was even better than he imagined. Perfectly round, perky and firm. He could fucking worship that ass.

As Søren nibbled the sensitive spot right under her jaw, she softly moaned. The sound of her desperate breathing and her sweet natural scent swamping all his senses as he moved to her collarbone.

He was kissing the valley between her breasts when, with a swift movement, Leah unclasped her bra, flinging it across the room, freeing yet another stunning part of her body.

“What. The. Fuck?” he breathed out, dick twitching, getting impossibly harder.

“What?” Leah asked with a chuckle, looking down at the same spot he was staring at.

He had seen all kinds of body embellishments. Plastic surgery, tattoos, piercings, even scarifications. The belly button piercing she had was sexy as fuck, but it had been a while since he got to play with one on the nipple, especially one that looked as beautiful and enticing as hers.

Unable to resist such a lurid invitation, he trapped the small steel barbell adorning her right tit between his lips, gently flicking it with his tongue.

Moving the hand on her ass to caress her other breast, he felt like a kid celebrating his birthday, Christmas and all the holidays together at the same time while riding every attraction at Disneyland. Fucking perfect, round handful size.

“Oh, God...” she moaned, arching her back.

“How long have you had it?” he wondered, panting against her skin as he felt his heart rate getting out of control.

“Two years?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, right?” A hoarse voice ripped through his throat as he asked for confirmation. He had seen some painful shit involving piercings and didn’t want to hurt her.


As she answered, his tongue wrapped around her nipple again and he sucked on it. Alternating with soft kisses, he lightly bit it while he playfully tugged on the other.

“Fuck...” she whimpered, a strangled voice rolling from her mouth as her whole body shuddered under him.

She grabbed his face and forced him to look up again, lips smashing against his. One of her arms circled around his neck while the other moved between their bodies, hand reaching down, palming the massive erection that was threatening to explode.

Hooking her fingers on the waistband of his boxers, she slipped inside of it, grabbing his shaft, making him hiss out of pure pleasure.

Søren touched his forehead to hers, eyes squeezed shut as he enjoyed every stroke, every turn of her wrist as she added more pressure at the end. Trying not to fucking unload became an insane effort. She was incredi-fucking-ble.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself staring at a proud Leah smirking at him. “You better stop that if you don’t want to finish me right now,” he groaned, sinking his teeth into her bottom lip.

“What if I want to?”

“Not happening because once you’re ready”—pinned her wrist above her head—“I’m gonna stretch you to unknown limits,” he rasped against her mouth, making her heave a sigh when he cupped her sex with his free hand.

“Show me.” She panted as she shamelessly grinded against his palm.

Not giving her time to process what was happening, he glided two fingers inside her hot, soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck!” She gasped, a light wrinkle appearing between her brows as she closed her eyes.

“Look at me.”

Rocking her hips, matching the rhythm of his fingers pumping into her, she fixed her hazed gaze on his as he drew circular patterns around her clit with his thumb. Erratic breaths escaping her slightly parted lips, cheeks flushed with a beautiful sex blush.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

Pulling his fingers out of her—because he was a gentleman and didn’t want to make the lady wait—he quickly took off his boxers, dick finally springing free.

Her initially surprised expression soon darkened and she lifted an eyebrow, smirking at him. He loved that sinful side of her. Søren grabbed one of the condoms that were next to them on the bed, ripped the foil open, and slid it on.

He moved to lay on top of her again, lips colliding, tongues swirling, skin aflame. He lowered himself more, the tip of his dick teasing her entrance as he slid it up and down her slit before squeezing his length inside of her, feeling her pulsating around him.

“Holy fuck! You’re tight!” he groaned, his forehead on hers as he fully sank into her.

Leah took a deep breath, letting it out as she slightly squirmed. It wasn’t the first time that happened, but this time he wasn’t only thinking about himself. He wanted her to enjoy this as much as him, so he waited a few seconds, letting her adjust to his size.

“You okay?” He pecked her lips as he caressed her jaw.

“Yeah,” she responded with a devilish grin, drawing circles with her hips.

Søren smirked and pulled out of her, only to dive in again. Repeating his action over and over. Ruthlessly rubbing inside of her.

Their bodies intertwined in a blazing cloud of unleashed cravings. Enthusiasm and excitement filling his being. The way her hips undulated beneath him, rippling like a wave in perfect sync with his thrusts, fueled him.

