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Chapter 52

April 11th, 2017
Oslo, Norway
Beautiful with you - Halestorm

It was past four in the afternoon when her flight finally landed at Oslo airport. It had been five fucking weeks. Five long and interminable weeks since she last saw him.

She had never been a dependent woman—except for that time in her life when she wasn’t even herself—but after some time without seeing each other she was starting to hate the distance, counting the days until she could be with Søren again.

They had talked almost daily, but she missed his woodsy scent and the warmth of his skin. She fucking missed just laying in bed, fingers intertwined, as they listened to music in blissful silence.

As the doors of the arrival gate opened, her heart began to thud so hard she couldn’t hear anything but her breathing. Walking forward, watching people waiting for their relatives, friends, or lovers, her eyes swept across the space, looking for a certain metalhead.

And when she finally saw him, her heart skipped a beat.

Leaning on a pillar, with his arms crossed, wearing sunglasses and his hair down, he couldn’t be more imposing even if he tried. He was wearing a light grey Henley shirt under his leather jacket and a pair of black jeans with his usual dark brown mountain boots.

Walking towards her as if he was a lone wolf hunting, his lips curled up into a sexy smile.

“Hey...” she breathed out, voice quivering with enthusiasm.

Søren didn’t respond, simply bent down and kissed her, arms wrapping around her waist.

Soft and demanding, he claimed her mouth and her whole body as he pressed her further into him, deepening the kiss, exploring her as if it was their last day on earth.

She had missed him.

Jolts of pleasure traveled down her abdomen, reaching her core, making her throb with anticipation.

“Welcome, Babe,” he said with a husky voice as he pulled away.

“Thanks for picking me up.”

“Of course. You’re not paying for a cab to go to my house...”

He stared at her as if he was going to say something else. With the sunglasses on she couldn’t see his eyes, but he was definitely pensive. However, he just put an arm around her shoulders and he grabbed her suitcase. “How was the flight?” he asked, walking towards the exit.

“Good.” Leah nodded. “The flight attendants were quite nice, and damn gorgeous. Are all Norwegian women like models? It’s so annoying.”

“We do have good genes.” He smirked. “And it’s not like German women are uglier...”

“Yeah, okay.” She snorted. “Anyway, how are you?”

“Still off because of the jetlag, but I’m okay. I’ve spent the last two days mostly sleeping.”

“And the guys?”

“Probably fucking with their girls.” He chuckled. “Hopefully, I’ll get some of that later too.”

Leah elbowed him, shaking her head. “Is that all you think about?”

He let out a snicker. “Don’t play the innocent.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure.” He grinned. “That’s why you’ve been so fucking horny this whole month,” he whispered in her ear. “Watching you masturbate all those times... I loved it.”

“Oh, my God! Stop that.”

“What? The dirty talk’s making you wet?”

“Yes!” She punched his side.

Søren laughed whole-heartedly, chest vibrating as he kissed the top of her head, slightly squeezing her against his side.

The car ride was nice. Søren moved his hand to her leg, occasionally tracing his fingers along her inner thigh as they made some small talk.

Until they got out of the crowded areas around Oslo, it was just the typical roads with villages or massive valleys surrounded by tall trees on the sides—similar to some parts of Germany. It was pretty, with the clear blue sky above, but nothing out of the ordinary, until they turned on a smaller road.

The soft partially snowed hills flowed, meeting in the middle where the road crossed. Rows of colossal trees scattered all along, creating a unique world where time seemed to stop. It was stunning to see that dormant creature slowly springing back to life after breathing under the winter ice for months, starting to color its landscapes with different shades of green.

Leah rolled the window down and slightly put her head out, resting it on her arms. The smell of the pure, cold air freezing her lungs.

Suddenly, the space opened in front of them as the mound on the left became a slope that fell towards an immense lake.

“Wow!” She breathed out, looking at Søren, who kept his eyes on the road, smiling. “This is... Wow!”

He chuckled.

As they continued on their way, the trees closed around them again, letting them glimpse at the vast body of water through their branches.

Leah was in awe. It had been a while since she got lost in nature like that.

They approached an intersection and Søren slowed down, turning left, driving down the small road snaking towards the village. Skirting the first houses, he veered left again.

“Are you for real?” she exclaimed as he stopped in front of a white two-story house with black roofs and what seemed like a garage for two or three cars.

“What, you thought I lived in a cave or something?”

“Something like that, yeah.” She mischievously grinned.

With the money he had, she was sure he had an amazing place, but she had never thought he would live thirty minutes away from the city center in such a cozy house, in front of a lake.

“So funny.” Søren quirked a brow.

