Falling over Slowly

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Chapter 2: The Date

When the day for the date arrived, I was really nervous. I mean, why wouldn't I be? I really liked this guy. Adam and I had been texting and talking to each other non stop since we saw each other at the swimming pool. Every morning I would wake up to a text from him saying 'I can't wait to see you again' or 'Hope you slept well' and it made me feel loved. I had met him for literally 10 minutes but he was texting and talking to me as if we were already married. I felt that our connection was growing stronger, and I liked it.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I was taken into a private little room with our own little table for two. Adam had not arrived yet so I looked around and took it in; it was stunning. There were roses in vases on various stands around the room and the table had a gorgeous, dark red table cloth on it. I was so encapsulated in the room that I hadn't realised Adam had arrived until he spoke to me. I jumped out of my skin and felt so embarrassed but he just laughed and asked what I thought of the place which started off a brilliant evening. Later on, I found out that he actually owned the restaurant which kind of surprised me. I mean, a guy in his early 20's owning a restaurant? It just never crossed my mind.

He took me back to my house and I was expecting him to kiss me goodbye but he just kind of got back into his car, said goodbye to me through the window and drove off. I found this extremely strange at the time and got anxious by thinking about all of the reasons why he didn't kiss me. For example, was he not attracted to me and was this all a joke? Was he dared by his friends to lead me on, take me on a date and then just leave me there? I realise now how stupid I was being but that was who I was before I really got to know Adam, and it just makes me even more thankful that I met him.

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