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Chapter 48

March 3rd, 2017
Munich, Germany
Desire - Meg Myers

As they got to the hotel, the fancy vibe immediately hit them. A soft and perfectly clean white and yellow carpet spread over the floor as far as the eye could see, three golden lattices creating organic shapes among what seem like branches of a tree behind the front desk, design furniture, white walls, incredibly high ceilings, classical music in the background.

They were out of place with their dark, ripped outfits, but Leah couldn’t care less. She was going to see Søren again.

Dark Omen had traveled to Germany to watch the results of the Battle of the Bands with them, using that last phase of the competition as an excuse to take a short vacation before going to South America for a month.

They didn’t plan anything out of the ordinary, but Leah hadn’t felt so excited about a guy since she was a teenager—not after Ryker.

He never shared many details about his personal life, but for a few days it was obvious he needed to vent. With a heavy burden weighing on his shoulders, trying to compensate everyone for his past mistakes, he needed someone to talk to, and Leah loved being there for him.

Watching his armour oxidize, becoming weaker in some spots, letting her peek through the small holes as he unfolded, made her understand him better.

“This sure is some expensive shit,” Erik muttered as they entered the elevator, pressing the number five, multiple sets of eyes from people in the reception followed them. Fucking uncomfortable.

“I don’t think we could ever afford something like this... in a lifetime,” Marc agreed.

“To pay for this motherfucking luxury we’d need to make a pact with the devil.” Chris laughed.

“Talking about the devil... Do they have any news on that money those fuckers owe them?” Erik asked. “Jørn commented something but didn’t get into much detail.”

“They have a meeting with them next week. Thursday, I think?” Leah commented.

“I hope they can get a better deal,” Marc sighed. “It’s so fucked up what they did to them. I’ve heard that happening to bands like Tool and even the Beatles, but fuck... You never think it’s going to happen to you.”

“They were babies when they agreed to the contract... I’m glad we had your parents to help us with all the legal shit when we signed,” Chris said, looking at Erik. “And Gunther is a blast.”

“Yeah.” Leah nodded.

The ding of the elevator chimed and, bending down before getting out, they grabbed the bags with everything they would need for a fun night without alcohol. Søren had told her that even though Alex’s real issue was with opioids, he had to stop taking any other shit, tobacco being the only exception—and only because even if it was still poison, it wasn’t as bad and it helped him with anxiety.

“Yo!” Ian exclaimed as he opened the door.

“Hey, man!” Marc greeted, shaking his hand and giving him a side hug.

“How was the flight?” Erik asked, walking inside the common area of the suite.

As they all entered the place, Leah couldn’t see anything after her eyes trailed to the panoramic window in front of them offering an incredible twilight view of the city. The two towers of the Frauenkirche, the New Town Hall, St. Peter’s church, and even the clock of the Heiliggeistkirche could be seen from there.

The sky was dyed with a dark shade of teal above while the last rays of the sun were painting the horizon with a mix of yellow and orange, city lights already shining too.

It was spectacular.

“Hey.” Søren’s husky voice made her shiver as he walked behind her, circling his arms around her waist, pecking her jaw.

“Hey...” she breathed out, looking at him over her shoulder, stunned by the beautiful views in front of her and the imposing man embracing her. “How was the trip?”

“Good...” He trailed off, staring at her.

She waited for him to grin, to smirk, or to add any stupid comment. But he didn’t.

Turning around, she reached for his neck, and tiptoeing, she kissed him. His lips, balmy and soft. Why was it that the more she had, the more she craved?

“Go to a fucking hotel!” Ian quipped, forcing them to break the kiss as they chuckled.

“Fuck you!” Søren replied. “We’re already in one!”

“He’s got you there, bro,” Alex joked as he approached them. “Hi!” he greeted Leah, giving her a tight hug. His spicy scent invading her nostrils. He felt like a hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Agreeable and warm.

“How are you?” she asked, brows slightly creased together.

“Fine.” He beamed. He looked tired but definitely better.

“Glad to hear that.” She smiled back.

It was the first time after all the months they had known each other he behaved like that, so friendly and lively. He had a dark humor and was snarky, just like his best friend. He was outgoing and fun, but the heavy, dark aura that usually surrounded him was somehow lighter.

“If you need anything...” Leah offered.

“I know.” Alex nodded.

“What do you want to drink?” Chris asked from the kitchen area.

“A beer,” Alex said, “though that non-alcoholic shit tastes like donkey pee,” he mumbled.

“It’s what it is,” Søren reminded him with a shrug.

