The two Mr.Cahill's

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I was never one to believe in Love but here I am today having the best sex of my whole life with the two most feard mafia twins who stole my heart. Alex is ruthlessly pounding in to my wet womanhood while am on all fours Alec is in front of me with his huge dick in mouth . I fell Alec grub a fist full of my hair and shove his dick till I fill the tip at the back of throat I a moan on his cork and I hear Alex curse from behind me enjoying my tight womanhood. I was so close to come they both pulled away from me and I nearly lose my mind this is the third time they refused to let me cum as a punishment ibfelt like killing them but I knew I deserved for what did last night. Suddenly they lie me on my back tie my hands to the bed frame and my feet to either side of bed so I couldn't move Alec takes a black vibrator from the table beside the bed and I knew I was screwed "Alec please don't am so sorry I will never do it again I swaer just don't please the denial is toucher enough please" He smiles at me before leaning in and kissing me briefly "You should have thought about the punishment before you went ahead and dry humped another man" he then places the vibrator in me and I let out a scream of both pleasure and pain,Alex then adds niple craps on me which drove to the edge . This goes on for hours untill all I see is darkness.

Romance / Erotica
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First day

Hii am Jessica Anderson but the name Jessica is way too girly for me so I go by the name Jace and as you may have already guessed I was a tomboy and maybe a little bad girl. Today was my fist time in England I had finished high school and my parents thought it was best to send me here cause they wanted nothing to do with me anymore so here I am infront of my new apartment which am still shocked they agreed to by me but I won't question it. It was a two story house with a balcony as the roof, three bedrooms the lounge room wasn't far from the kitchen that am great full for it had a garage fit for only two cars but I didn't care as long as my motorbike would fit nothing else mattered.

I opened the door and walked to the bedroom at the far end of the hallway it was the largest not big enough for a kingsized bed but it still a really comfy bed so that did it I unpacked my bags and mad my way to the garage to take my bike for a late night ride and possibly some takeout.

I was riding for almost thirty minutes when I finally decided to have some food it was 11: 30 pm so I just walked in some random restaurant and had some food before I headed back to my place. It felt nice to say that I have my own place so I didn't have to be questioned how I choose to live here I was free finally, I have been waiting for this day for the past 18 years and it's finally here. When I get back I go to the roof and sit at the edge and face the city it wasn't the best site but at least it was peaceful I took out my sigaret and light it up smoking when thinking of how my first day at the university will go, I wasn't a people person so I wasn't looking forward to having any friends.


I was waken up by my damn alarm I wanted to through it out the window but that wouldn't be wise. I reluctantly took a shower and got ready for my first day of school.

I wore a black jeans that was ruged at the knee a white large shirt and black leather jacket took my phone and walked and walked out and headed to school.

When I reached there and it just like a typical university people scattered every where some dressed officially others normal like me. Some were publicly show affection I wasn't one to believe in Love, to me it was always a distraction or maybe a wickness it was just an emotion that destroys someone and turns the to animals when their so called love leaves so I just shake my head and over to the administration block to get signed in.

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