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"We're getting married." I replied. Mr. Vyas' body went stiff and I knew I was going to get it later. I hugged his arm with a smile. What's his first name again? "This-this is my fiancé....Aston." "Are you sure? Because you don't sound sure." Aston's tone of was bone dry. "Of course, I'm sure. Ash. Don't tease me in front of company." I said, grinning at him. The man looked like he wanted to kill me. I blew him a kiss. "Was going to renew my visa the morning but he proposed in bed and I forgot my head from my toes that day....it was so romantic-" - Sabrina Clark Twenty-five year old Sabrina Clark, had just learned she's been deported after being fired moments after. When ICE comes to her office to take her away she has to devise a plan in order to stay in the place she calls home but at what cost?

Romance / Erotica
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Just Business.

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Chapter 1.

I sat there, mouth agape with incredulity, listening to Rachel rip-off my idea. I've been working on it for months and for this—this boldface bitch to steal it—it infuriated me. I'm done. I'm done letting these people walk over me like some cheap doormat. I'm not taking this shit anymore, not today...not ever again. I got up slowly, my hands balled into fists and my mouth in a sneer. "You fucking bitch!" I bellowed. Everyone's eyes shifted to me, in shock. Mark from the second floor, jumped out of his sleep and looked at me.

Rachel stopped presenting and looked at me with that fake innocent look of hers. I gritted my teeth. I had every mind to climb over there and rip those bacon strips looking things she called hair extensions. "Excuse me?" She questioned, lifting her perfectly shaven brow in the air.

"You stole my idea!" I yelled, pounding my fist on the table. "I came to you in confidence weeks ago, telling you how I planned to win the opening with an idea I spent months slaving over. And here you are—stealing it. In front of my face! You heartless bitch!" I yelled.

"Sabrina, really?" Rachel said, condescendingly. "Do you have evidence that I 'stole' it and why are you NOT presenting said idea?" Rachel questioned, folding her arms over her chest. Because you told me it needed work! I took off a pump to throw it at her but someone grabbed my arm before I got the chance to throw it. I looked over my shoulder and our eyes met. Oh crap. When did he get here? Oh shit, he saw my little outburst, didn't he? I'm so fired.

His stern, light brown eyes gazing down at me. He's always sported a brooding look but today I could see the flames in his eyes. I swallowed a lump in my throat. "Pack your things and leave." His voice deep, husky voice had made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He let go of my hand, letting it flopped to my side.

"But Mr—"

"Now, Miss. Clark!" He roared. I jumped a bit, staring at him. I tore my eyes away and picked up my bag. I shot daggers at Rachel's smug face as walked to the door. "I've seen enough, get back to work." He ordered, as I walked out the door. I walked to my cubicle with my shoe held firmly at my side, trying my best not to do anything stupid but why? I'm already fired, so what does it matter if I do something completely out of my character? Oh stop, you won't do anything to further degrade yourself. I sighed.

"That's true." I grumbled, to myself. I sat down with a sigh. I watched everyone pour out of the conference room, whispering and glancing at me. Rachel and her small clique of blonde bombshells laughed as they passed by. I ignored them. Yeah, laugh it up karma will catch up to you, Rachel. Mark my words. My gaze shifted to Mr. Vyas, who is standing in the doorway, watching Rachel and her group. His thick, brows furrowed as he folded his arms. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it when he met my gaze and walked over. Oh crap.

My heart hammered in my chest in time with every step he took. "Have I not made myself clear?" He asked, softly. He leaned over my desk until we're at eye level. I could see the hints of green and orange in his eyes. His long eyelashes formed a dark halo around his eyes.

"You did, sir."

"Then why are you still in my building, Ms. Clark?" He asked.

I licked my dried lips. He kept his hardened gaze on my face. "I don't have a box, sir." I retorted, softly. His gaze never wavered.

"Downstairs should have. You have an half hour, if you can't find the door by then security be more than happy to help find it." He said, leaving immediately after. I let out a breathy sigh. What have I done to these people to be treated like this? Was I too nice? Did I smile too much? I shook my head.

As I was walking back to my station, I noticed Diane, from a couple stations down, talking two brawny men from ICE. My heart fell when Diane pointed at me. I was confused at first but then it hit me. Crap, my visa expired didn't it? Crap! Crap! I swore I took care of that! What am I gonna do? I'm out of a job and now I'm going to be deported! No, no my luck can't be this bad. They have to be here for someone else. I looked behind me and saw no one behind me, everyone in my row was at there station working. I looked ahead and realized the mean were heading this way. Ya, my luck is this bad. When they were almost two feet of me, my mind went blank and body switched to autopilot. I ran to the elevator, then dived inside. I hit the button over a dozen times hoping it'll close before they got closer. They began pushing people that were looking to see what was going on, out of the way as they ran towards the elevator. The door closed just in time and I was able to breathe again.