“Yeah, yeah... I know.” Alex rolled his eyes, shaking his head, a faint smile on his face as he walked towards the guys.

“Bring me a Monster, and a Coke for her.”

“The fuck? Am I your waiter now?” Dark Omen’s bassist snorted.

As he walked away, Søren chuckled, his chest vibrating against hers as he got closer again.

“How can you even drink that shit?” Leah questioned, scrunching her nose as her arms rested on his shoulders, fingers playing with his hair.

“Says the woman that drinks Coke?” He arched an eyebrow.

“What? Coke is sweet, Coke tastes good and goes with everything,” she retorted.

“In your world.”

“You calling me weird now?”

The metalhead laughed. “Maybe.”

“What the fuck?” She punched his chest, making him let out a snicker. “Okay, seriously, why do you find Coke so disgusting? I’m curious. It’s not the first time I’ve heard you saying so, and it’s not like that radioactive colored drink is much better.”

“Honestly?” Leah nodded. “I used to drink Whiskey and Bourbon, neat, but sometimes I would mix them with Coke... And as much as my body still craves sometimes, I can’t stand any of them anymore, the smell makes my stomach twist.”

“Still.... What you drink is worse than the donkey pee Alex’s about to have,” she blabbered shit, like always.

“Yeah, but it’ll help me stay awake tonight.” He smirked as he stared down at her, blue eyes luring her into the sinful place in his mind.

“Can you please stop monopolizing her?” the Swedish quipped, forcing Leah’s mouth to curl up in a smile.

After greeting the other members of the band, being squeezed between Jørn’s arms and teased by Ian—who had grown a huge beard—they got everything ready for the night and sat on the leather couches facing each other while classic rock music played in the background. Pizza, chips of different kinds, and other junk food covering the glass table.

The night went on as they bounced from one topic to another. Talking about Ian’s babies, who were looking cuter every day, their jobs, the last concert they had attended, and places they would like to visit. They also shared stupid info about the worst restaurants they had ever eaten at during some of their tours, only to end up talking about the last movies they had watched, which made them jump to music again.

Who was the best movie music composer, which movie had the best soundtrack—in which Leah and Søren agreed saying one of their favorites was the one from Into the wild. Names like Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Yan Tiersen, and even Sawano Hiroyuki, were mentioned.

“You really are a nerd!” Leah teased Søren when he mentioned the last name. The Japanese guy was an amazing composer, but he mainly worked in anime series, films, and videogames.

“You know who he is, so that makes you a nerd too,” he retorted, clicking his tongue.

“Touché!” She laughed, squirming in her place as he pinched her side.

“Oh my fuck!” Chris exclaimed, jumping from his seat, startling everyone.

“What?” Marc asked him, glaring at him.

“It’s almost twelve!” The guitar player couldn’t hide his enthusiasm.

“Oh my God!” Leah squealed. They had been so engrossed in their conversation, having so much fun, time had flown by.

“Gonna get the laptop,” Jørn said as he got up.

“We could watch it on the phone!” Erik shouted as the other drummer disappeared in the hallway.

“It’d be better on the computer screen,” Ian told him. “Besides, that way”—he paused—“he’ll move that fat ass. Hilde’s not making him move enough,” he shouted, trying to get the Viking to hear him.

When Jørn walked towards them carrying the laptop in one hand, he showed Ian the middle finger. “You see this?” he asked, “just fucking sit and spin.”

Mission accomplished.

“And for your info, I’m glad I can still walk,” Jørn added.

The rest of them burst out laughing.

“Okay, guys, let’s do this!” Chris rubbed his hands, grinning like a kid as he got closer to Leah on the couch, grabbing her knee and squeezing it. He was a nervous wreck.

Jørn typed the password into the laptop, clicking on the Chrome icon a second later. When he finally opened the website of the tour festival, the line-up poster popped up on the first page, Dark Omen’s name at the top with two other big bands. He then scrolled down and went to the tab where it said ‘2017 BOB’, opening the page to a countdown digital clock.


Sitting on Søren’s lap to make space for the guys, she intertwined her fingers with his as he caressed her lower back. They weren’t usually the lovey-dovey type in front of people, acting mostly like friends that didn’t even fuck, but at that moment it flowed that way.

Alex went out to the terrace to smoke and Ian was talking about something, trying to distract them, but Leah wasn’t listening, her eyes fixed on the screen, heart racing, feeling tight in her chest.

“Oh my God! Why does it seem like time is moving slower now?” she protested, interrupting him. “Fuck, sorry!”

