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Chapter 34

January 21st, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Smoke - PVRIS

Sliding the glass shower screen, he forced her to stop ogling him. “What the fuck?” he spat when he stepped in.


“How are you not on fire with this water temperature? Jesus!” Søren reached for the tap and slightly turned it—tool already half-mast, pressed against her lower back.

“I like it hot.” She shrugged.

“I can give you that.” Søren chuckled, kissing her shoulder, hands sneaking to her front, caressing her waist.

“You’re so dumb!” Leah laughed, resting her head on his chest, eyes closed.

“Yup.” He shrugged as he cupped her breasts. “But I know how to turn you on,” he whispered, teeth grazing her earlobe.


He teased her nipples as he kissed and gently bit on her neck. Leah raised her left arm and grabbed the back of his head, pulling it down, ass pressing further into him.

With their mouths connected in a rough kiss, she intertwined her fingers with his to guide him to the place she needed him the most.

She was about to reply to his cocky attitude when she grinned against her lips, but her brain collapsed the moment he touched her clit, drawing circles as he added the perfect amount of pressure.

Leah tightened the grasp on the back of his neck and moaned, “fuck...” Hips grinding to meet his movements as he slipped two fingers inside of her.

“Didn’t think I could like your voice more than when you sing,” he breathed out, nuzzling the crook of her neck.

She arched her back, right arm bending and reaching behind, fingers circling around his massive erection. Søren let out a deep, guttural sound and dug his teeth into her shoulder when she moved her hand up and down.

Ragged breaths and moans flooded the space in the bathroom as the temperature soared. Hearts hammering furiously, eagerness growing with every stroke as they relentlessly pleasured each other.

Suddenly, he gripped her wrist and leaned her hand on the wall under his. He crouched down a little, and glided his cock between her thighs.

Completely under the water, hair getting soaking wet, he wrapped his free arm around her waist to keep her in place as he moved back and forth, stimulating her clit with every movement when she clamped her legs together.

Ducking her head between her arms, Leah closed her eyes and bit on her bottom lip, trying to add some pain into all those sensations to keep her sanity.

With her gaze already clouding, she looked at him over her shoulder, pussy throbbing, fucking begging for him to be inside.

She didn’t need to say a word for him to understand what she wanted. Tugging her along with him, Søren walked out of the shower. He grabbed his jeans from the toilet and, running a hand through his hair, slicking it back, he pulled out a condom.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of him, no matter what he did, watching him move was always an amazing spectacle. Inked forearms slightly tensing and relaxing as he rolled the rubber on, making the waves of the Japanese sleeve covering his left arm come to life.

Her eyes then focused on the Nordic runes tattooed on the right side of his ribcage, right under his pec. But before she could keep studying the rest of the ink covering his body, he approached her and turned her around.

Leah leaned one of her hands on the sink countertop while running the other one on the mirror. The bathroom door was ajar and the fog covering it was almost gone by now, but she didn’t want to miss anything as he rubbed the tip of his dick up and down her entrance.

He had that damn look on his face, the one that said I’m gonna fuck you senseless. She loved it.

“Fuck!” A groan tore through his chest, fingers digging into the flesh of her hips, when she pushed her hips back, getting him fully inside of her.

Leah let out a soft snicker as she playfully drew slow circles with her lower body, earning a defiant gaze from the Søren, who slowly pulled out, only to slam back again, hitting the deepest spot inside of her.

“Oh, God!” Leah threw her head back, knuckles turning white as she clenched her fists on the marble surface, holding onto the edges to give herself some leverage.

“Two can play that game,” he said with a husky voice, startling her when he slapped her buttock, squeezing it in his hand right after, making her skin tingle.

Holy fuck!

As he rammed into her repeatedly, her legs trembled. Hips rotating, undulating, bucking, and doing all sorts of crazy stuff, building her orgasm faster with every thrust.

The sound of their moans and groans soon matched, mixing with the smacking sounds of their wet skin. Hands touching everything, lips brushing when Søren grabbed her chin and turned her face to his, putting his forehead against her temple. He pressed his chest to her back and slipped a hand to her front, rubbing her lower abdomen and between her legs as he slammed into her over and over.

The heat and dampness in that room became unbearable as her own temperature had probably reached feverish levels. She lifted one of her legs and bent it over the counter, tilting her hips backward, dick getting deeper.

“Fuck...” Søren mumbled, when repressed whimpers rolled from her mouth, hot breath caressing her skin. “Just. Let. Go,” he said between thrusts as he firmly grabbed the back of her neck.