“I could get used to this place!” She gushed. “It’s amazing.”

“Well, you’re gonna be here for two weeks, so make yourself at home.”

They had barely entered his house when she finally got to see the ocean blue of his eyes, a seductive smirk lighting them right before he pushed her backward, his mouth crashing into hers as he pinned her against the wall.

Grabbing her neck with ferocious need, he prompted her head up, tongue impatient and greedy gliding around hers, hips pressing hard.

Leah felt her panties getting soaking wet—the fucking Nile river between her legs—breathing hitching when he nibbled and sucked on her neck, unleashing a herd of repressed cravings.

As if he had read her mind, he took off her coat and pulled her sweater up, leaving her topless when he unclasped her bra. His hands then moved to her jeans, undoing them quickly as she pushed his jacket down his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor with a thud.

She helped him to remove his shirt, putting his imposing anatomy on full display as he raised his arms and pulled the piece of cloth over his head.

Scrapping the inked skin of his chest, moving down to his toned abs, Leah reached for his belt, unzipping his fly and slipping a hand into his underwear. When she was about to touch him, he stopped her, grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head with one hand.

“You’re so fucking perfect...” he whispered in a hoarse voice. The warmth of his body and his addictive scent swamped her senses, making her heart furiously hammer inside her ribcage. She felt about to burn out.

With his intense gaze boring into hers, he grazed her skin, igniting it. Going down from her neck to her pierced nipple, pressing his fingertips against it and slightly tugging, caressing her entirely.

Her eyes fluttered shut and a languid breath escaped her mouth when his fingers finally slipped inside her underwear.

As she shamelessly grinded against his hand, her eyes dove into the colorful universe hidden in his. The teal freckles, the golden ring around his growing pupils, and the different shades of blue pulling her into his rotation.

His lips brushing hers as he pleasured her was a sweet torture. She wanted him to kiss her, but her mind was so clouded by longing and desire she couldn’t even speak, the sensation growing stronger, making her legs tremble and her muscles tense.

She was close.

But then he stopped.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he rasped before she could protest, a cocky smile on his face.

They took their boots off, and without stopping touching each other as the heavy kissing continued, they rushed up, stumbling a few times.

With their mouths glued and their tongues dancing together, he walked her backward inside his room, pressing her body against his as he gripped her ass, lighting a fire inside of her when he pushed her down on the bed.

As he grabbed a condom, pulling off his jeans and boxers, freeing his already hard cock, Leah stared at him biting on her bottom lip.

He chuckled and gave her a little nod, aware of what her intent look meant.

Falling on her knees, she grabbed his shaft, pumping her hand along his length a few times, staring up at him as he caressed her jaw.

“Oh, fuck...” Søren moaned when she took him whole, head dropping back.

Gripping the base of his cock tightly, she bobbed her head, slowly picking up the pace, twirling her tongue around his tip, feeling him shuddering under her touch.

Søren let out a soft groan and flexed his hips, matching her rhythm as his fingers ran through her hair, pulling it into a ponytail to hold her in place. The sharp breaths rolling off his lips as he fucked her mouth tingled her ears, sending a burst of electrical energy through all her limbs.

Possessed by insatiable lust, Leah breathed through her nose, relaxing her throat as she pressed his ass towards her, sinking him as deep as she could.

“Fuck!” Søren growled, tightening the grip on her hair.

When she looked up, his face was twisted in that tense expression that turned her on so bad, eyes piercing through her, devouring her soul as he kept moving back and forth. She loved watching him come undone.

Suddenly, he grunted and withdrew from her.

Leaning down, he helped her up and pushed her back onto the bed as he situated between her legs, rubbing a hand along her slit, making her shiver.

“You’re already so fucking wet...”

“Ye—Yeah...” she whimpered as he dipped two fingers inside of her. “Søren... Please...” She shamelessly rocked her hips, not giving a fuck if she looked like a desperate bitch, because that was exactly what she was at that moment. She wanted him. The month away had been too much, and she couldn’t wait any longer to feel him inside her. “Fuck me.”

He eased in and out of her a few more times, sucking his fingers before rolling the condom over his length. Sitting back on his heels, he placed a pillow under her hips as she opened her legs wider for him.

The soft light coming through the window showering his face and sculpted, tattooed body, created a beautiful contrast of lights and shadows. He was so handsome and so sexy she wasn’t sure if she had stopped breathing.

Yeah, she had.

With his hand gripping tight onto her hips, he slid into her.

“God...” Leah arched her back.

