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Chapter 15 -All In


I hate the way he looks at her. The way he held her up that day and stroked her hair. The way he is always walking her to classes. I hate the way he seemingly loves her. I hate Mr. Enrique. That Spanish-looking teacher.

He cannot and shouldn’t have Jasmine. He is her teacher. How can he show so much interest in her?

The past few days had been rough. Some part of me didn’t care if my girlfriend dumped me and one of my best friends won’t speak to me again.

This girl was all that was on my mind. Was she seeing that teacher? I mean how could he have held her like that with no consideration who might have been watching?

This behavior clearly depicts a man in love. Quite like the one I had in the cafeteria. I lost all my senses that lunchtime. I only saw Jasmine and I in the room. It was like no one was there.

I haven’t been to school in 3 days. I had to find the courage to face the drama. I saw all the Instagram posts and Facebook gossip about what happened.

I saw the comments about me too. “High guy stoops low” …they called me “punk, sissy”. I honestly couldn’t care less. I am at the point where I am willing to risk everything to get a chance with Jasmine.

I know it may come as a surprise, but I actually like her a lot. More than I am willing to admit.

She may be on the heavier side. So what? More love to go around.

Tomorrow when I go to school, I plan on telling Jasmine how I feel. Hopefully she will forget about that coolie-hair teacher who is everything bad for her.

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