The guitar player chuckled. “It’s alright, girl.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous in my life,” Erik muttered.

“Me neither, dude,” Chris admitted.

“I think I’m gonna throw up,” Marc commented. “Jesus, I’m feeling sick. This is worse than any of the nights we had to compete.”

“Whatever the outcome is, you’ve already become big, guys.” Alex tried to comfort them as he walked back in, sitting on the armrest beside Søren. “Lots of people are talking about you and how brutal your live is.”

“I know, but this—” Leah started.

“Shut up!” Chris shouted, pointing at the screen.






The background on the page slightly shook with an effect as if there was interference, the numbers blurring, and in their place, the words ′WELCOME ON BOARD′ appeared followed by the names of the two winning newbie bands.


“YES!” Chris cried. “We did it!” He launched himself at Leah, pulling her to him.

The German singer laughed, her head hanging back as she was reclined, sitting in the weirdest position with half her ass on Søren’s leg and half on her friend’s.

“We did it!” She grinned.

For the next hour, the room filled with cheers and laughs as they celebrated their achievement. Buried Alive became the annoying type of kids asking Dark Omen everything that came into their minds about the tour. The buses they slept in, if they ever stopped at hotels, how the public was over there, how were the restrooms in the different locations—because Lord knows they shouldn’t use the one on the RVs—how many times they got to take a proper shower, the weather. Everything.

Leah smiled looking at her friends, the emotions overwhelming. For her it hadn’t been too long since she had joined the band, but the guys had been playing together, trying to make themselves a name for seven years. Finally getting their reward for all the hard work.

Smiling, feeling overjoyed, she got up to get herself some water. Her glass had been empty for a while and she was thirsty as fuck. Søren soon joined her in the kitchen.

“Hey, you.” He breathed the words into her neck, pressing his crotch against her back.

“Hey, you.” She giggled.

“I was thinking...” He gripped her hips. “Maybe we could keep celebrating, alone?”

She turned her face to him and bit her bottom lip. The invitation was enticing, but she wasn’t sure he should leave his friend alone.

“What about Alex?” She gave him a knowing look.

“Ian and Jørn are here too, and they’re the ones keeping an eye on him when they go back.” Right. Søren had booked a different flight to go back to Norway. The guys would be flying on Sunday, but he wouldn’t return until Thursday morning. “Besides, he told me that if I didn’t spend some quality time with you, he’d kick my ass, so...”

“Did he really say that?” Leah chuckled.

“Yeah.” He nodded as that smug smile she loved so much spread on his face. “And my dick sure is dying to spend some quality time with you...”

Leah elbowed him, laughing. “So romantic.”

“Tell me you don’t want it too, tell me you don’t want to let me take control over your body and your mind while I make you cum countless times...” he said, towering over her, lips directly on hers.

“That sounds tempting.” She pretended to be strong, but she had to clamp her thighs as the heat reached her core. “But we’re going to my house. I don’t want any of them”—she gestured with her head—“to end up traumatized when you scream my name.”

Søren let out a deep chested laughter, making her shiver with anticipation. “Deal.”

As soon as the door of her apartment closed, their bodies collided. Thirsty, as if they had been wandering in the desert for years and their mouths were the holy fucking grail of oasis, they kissed each other. A burning need invading them as they threw their coats on the couch.

Søren’s hands slid down from her neck, squeezing her breasts before reaching her hips, bringing her even closer to him. His hands then coursed down and he grabbed the back of her thighs, making her gasp when he lifted her.

“Which way?” Søren asked.

“Right... Your left.” Leah panted.

The metalhead walked with her in his arms towards her bedroom, kicking the door shut and dropping her down on the bed.

Between kisses and sharp breaths, they worked on each other’s clothes and tossed them on the floor—raw desire obvious in their frantic movements.

During the last two weeks she could hear his voice and see him, but she couldn’t smell, savor or touch him. She was dying to feel him and having a glimpse of that same sensual state of intoxication in him set her on fire.

Stark naked, he crawled between her legs and slid his already hard dick along her opening, unleashing a throbbing sensation that made every cell in her body tense, forcing a deep sigh out of her throat.

As their tongues danced around each other, his rough fingertips traced the side of her breast, giving it a light squeeze that made her moan and tighten the fist in his hair. She loved that, and he knew because she could sense his smirk as he moved down.

“God...” Her back arched when he tugged on one of her nipples, moaning as he flicked the pierced one with his tongue.

It was as if he had a map of her most sensitive areas engraved in his mind.