And with that, she was done. His dominance pushed her over the edge. Her whole body throbbed, pulsating hard around him as she grasped her release. Breaths coming out short and sharp, insides twisting with pleasure. Letting out a bunch of obscenities, she let her head hang low, feeling her ribcage narrowing, squeezing her heart and lungs inside, the fucking mind-blowing orgasm almost making her faint.

“Look at me,” Søren demanded.

She obeyed, meeting his dilated pupils in the mirror as he kept diving into her, prolonging her ecstasy with tormenting slow strokes, their silhouettes slightly blurring again.

“Holy fuck, Leah!” he groaned when she clenched around him.

Leaning on his palm, he winded his free arm around her waist and bit on her shoulder, muffling his voice. Hips hitting her harder and faster as he rubbed himself against all her sensitive spots until he tensed and groaned, letting it go.

With their chests heaving and their eyes still locked through their reflection, Søren returned her smirk and pulled out of her, making both of them gasp.

I could get addicted to this.

After a whole day visiting Berlin, making a short WWII tour Søren had recommended her—she walked along the wall, visited the Reichstag, the memorial to the murdered Jewish in Europe, the Tiergarten park and even did a guided visit to Hitler’s bunker—she met the members of Dark Omen past nine while they were getting ready for the concert.

As she approached the singer, she touched his forearm and gave it a light squeeze, making him know she was already there. He just gave her a half-smile as he was talking on the phone.

“Hey...” she greeted Jørn as she approached him.

“Hey!” The drummer gave her a quick nod. “How’s your day been?”

“Good.” She smiled, sitting beside him on the couch, eyes fixed on Søren, suspicion creeping out in her mind.

Norwegian sounded kind of sweet and the expression Søren had on his face told her he was talking to someone he was fond of. Relaxed and smiling from ear to ear, he leaned on the wall, nodding.

Before she could jump in the train that only led to anxietyland, Alex stormed inside the room, snapping her back into the real world when he threw his phone on the table, walking directly into the bathroom.

“Jesus, we’re in a mood today...” Jørn sighed, standing up and walking towards the door that had just been slammed shut.

“Dude...” He knocked. “Open up.”

Alex replied something in Norwegian, so the huge blonde switched to it too.

Leah stared at them with curious scrutiny, but no matter how much attention she paid she didn’t understand a single word. She hated feeling so out of place at the moment.

“Hey...” Søren breathed out, letting himself fall beside her on the couch.

“Hi.” She sweetly smiled at him.

“How’s your day been?” he asked, pulling her hand to his lap, intertwining their fingers.

“It’s been alright.” She leaned back, looking him in the eye. “I didn’t have time to go to the Russian-German war museum you told me, but I loved the rest.”

“We can go tomorrow if you want. There’s also a British World War Two cemetery close to the Olympic stadium you might like. It’s really peaceful and it has a beautiful garden.”

“That sounds good.” She beamed. “How was your day?”

“It’s been alright, exhausting. It’d have been better if I had been with you... in bed.” He devilishly grinned before kissing her.

His woodsy, fresh scent with that delicious tint of grapefruit fluttered to her nose. He smelled like a forest after a summer rain.

“We can do that tomorrow too, right?” she asked, trying not to sound desperate.

“Mmhmm...” he hummed as he sucked on her bottom lip. “And tonight.”

With the stubble tickling her fingertips as she caressed his strong jaw, Leah parted her lips, granting him the access he was asking for. With a mix of smoke and mint, his tongue glided over hers in a slow, sensual pace, melting any trace of reason inside her head.

“Guys, it’s time! Come on!” Mikael’s voice startled them as he entered the room.

“Let’s do this!” Ian gushed from behind him.

“I hate them,” Søren mumbled, making Leah giggle. “You coming?” he asked her as he got up, right hand repositioning his length under the black jeans.

“Yeah.” She nodded, taking the hand he was offering her.

Watching their backs as they strode with confidence towards the purple illumination creating a beautiful backlight, made them look out of reach.

Staying behind the lights, witnessing their attitude shifting as they transformed into the stage beasts they were, magnetic energy radiating, trapping everything into their gravitational field, felt like floating inside a very vivid dream.

As they got closer, the cheering of the crowd became more notorious and Leah’s skin immediately prickled, breath catching in her throat when Søren slightly turned and smiled at her while the techs made sure all the gear was functioning. As he slid the strap of his guitar over his shoulder, he gave her a quick nod and stepped out on the stage.

Her heart furiously hammered in her chest, deafening her. He was like a force of nature. Spectacular, devastating, and uncontrollable, always shaking her world in the most unexpected ways.

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