Propping on his elbow as he massaged her abdomen and breasts with his free hand, he reached for her neck, fingers gently wrapping around it as his lips melted with hers in a passionate kiss, sparking her entire being as they moved at a sensual, slow pace.

“Fuck... I’ve missed you,” he moaned.

With the warmth of his words cocooning her heart, Leah grazed his jaw, the stubble tickling her palm as their tongues swept around each other, washing any trace of reason from her mind.

The way their mouths molded and their bodies connected, as if their veins were entwined branches of the same living creature, shook her world like nothing ever before. It was like a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, setting the sky ablaze.

As he broke the kiss, keeping their lips millimeters apart, staring into her eyes, she undulated her hips in sync with his thrusts. They had tried all kinds of crazy shit in bed, but the simplicity of that position and that perfect unhurried pace felt like heaven as she dove into the dark lagoon of his pupils blown.

“Oh, God!” Leah cried as got deeper inside of her.

Søren’s hand slid between her breasts, coursing towards her leg, lifting it over his shoulder as he leaned back, exposing her entire body to him. Breathless whimpers left her mouth as she watched him staring at the spot where their bodies became one, biting on his bottom lip before his gaze returned to her.

Placing a hand on her chest, pinning her into that position, he picked up the pace, pounding harder and faster, sending her down a spiral of no return. As his violent thrusts hit her most sensitive areas over and over, Leah clenched around him.

“Fuck... If you do that again you won’t get to end, Babe,” he groaned.

“I’m so fucking close...”

He arched an eyebrow, and that dark expression she loved so much covered his gorgeous face. Reaching between her legs, he vigorously rubbed her clit, increasing all the sensations, turning her into a mess of moans. Her body quivered, submitting to his dominant touch.

Waves of pleasure crashed inside of her, reaching every inch of her being as her moans echoed in the room. Arching her back and squirming with her eyes squeezed shut, Leah felt the consuming climax ripping through her, forcing her to pulsate hard around him as he kept drilling deep into her. And with a few more solid strokes, he let out a painful groan, clawing into the flesh of her hips as he came.

Søren slowed down, breathing heavily as his chest heaved up and down, lungs desperate to grasp some air. With his brows creased together and his mouth slightly parted, he pulled out and leaned forward to kiss her, panting.

“I’ve missed you too,” she whispered, making his lips stretch into a beautiful smile.

The sun had disappeared on the horizon when he started to cook after finally showing her his place. It wasn’t immense, but it was a big house with three bedrooms upstairs, more than enough for one person, anyway.

The ground floor consisted of an open-space with light wooden floors spreading over it, dark and minimalist with a touch of rustic furniture in the living room creating a beautiful contrast with the light color of the walls. Shelves full of books and music albums and, God, the glass doors that led to the screened in porch, offering a panoramic view of the lake.

Then he showed her his impressive music room. Søren told her that, even though the neighbors weren’t close enough to be bothered, he had soundproofed it, adapting the space for a better acoustic resonance too.

“This is... Wow!” Her mouth dropped, almost touching the floor when she saw his guitar collection.

“Catching flies?”

“This is so... I don’t have words to describe it.”

“I thought you might like it.”

“C—Can I touch?” she awkwardly asked as she stuttered.

“You can touch whenever and whatever you want,” he whispered in her ear with a husky voice. She knew he was just teasing her, but she couldn’t help shuddering as he pressed his crotch against her back.

“You’re evil...”

“But you love it.” He grinned. “Gonna go start making dinner. You can stay here as long as you want.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, smiling.


She had partially seen that room before, in some of his videos, and a couple of times they had video-chatted while he was working, but standing there felt surreal. She couldn’t count the many beautiful guitars he had hanging from the walls or standing on their pedestals. Including hers.

Fenders, ESPs, LTDs, PRS, Jacksons, Gibsons, and Charvels, in all shapes, finishes, and colors. A bunch of pedals, mics, wires, and other stuff perfectly organized on a customized shelf, a keyboard, several amplifiers, and even a set of electronic drums. It was a Wonderland for any musician.

Grazing her fingers over the instruments, she walked around the room, admiring all the small details that reflected his personality. One of the walls was decorated with vinyls and posters of random shit—from music to comics to history. His passions, dreams, and desires surrounding her.

She could have stayed there all night, but maybe he needed help in the kitchen.

As she walked out and approached him, she tilted her head, watching him. He was wearing a white t-shirt that highlighted his broad shoulders and some grey sweatpants that made his rear look too tempting.

“What are you doing?”

“Seasoning the meat?” he said in a humorous voice.

“Duh!” She rolled her eyes. “I mean for dinner.”

He chuckled. “Just gonna roast some steak with potatoes and vegetables. Is that okay?”

