Sexy Ass Detective And Me

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I didn't kill my asshole ex-boyfriend.  I knew I might've said I would countless times in the text I sent before we broke up, and I wasn't the calmest person.  But I really didn't kill him.  I, however, am the number one and only suspect of his murder since to everyone else he was a sAiNt. But hey, let's not talk ill of the dead.  The point is, I was stuck at the station being questioned about something I didn't do. And I thought it was the worst thing that could've possibly happened to me.  That is, until I set eyes on the detective of the case.  I may just play along for a while. See where this thing goes....

Romance / Erotica
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A knock on my door distracted me from my movie marathon, just as it was getting to the good part. With an eye roll and a very exaggerated groan, I dragged myself to open it.

"Who are you? " I asked as soon as I yanked the door open.

The woman watched me with an eyebrow raised before peering over my shoulder to see inside my living room.

"Good day mam. May I come in? " She asked in a monotone voice, and it was my time to raise an eyebrow.

"No you may not. Who are you? " I asked more sternly. She didn't look impressed, but her face held no emotion--much like her voice.

"Did you know a Sheldon Myers mam? " She asked, completely catching my attention.

"Yes. He's my good for nothing cheating ex-boyfriend. Are you his new bitch?" I sneered. "He could've done better. "

I thought I would've received some sort of emotion from her, but she remained stoic. What's her deal?

"Are you aware of his current state mam? "

"Hopefully dead in a ditch somewhere for all I care. Now what do you really want?" I was growing real annoyed by this woman, and I was in no mood for an argument either.

But for the first time since she got here, she showed emotion. She regarded me in shock for a while, before her face scrunched into disgust.

"I thought you would've at least denied it. You really are a sick person" She spat; but before I could interrogate her further, she grabbed me and flawlessly spun me around against the wall. I felt as the cold metal feeling of handcuffs wrap their way around my wrists, and that's when I started to panic.

"Hey what the hell are you doing! Let me go! " I shouted as I wiggled and writhed beneath her.

"You're under arrest for the murder of Mr Sheldon Myers. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorn-"

"I didn't kill anyone!" I protested as I cut her off. "And what kind of officer are you? You didn't even introduce yourself properly to me! And what ever happened to uniforms huh? Ever heard of those?"

"Miss Leir please stop fighting. You will be brought in for questioning. If you continue to behave like this, I will have no choice but to taze you" That surely shut me up as I willing walked with her to her car.

I couldn't believe he was dead-- murdered at that. I didn't like the guy, but he didn't deserve to be murdered.

And I, as it seemed, was the number one suspect.

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