As he kept pounding into her, getting lost in her darkening gaze, hot breaths caressing his lips, he slid a hand down her thigh, her knee, her calf. Leaning back a little, resting his weight on his other palm, he grabbed her ankle and lifted her leg, flinging it up on his shoulder.

Leah gasped for air, mouth dropping and fingers digging into his forearms as he withdrew from her, leaving only the tip inside before he slammed back again.

“Fuck! If you squeeze me like that, I’m gonna lose it, Babe” he groaned. “Can you come like this?” he asked as he got even deeper inside of her.


“You need help?”

“No, just keep fucking me... I’m so close...” she moaned, bending her left leg, knee pressed to his chest, motioning for him to get it up too.

More than pleased with her flexibility, he complied and went back to fucking her senseless, drilling down on her as their eyes locked. Punishing, slow strokes were followed by rough and fast ones, relentlessly.

When her walls began to tighten around him and her breaths became uneven, he prolonged the movements, clutching her tattooed thigh with his hand.

“Come for me...” He leaned forward to kiss her, prompting her to let go.

“Oh, God!” Leah cried, gripping his arm tight with one hand and his ass with the other as he continued driving into her.

Suddenly, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, twisting her face in a gorgeous expression when the orgasm hit her, nails clawing his skin, sending him straight over the edge. Søren tensed and a deep, loud groan tore through him when ecstasy flooded his body, making him clench his jaw as his arms trembled with pure pleasure.

Panting, with his heart thudding in his chest, he let his head hang low, feeling the strength leaving him as if the fucking holy spirit had passed through him. He looked at her without moving an inch, her beautiful features beaming with satisfaction as she was trying to catch her breath.

Keeping her gaze on him, Leah spread her legs wider, lowering them from his shoulders when he finally pulled out of her, making both of them gasp.

“Fuck...” Søren muttered, sighing as he sat on his heels for a few seconds before he moved and took off the condom, throwing it in the wastebasket beside the bed.

“Oh, sweet Mary, mother of fuck!” Leah breathed out beside him, a content smile on her face as she let her arms fall open on the mattress. “If I knew it’d be this good, I wouldn’t have waited for so long.”

Søren tittered, shaking his head, and got up to get his tobacco. “Fuck, I’ve left the smokes in my coat,” he grumbled.

“You’re killing yourself with that shit, you know that, right?”

“We had a great concert tonight and I just had the most amazing sex I’ve had in a while, so be it. I’m already over twenty-seven so I’m late.”

“Oh, wow!” Leah laughed. “Such a smooth talker, but I’m not buying that.”

“What?” he asked, pulling his boxers up.

“The most amazing sex... Seriously? So cliché.” She snorted as she ruffled through their scattered clothes in the dark room.

“Believe what you want,” he chuckled.

“Where the fuck are my panties?” she asked as she tucked her hair behind her ear, offering him a wonderful view of her naked body—she definitely worked out.

“Who knows?” Søren softly laughed. “Be right back.”

He walked out of the room and went to the kitchenette to get his smokes. Then he got two bottles of water from the fridge and went back to her.

“Ah! You read my mind.” Leah grinned as he handed her the water. “Thanks.”

She rolled on the bed, propping on her elbows, exposing the huge Japanese dragon covering her back as she drank. He had seen it before in a few pictures; it really was a masterpiece, but it was even more impressive in person.

He took off his underwear—whatever happened next, sex or sleeping, he wouldn’t need them—and laid beside her. “Love this,” he said in a low voice, brushing his fingers over the ink that went down to the upper part of her rear, following the lines of the tattooed mythical creature as he laid on his side. “Next time I’m gonna be watching it.” He gently bit her right shoulder as she swept her long, wavy hair to the left.

“Is that so?” She smiled.

“Mmhmmm.” He hummed as he kissed her.

“I like the sound of that,” she whispered.

“Good.” Søren kept moving his hand down her spine until he reached the two dermal piercings adorning the bottom.

“Weren’t you gonna smoke?” she asked in a humorous tone, resting her head on the pillow and tucking her hands under it.

“Hm... This is far more entertaining,” he said in a low voice as he kept caressing her, grazing the beautiful curve of her lower back with his lips as he straddled her legs.

He never—not in a million years—would have imagined acting like that with a woman again, but it was as if an external force controlled his movements, intoxicating his mind as her warmth broke through him, silencing his usually loud thoughts.

Feeling her breathing slowing down, he looked up at her, only to see she had fallen asleep. And with a stupid smile painted on his face, he pulled the comforter over them, letting out a sigh as exhaustion finally washed over him.

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