“Yeah.” Leah smiled and tiptoed, kissing him on the cheek. “It’s perfect.”

“Are you done?”

“Yes, and oh, my... that was good,” she told him, leaning back on the couch. “You didn’t have to make so much for me.”

“Anything for my girl,” he said, giving her knee a light squeeze before getting up. “You want anything else?” he asked, picking up the empty plates to bring them to the kitchen.

“No, thanks. I’m good.” She smiled at him.

As he walked away, Leah got comfier on the couch, enjoying the warmth coming from the gas fireplace situated in the corner of the room.

It wasn’t freezing, but as the Sun was replaced by the moon, the atmosphere turned somewhat chilly. Leah didn’t say anything at the beginning, but he noticed she was cold and turned it on, picking on her afterwards for not saying anything before.

Wait. Did he just call me “his girl”?

As he came back with another bottle of water, he let himself onto the couch, spreading his arms and leaning his head on its back.

He sighed. “I could be here all day.”

They were on the porch, with the sight of the water spread as far as the eyes could see framed by trees, both cats peacefully lying on the armchair beside the fireplace. Soft metal ambient music playing in the background. Wardruna, if she didn’t get the notes wrong—he loved that kind of tribal folk music.

“Before... what you said... what was that about?” she asked out of the blue.

“Hm?” He was about to light a cigarette but stopped and looked at her.

“I’m your girl? Since when?”

Lazily smiling, he quirked a brow. “I think it’s obvious the way I feel about you.” He trailed off and turned to her. “And you could lie and say you don’t, but I think you feel the same,” he whispered.

“Yeah... But shouldn’t we have talked about it?”

“We’ve been talking for months, having mind-blowing sex, going on dates when we’ve been together, we care about each other... You can call it whatever you want, but I don’t think that will change anything at this point.”

“I guess... It’s just, I... I’m—” She staggered over her words. Whenever someone got too close to her, she had this tendency of running away, and even though she knew what she felt for him, pretending she didn’t was easier. “I’m not girlfriend material...”

He chuckled. “Leah, I’ve had more failed relationships than I’d like to admit... Balancing my life between music and a partner is hard. Most people don’t understand that I’m going to be busy or travelling most of the time, that I can’t always be there for a specific special date or call every day... But with you, it’s been fucking easy. It simply flows.”

“But what if there’s something that would make you feel disgusted?” Leah blurted as the emotions swirled inside of her, pressing on her chest as the scars on her body suddenly stung. He knew she had been abused, but he didn’t know any details, any of the shit that kept her awake sometimes.

“Listen, Babe... I know there’s stuff you don’t wanna talk about, and I get it, it’s not easy...” He paused and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “I’d love it if you’d let me in completely, but I’m not gonna pressure or judge you if you don’t. Whatever happened, it shaped you into the incredible woman you are today and that’s the only thing that matters to me.”

“Søren... I...” Leah sniffled, having a hard time holding the tears back. He had seen through her walls and peeked inside the dark void of her soul, and without knowing her whole truth he was willing to jump into the abyss of the unknown, risking it all, for her.

He touched her chin, raising her head so their eyes could meet. “Leah, there’s nothing, nothing, that could make me run away now.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Our connection, the intimacy we share is far beyond anything I’ve known before.” He grabbed her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers. “When we’re together everything fades but us. I know you’ve felt that too.” He intently watched her. “What we have is real. We’re real...”

At that moment, Leah felt she could really jump into the endless ocean of his blue eyes and stay there for all eternity. Søren wouldn’t talk about much, but the way he stared at her spoke more eloquently than ten thousand tongues, whispering stories of unspeakable suffering and unconditional love, offering her that sacred shrine where she was safe.

“Let it just happen, Babe.”

Nodding her head, she hugged him, letting his intoxicating scent cradle her into that world of theirs as she nuzzled his neck. Her heart raced, a sense of freedom unfurling inside her as he embraced her, showering her with soft kisses.

She was scared as fuck. The idea of getting into something that could let all her scars and fears out in the open had given her the worst nightmares. But she had never been more herself than she was around him, so maybe with him, she could stop hiding.

As he sweetly wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks, she felt his warmth reaching every cell in her body. And she surrendered. Kissing him with everything she had, all the caged up feelings bloomed in her chest, making her feel alive and wanted as she hadn’t felt in years.

Søren happily hummed as he pushed her back on the couch, lying atop her and between her legs. His lips felt soft and hot against hers as they got lost in each other once again, oblivious of the overwhelming pain that was about to come as the constant buzzing of his phone turned into background noise.

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