I paused the elevator and sunk to the ground. I cradled my head in my hands, sighing. What am I going to do. I can't go back to Antigua. There's nothing for me there. I'm not on good terms with my dad or his family. Where the hell would I stay? I can't stay with mom in Jamaica because she's on a cruise with her new hubby. I laid my head on the wall, staring at the door. I chuckled. You know....this isn't even the worst part of my week. My boyfriend left me two days ago and grandmother died later that day. I sighed again. What am I going to do now?

My mind shifted to my favorite romcom and just like that I knew exactly what I had to do—sure I'll be in serious trouble for this. But fuck it, at least I tried something. I got up and hit the 5F, with my extremely sweaty hand. I bite my lip trying to workout exactly what I was going to say but I had nothing....I'll have to improvise.....which I suck at. My legs felt like they were about to give out on me when the door opened. I can't believe I'm going to blackmail Mr. Vyas, with no dirt on him. How could I? The man barely come to this branch and when he does he's mostly in his office, this is literally the third time I've seen him in all the five years I've been working here. I think he prefers the New York branch, than here in Portland. I walked up to his secretary, Lewis, wiping my palms on my skirt. Lewis smiled at me. She's the only decent person in this entire building.

She's pretty, blonde with blue eyes and a big, bright smile. "Hey Sabrina." She said, as she stopped typing to give me her fully attention

"Hey Lewis....um...is the boss in?"

"Yes, l'll ask if he's free to see you." She said, picking up the phone.

"No!" I exclaimed. She looked at me, frowning. "This is important, I have to see him right now."

"I can do that, I'm sorry." She began. "If I let you in without his consent he'll be angry with me—"

"I'll take the blame of he does." I assured her. "Please Lewis." She sighed.

"Sabina....I can't." She whined.

"Please...I'm begging you." I wailed my plead. "I have to see him." She studied my face then sighed.

"Make it quick, he has a meeting soon."

"Thank you." I said, before running to his glass door. When I got inside, his chair was facing the window. I looked around his office. Wow, this makes my floor look like a pigsty. Ah! What the hell? There's a weird sculpture hanging from ceiling—it looks like a wooden, rotting person trying to reach down to grab you. I made a face at it. That's so creepy looking. I tore my gaze from it.

"Have the shipments arrived?" His voice scared the living shit out of me. I took several breath to calm my racing heart. I slowly closed the door and walked towards his desk. I made sure not to walk on my heel....or breathe.

"Yes, and everything is accounted for. Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Vyas." Said a voice over speaker.

"You too." He said, before turning around. I froze when our eyes met. "Ms. Clark? Why did Lewis let you in without asking?"

"Um." I trailed off. He checked his watch and I took the opportunity to jog the rest of the way to his desk.

"It doesn't matter, I'll deal with her later. You have five minutes left, Ms. Clark. You're done packing presume?" He asked.

"I know about your legitimate child!" I blurted, it was literally the first thing that came to mind.

He blinked at me. "Sorry....my what?" He asked, confused. I dropped into a chair in front of his desk, sighing.

"I don't know, sir, forget I said anything." I said, sighing. I'm hopeless....I can't even blackmail right. I'm so fucked.

"Is everything ok, Ms. Clark?" He asked, he must have seen the tear I tried to blink away.

"No, I'm not." I replied, shooting my head.

"I hope you know crying isn't going to get you your job back." He said. I looked at him and smiled. I've seen you fired your assistant for spilling your coffee so trust me I know tears don't work with you.

"I know and it's not about my job, it's—" the phone rang, cutting me off.

"Excuse me." He said, before answering. "Yes, Lewis?"

"Sorry to interrupt but there's two ICE agents who would like to spoke to you." She replied. I gasped. He looked at me with a brow in the air.

"ICE agents?"

"Yes sir." She answered.

"Did they give you a reason?"

"No but I'll ask, one moment please." She said. He puts the call on hold.

"Do you know anything about this?" He asked. I bit my lip, nodding.

"Y-yeah....they're here for me."

He raised a brow at me. "Are you here illegally?" He asked.

"I wasn't but my visa expired."

"Hm. Today is really not your day." He said, taking the call off hold. This entire week more like, but yes. "Lewis?"

"I'm here. They'd like to speak to you about Sabrina Clark."

He looked me in the eye as he said. "Send them in." My heart fell when he said it. Did I expect him to help me? Yeah, kinda but why would he? I don't work for him anymore, he's not obligated to help me. Right now all I can do it be deported with dignity or I can go with my less that perfect plan. I got up and stood beside him. He looked at me, frowning. "What are you doing?"