“You like that, huh?” He seductively smiled, looking up at her as his teeth grazed her skin.

“Y—Yeah...” Leah dropped her head back, letting him play with her however he wanted. She used to need to be in control, anything else made her freak out, but with him, she felt safe.

Softly humming, making her skin tingle, when his hot breath caressed her neck, he rubbed his bare thickness against her once more. It felt insanely good.

“I—I want you to... cum in my mouth,” she blabbered without thinking.

It was dark, but the light coming from the street was enough for her to see his pupils shrinking for a second only to blow up again, covering the irises almost completely.

Her heart rate picked up and her breathing hitched when Søren rolled on the bed and, lying on his back, he motioned her to turn around and straddle his head.

“Oh, God!” she cried when pulled her hips to his face, spreading her buttocks, and sucked on her clit.

Trying to keep her mind in the real world while Søren kept his mouth firmly embedded in her opening, Leah gripped the base of his cock and licked him from the bottom up, shoving him all the way down her throat when she reached the tip.

“Shit!” he groaned against her flesh.

She bobbed her head up and down, tightening her lips and then relaxing to increase the sensations, slowly moving a hand towards his crotch, trailing down his inner thigh, making him hiss and grip her ass tighter when she massaged his balls.

She was enjoying the unbearable pleasure bashing all over her body, letting lust control her as the last remnant of reason kept her focused on him. But when his mouth traveled to her ass and he pushed two fingers inside her pussy, sparking colors she didn’t know existed flashed in her retinas, the intensity weakening her.

With a pop, she pulled him out, gasping for air. “Fuck!”

He groaned in response.

“I can’t—Aah! Fuck!” Leah whimpered, shutting her eyes close as he kept doing the most sinful things to her.

On the verge of breaking, she pulled herself together and took him in again. Her hand was sliding along his incredible length, matching the pace of her head when the salty taste of his pre-cum tickled her taste buds.

“I’m so fucking close...” he moaned, bucking his hips as he caressed her back.

Dizzy from all the sensations, she slowed down and took him even deeper, feeling him lapping all her juices as he furiously rubbed two fingers over her clit, igniting her, turning her into a flaming ball as the imminent climax tore her open.

“Oh, Fuck!” she cried when—like lightning—her orgasm hit her hard, making her squirm and squeeze her eyes shut as she pumped her hand up and down with an uneven rhythm, slightly twisting her wrist when she reached the tip. She could hardly control her movements anymore.

“Leah... I’m gonna—” A deep grunt broke his voice, fingers digging into her hips.

Her lips wrapped around him again, forcing a guttural growl to rip through his chest as he shuddered under her touch, inked legs shaking, dick twitching, spilling his release inside her mouth.

When he finally loosened the grip on her, Leah pulled out and got off him. Swallowing, she wiped the corner of her lips with her thumb and curled beside him, breathing heavily as they both enjoyed the tail end of their orgasms.

With his jaw clenched and his nostrils still flaring, he turned to her and, placing his warm palm on her waist, he kissed her.

She tucked his hair behind his ear, entangling her legs with his as the slow, lingering kiss dragged her into a trance that made her feel like floating in the air of the blissful silence around them.

She languidly moved her tongue around his, exploring him, scraping the back of his neck with her nails. His lips over hers felt so amazing, soft and demanding, time stopped inside her room. She would never have enough of him.

As he pressed her further against him, making it clear he was ready for another round, the gentle wave cradling them turned into a fervent feast of greed. Sharp breaths, swallowed groans, and palpitating hearts flooded the space.

It had been a while since she had such a hard and long make-out session, but fuck, she could be kissing him for hours. The way he played her as if she was a guitar, softly touching her, making all her strings vibrate, hazed her mind.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded as an unbearable need stabbed her chest.

“Your wish is my command.” He chuckled.

Grabbing a condom from the bedside table, Søren pumped his hand up and down on his shaft, kneeling in front of her.

Watching him masturbate, even if it was just to get harder so he could sheathe himself, was the most erotic show she had ever witnessed. He was so into it, so turned on, aware of the effect he had on her, she couldn’t help but writhe in pleasure.

When he was done, he grabbed her thighs and dragged her towards him, spitting on his hand as she rose her pelvis from the bed, desperately seeking some contact.

“Looks like you don’t even need this,” he said as he rubbed his palm over her center.

Gripping her waist tight as he stared at her with a dark, sensual aura surrounding him and desire burning the oceans in his eyes, he thrust into her.

“Fuck!” They both groaned as he fully buried himself inside of her.

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