You Don't Have To Worry

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Third part of the 4 book series and we see lots of emotions and feelings come up with Prince Luke and Traci and Prince Chris and Alisa. What will happen as they explore their feelings together? Will they follow their hearts or will they let the past make them afraid to fall in love?

Romance / Drama
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Alisa was also raped? By Michael?! I'm angry, but I'm weak. Why did Prince Luke look mad though? "Um... can I speak with Prince Luke alone, please?" I asked. They nodded and left the room, apart from Prince Luke. "What's up? Everything alright?" he asked. "Why were you mad when I said what Charles did?" I asked. "Uh.. because that's not right. He and Michael will get dealt with severely," he said, while taking my hand. My heart jumps. Do I feel something for him? Can't be. "Plus, I have feelings for you, pretty lady," he adds. I gasped. "No, you don't. You can't," I say. He chuckled. "Why is that? Tell me why you think that?" he asks. "Because you really can't like me. Look at you and then look at me," I said. His smile fades immediately. "Is it because what they did to you? You think that would change my mind?" he asked. I nodded, while looking away. "Well, then you got another thing coming to you. My feelings won't change," he says. I try to sit up and he helps me up.

"I need some air. Excuse me," I say, slowly removing the IV drip in my arm and placing a band-aid on my arm. I stood up slowly and he stands beside me. "How did you know how to do that?" he asked, shocked. "The other times I had to have an IV drip in my arm. I just kept watching the Nurses and Doctors as they did it," I said. I head out of the room. Alisa walks with me to the balcony and we look across the garden.

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