"You're going to help me out this weather you like it or not."

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"Hush up and smile. Cause they're here." I sang, softly. He glared at me and stood up.

"Good mor...well that's too pretty of a word to describe today." He mumbled. He cleared his throat. "You gentlemen wanted to speak with me."

"Yes, we'd like to talked about Speedy González over there, being here on an expired visa. Are you aware of that?" Said the tallest one, his tag said 'R. Goldstein'.

Mr. Vyas glanced at me. "It has been brought to my attention, yes." He replied.

"Good, you're aware she isn't allowed to do so, right?" R. Goldstein questioned.

"I am aware...hence why I'm al—"

"You can't deport me!" I blurted. The 3 men looked at me.

"And why is that?" Asked Goldstein's partner, S. Richards.

I took a deep breath before answering. "We're getting married." I replied. Mr. Vyas' body went stiff and I knew I was going to get it later. I hugged his arm with a smile. What's his first name again? I can't recall him having an Indian first name...um....I think....it's Aston. Lord please let me be right. "This-this is my fiancé....Aston."

"Are you sure? Because you don't sound sure." Aston's tone of was bone dry.

"Of course, I'm sure. Ash. Don't tease me in front of company." I said, grinning at him. The man looked like he wanted to kill me. I blew him a kiss then returned my attention back to the two men. "Was going to renew my visa but two days ago he proposed in bed and I forgot my head from my toes....it was so romantic—"

"Then where's the ring?" S. Richards asked.

"Had to get it resized." I replied, lifting my hand. "Long, narrow fingers." I said, wiggling my fingers.

"Ahuh." The agents said, in unison.

"You do know marriage fraud will reward you with 5 years of prison time and a fine of $250,000, sir?" S. Richards asked Mr. Vyas.

"And she will be deported." R. Goldstein pointed out.

"Yes, I'm aware." Mr. Vyas retorted, his voice sounded like a gravel.

"When is the wedding?" R. Goldstein asked.

"This Sunday." I replied.

The agents looked at each. "Hm that's quick—why the rush?" S. Richards asked.

I looked at my feet. "Well, my grandmother died that evening, he proposed and...ah...it's—it's been too hard for me....to focus on planning my dream wedding when she won't be there to see it and—" I began wiping away my tears— "so I decided wanted to have her cremated and sparkling some of her ashes on my wedding day." I finished, my voice was heavy with emotion which was hopefully working in my favor.

"Well, I'm sorry for your lost." R. Goldstein said.

"T-thank you." I replied. Mr. Vyas handed me a napkin to wipe my eyes. I glanced into his cold eyes then dried my face.

"An official will be checking in, and after that I hope we'll never have to see you again for deportation." S. Richards said. I nodded. "Sorry for your lost but please enjoy the rest of your day."

I smiled weakly, waving at them. "You too." I said. When they left I was able to breathe again. I turned to Mr. Vyas. Oh boy. That look alone made me want to jump out a window.

"Marriage fraud, Ms. Clark....you're trying to rope me into marriage fraud." He voice pierced through me ears. I squinted at him.

"I'm sorry."

"You're sorry!" He yelled. I jumped.

"I get why your mad, but I didn't have a choice." I confessed, softly.

He scoffed. "Yes, you did! You could have gone back to wherever the hell you came from and renew your visa or find some other LEGAL way to get back into the country!" He hissed.

"I have no where to go if I go back there!" I hissed back, tears rolling down my cheek. "My father and his family want nothing to do with me and my mom is on a cruise half across the world." I confessed. "I'd homeless."

He stared at me. "You have to figure something out, because I'm not doing this illegal shit."

"But they think we're engaged—"

"Tell them you caught me cheating or visa versa I don't fucking care." He said.


"No! I'm not doing it, owe you nothing!"

"You're right...you don't." I said, wiping my face. "I'm sorry—I'll fix everything." I turned on my kneel and jogged to the door.

"Wait." He said. I stopped, wiping my face before looked at him. "Is your grandmother even dead?"

"Yes, she died from a heart attack. Alone because the man you put in charge of here, refused to give me a day off after I've been working my ass off and haven't taken one in three months. I told him I needed a day off to take my grandmother to the hospital, yet he refused. So I came to my dead grandmother." I answered, looking him dead in the eye. He just stared at me. I looked away and opened the door. I was surprised to see Lewis on the other side. She frowned.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"Yup!" I cornered, smiling. "I have to go, I'll see you when I see you.

"Are you sure?" She asked, still frowning. I nodded, walking pass her.

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