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Chapter 18-It Just Landed On Me


That teacher dragged Jasmine into his office like he was her father. Even a rich spoiled kid like me would know that not even a husband pulls his wife with such rage.

I had a gut feeling that he wanted Jasmine, but not if I could help it. I felt her resistance when I forcefully kissed her, however the second time she kissed me in return.

I was happy that this sucker-of-a-teacher got a glimpse of that action because he needs to stay out of young people vibe and look upon someone his own age.

I intend to do everything possible to sweep Jasmine off her feet. To let her experience the goodness of me. The part that was raised proper. Not the part that was simply trying to fit into a world that doesn’t bring me real happiness.

My friends ditched me because I told them I liked Jasmine. It shows how much of a friend they were. Image was important to them. It was important to me in a way, but not enough to let me forget about this voluptuous woman.

Hefty girls never caught my interest. Somehow, I saw a side of Jasmine Scotland that I had never seen before.

Her kindness. Her genuine nature. Her meek character. Even when we treated her with meanness she never fought back. That is a true representation of a virtuous woman. Not contentious. Not rowdy. Not combative. Slow to anger. Forgiving.

Who wouldn’t want a woman like that? She reminds me of my mother in a “slimmer” version. And I love my mom. Could it be that I love Jasmine? Then what if I do?

Mr. Enrique

“Let me have a scotch on the rocks. Double up my portion.”

Mr. Enrique sat a bar, loosening his tie, sighing with frustration. He was a man who couldn’t have what he wanted, although it was right within his reach.

After the first glass, he asked for another.

“Easy, bro,” the bartender said.

“I’m good, just hit me harder,” Mr. Enrique replied.

He was thinking about Jasmine and the incident earlier. The kissing scene between her and Vaughn played out in his head, over and over and over.

He was trying to forget, but the spirits in the rum wouldn’t let him.

Mr. Enrique realized that no amount of drinking could help his situation but it seemed as if he didn’t care.

After the barkeep refused to sell him another drink, Mr. Enrique staggered out of the bar, deciding to head home.

He had walked to the bar which was a few blocks from his apartment. Luckily, he didn’t have to drive, because in his condition, he could have very easily be heading straight to the morgue.

He struggled to pull his vibrating cellphone from his pocket. By the time he got it out, he missed the call. He was too drunk and disoriented to look at the caller ID. As he was about to slip it back into his pocket it vibrated again.

“Jasmine?” he answered.

There was a great silence on the other end.

“No, it’s your girlfriend Kimberly. Who the hell is Jasmine?”

Mr. Enrique couldn’t reply. He just hung up the phone because he had no idea what to say or how to explain his actions.


I couldn’t sleep. My dramatic day prevented me from snoozing. I wasn’t sure whether it was because Vaughn had kissed me in front the whole school or because I hurt Mr. Enrique.

My head was spinning like a merry-go-round. I grabbed the paper on my bedside table. The paper that Mr. Enrique gave me a few days ago with his number. I’d not called him since he’d given it to me.

I owed him an apology for running into the ant nest from which he was trying to remove me.

I dialed Mr. Enrique’s number, but it rang out. I assumed that he was avoiding me because of my actions earlier.

He lived a few lanes from me. It was around 8:15 pm. I was not sure if he lived with someone, but I was resolved to take my chances.

If I am going to get any sleep tonight, I need to explain to Mr. Enrique what had happened.

I needed to tell him that I value myself, and that the situation with Vaughn had caught me by surprise. I knew that his anger was because of the great humiliation I’d suffered at the hands of Vaughn and his friends. How they’d belittled and insulted me.

And just when I was slowly forgetting about them (thanks to Carlos), I’d run straight back into the mess.

I got dressed and walked to his house. I knew where it was based on what he’d told me while we were on our early morning walks. It was the only house on the corner painted in green and yellow.

On my way, I rehearsed what I was going to say. It was the most that I could do.

As I walked through the entrance of his house, my heart raced a little bit more. But I was ready.

I saw the familiar car in the driveway. I was happy that I didn’t have the wrong house. I knocked the door and waited for an answer.

I realized that there was also a doorbell. I rang it a few times. Still, no one answered. I turned the knob of the door. It was opened. My hands trembled as I invaded my teacher’s private home.

As I walked through the living room, I realized how neat and well-kept everything was. There were paintings on the walls. A huge leather couch.

Although it needed a feminine touch, Mr. Enrique had a beautiful home.

“What are you doing here, Jasmine?”

I was startled by the sound of his voice. It sounded tired and sleepy. His eyes looked droopy too. His hair was wet. Like he’d just showered.

He was standing there looking at me with a bit of anger in his eyes.

“Answer me. What are you doing in my house?” he growled louder.

I walked towards him. Slowly. Knees buckling.

“Sir…Mr. Enrique…Carlos…I wanted to apologize for my behavior today. I didn’t see that kiss from Vaughn coming. It just landed on me…”

I stuttered as I spoke. His werewolf gaze began to tame. But he still said nothing.

He ran his hands through his hair. A frown was on his face. I waited for him to say a word. He didn’t. He just stood there looking frustrated. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. What a sight to see.

But I had to focus on my real reason for coming there. I needed to apologize to him. And unless he accepted it, I won’t leave.

“Sir I know Vaughn humiliated me and I had no right letting him touch me. He tried to rape me once and I had no right even being that close to him,”.

Still no word from Mr. Enrique.

I had exhausted everything I had to say. And this man had no intention of communicating with me.

I turned around to leave, but his hands grabbed my wrist causing me to spin around quickly.

My body crashed into his chest. We were standing face to face. My heart began to race. Not even air could pass between us. His breathing became heavy.

I lowered my head to conceal my nervousness but he used his hand to raise my chin. I had no other choice but to wrap my hand around his neck. I couldn’t believe we were that close. Our bodies touching each other.

And then, our lips met. It wasn’t as harsh as Vaughn’s kiss. It was tender. His breath reeked of alcohol combined with some kind of minty taste. Like he was drinking, but had just brushed his teeth.

Carlos kissed me tenderly. After our lips departed, he kissed my cheek. My forehead. Then our lips smashed together again. We couldn’t stop kissing each other.

My body shook. When he felt I was shaking he held me tighter to prevent me from falling.

I ran my hands through his damp hair. I felt him caressing my lower back. Every time his hands attempted to go lower he resisted.

It was as if he was fighting not to touch me there.

“Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell are you doing!!!!!!!!?”

The voice of a woman standing behind us caused our bodies to jolt apart.

The heavy sound of luggage hitting the floor caused us to turn around in slow motion.

“Kim?” he said, with eyes wide opened.

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