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Find our what happens when Angelina cross paths with the sons of her boss Mr. Trevor

Romance / Erotica
Poorvisha Vasanth
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Chapter 1

Angelina Knight

Well , hello , I'm Angelina Knight , welcome to the new episode of my life .

Pffttt , I'm being nervous since I'm currently at office im being interviewed for .

"Miss .Knights , you may go in now " , the receptionist announced . I stood up , and went near the door taking a long breath opening the door .

"May I come in Sir ?" I asked .

"Yes , please " , the old person but was handsome for his age , I mean my boss called .

I was walking , only to find to guys on the couch which was on my right side . Maybe they were here for interview too .

The guy with blonde hair , blue eyes definitely caught my attention because he gave me a charming smile . There was another guy , damn he had curly hairs , I had a thing for curly hairs , he had tattoo , but I did not observe then because I was interrupted when the boss said

" Please sit down " , I nodded and took a seat .

He flipped through pages from my file , partly amused about the achievements .

" Let's get this real quick , Meet Noah and Dylan " he said pointing the guys on the couch .

Noah was a cute name Dylan uhhh let's skip I don't know what to say reminds me of demon .

" All you gotta do is train them , and I trust you on that " Mr .Trevor said .

Wait what ?

" Mr.Trevor are you sure ? Like you cannot trust just like that " I said .

Of course we've known just now and he can't trust me like that .

" Someone who wanted to cheat would never ask such a question , see now you got your answer " he reasoned smiling at me .

" I'll work very hard , and do everything I can to help you Mr.Trevor "

We shook hands and I went near the boys as Trevor left out

" Um Hello I am Angelina Knights , I'm going to be working with you

both from now on , Hope we'll get along well " I said looking them .

The blonde guy with blue eyes stood up pulling my hand hugging me .

I mean I did not expect that , I was so shocked , I mean he's cute .

Focus Angelina , you don't want to mess things up on your first day .

I saw Dylan smirk at us , he did not even bother .

For a fact I was informed that I , Noah , Dylan will be working in same office . This is going to be fun .

I could easily work overtime having Noah , it would not be boring .

The office room provided to us was so spacious , I had my own cute table and chair it looked so standard meanwhile Noah's and Dylan's were opposite to mine .

I started to decorate the office table and placed the supplies and put my hair to a messy bun and started to go through the old files of the office that Mr.Trevor assigned me .

The company made vast difference in the last two years and I took note of every single thing I thought was important .

It was lunch time , I stretched myself and went to the cafeteria , I brought lunch with hit cup of coffee with marshmallows .

" Hi , I'm Tessa " a good looking young lady introduced herself .

" Hi I'm Angelina "

" I'm here as the General manager of the Accountancy department " she gave me details .

" I'm new here , I don't really know my position yet " I said .

" Welcome to Trevor's Empire " she welcomed me .

We started to eat having our own little chat .

" Mind if I join? " Noah asked .

" Absolutely " I said .

Tessa motioned to my ear " Who's this hottie ? "

I chuckled

" Noah meet Tessa , manager of Accountancy department and Tessa meet Noah, let's say my intern for now "

" I'm glad I can work with someone like you " Noah said winking at me .

That was cute .

Noah and I had amazing conversation not like collegues , and I got along with Tessa too

I started to eat fast and left the place .

I noticed Dylan had not come , so I grabbed snacks and coffee for him .

I got in calling " Dylan ?"

I heard glass shattering , I placed the tray on his table and went near the washroom where the noise came .

I saw Dylan's palm covered with blood , I ran near him checking .

I ran to washroom and brought the first aid kit .

" What are you doing ? " He asked me .

I started to dab cotton to clean the blood .

" Hello are you deaf ? " He asked Pulling his hand back .

I stared at his eyes looking right through .

" Are you starting at me right now ? " He asked as if no one ever did .

I took the cream and started to apply it slowly , initially I saw him flinch .

" It will be okay " I said and he was looking at me the entire time .

" Done " I said after cleaning the wound and applying medicine and bandaid . He immediately took his hand from me , while he went and sat on his table .

" I noticed you did not have lunch so I brought them " I said , but he did not even care to what I said .

I went inside where the glass had shattered , I picked them carefully and disposed in dustbin .

The food was untouched . I sighed and went near him , it must have turned cold I'll heat it , I said taking the tray .

" Did I ask ? "He said .

" Huh ?" I asked out of surprise .

" Nevermind , I don't want any " he said .

I never knew did I ask was the new thank you .

I just left it there , and started to work .

Noah came in , " Let's eat lunch like today , everyday " he said and I nodded .

Dylan did not care to anything , I did not expect him to , he's good and does not seem distracted when he's working .

I never thought this would happen , like a guy I usually like ends up being a gay or we don't click . But Noah was different , he tried to put efforts which I found it cute .

I continued with the files and was done , I should give brief description to Dylan and Noah .

I called them both and started to state everything .

Noah started to take notes , Dylan on the other hand I did not even know if he was listening .

I reported Trevor and left .

I never knew first day would be like this serious .

Anyways girl remember to level up , I thought as I left the building .

I went out of the building and stood there waiting for Taxi .

Waiting for long time , I decided to walk my way home , it was not like too far .

I opened my apartment door and had refreshed while changing to my shorts and shirt .

I started to watch some series I left , my eyes started to feel heavy and I fell asleep .

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