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Chapter 21 -Two Men One Girl


I stormed into my room like a mad woman. What was Vaughn doing at my house. These men are destined to send me straight to an early grave.

First, Mr. Enrique, now Vaughn. How many men can one woman take in just one night? Well, I know that that came out kind of wrong, but on the real, what’s up with these men anyway?

I heard my mom’s footsteps behind me. I’d never been rude to her, so I had to close my eyes and count to ten. I had to pretend that my life was normal.

“Jaz, are you okay? she queried politely.

All she needed to hear was, “yes,” before the ranting began.

“Why on earth did you leave and not tell us? Where were you? And why are you wearing your teacher’s clothes? Jasmine, answer me before I knock the living day out of you.”

I stuttered while I looked at her with her hands on her hips.

“Mom, he had an accident, blood spilled, and I had to clean it. I stained my shirt in the process, and I …” I blurted out in tears.

This was when my mom realized that her innocent little - well big - 17-year-old virgin girl was on a battlefield without ammunition and her adversaries were gaining on her.

She walked slowly towards me and sat next to me.

“Jasmine…blood? I don’t understand. Whose blood?”

“Mom, when I was at his house, his girlfriend came in and she hit him in the head with her shoes.”

This did not make my mother feel any better. In fact, she stood up and started walking around the room holding her forehead.

“Lady, you’d better start telling me the whole story. We have alllllll night, missy.”

I explained to my mom all that had happened. From the very beginning. From the time Vaughn and his boys tried to violate me and how my teacher had been there for me.

She had several heart attacks while I was telling her the story. She couldn’t believe that I’d been carrying this load all alone.

“So, Jasmine, you’re saying that you are in love with two men? One your age, and the other your senior and teacher...Well, you’ve been quite busy,” she murmured, shaking her head.

“Mom, don’t tell dad,” I insisted.

My mother knew that if she let dad in on the mess in my life, he would not only be furious, but he’d blame her.

Her decision not to tell dad had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with saving their marriage.

My mom left my room with shoulders drooped. I knew that she won’t get any sleep. Neither would I.

I went downstairs and opened my refrigerator. I looked for anything that could comfort me. Oreo’s and milk always did the trick. I decided to go on the porch and let the cool breeze hit my body.

I was still wearing my teacher’s jersey. It smelled so clean. Just like him. I was thinking about him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wanted to call him, but I was scared.

When I went out to the porch, I noticed the grey pickup parked alongside our fence. Could that have been what Vaughn was driving? I couldn’t see inside because it was dark out.

I held onto the railing of my porch, attempting to peep inside the very extravagant vehicle, to no avail. And then the door opened. It was indeed Vaughn.

Like, seriously? No rest for Jasmine the wicked? He was walking towards the house. It must have been almost midnight by now. After that long talk with mom, it must have been close to that time.

I was not in the mood to speak to Vaughn. I was worried about Mr. Enrique. Plus, mom was mad at me. Plus, I’d witnessed such violence. Now Vaughn is here.

He walked up to me without saying a word. I continued to eat my Oreo cookie like nobody’s business.

Now we are standing face to face again. Those lips. I felt uncomfortable. He wasn’t saying a word. I stretched my hands and offered him a cookie. Anything to break that silence.

Surprisingly, he accepted it and took two cookies from the pack before handing it back to me. He leaned against the railing and we ate without speaking.

There was a level of peace that pierced through me whenever Vaughn was near me. A feeling that I’d never experienced when I was with my teacher.

“I am right for you, Jasmine, not him.”

I choked on the last bite of my cookie. I hadn’t expected that statement at all. It came from nowhere. I didn’t look at Vaughn, I pretended that I didn’t even hear him, even if my body froze.

“Jasmine,” he called my name.

Then I turned towards him.

“I am in love with you,” he said.

Nobody had ever said those words to me before. It was like a dream come true to me. The same dream I’d had since I entered that high school and set eyes on Vaughn.

But hearing him say it didn’t have the effect I thought it would. That incident at his house really left me with scars that not even the L - O -V -E word could heal.

I forgave Vaughn for what he’d tried to do, but somehow my wounds were still bleeding. I was not sure if it was trust issues, or the fact that he’d harbored such malicious intentions towards me.

“If you give me a chance, I will show you how much I love you,” he insisted.

I fiddled with the empty cookie wrapper because I didn’t know what else to do.

“I have to leave before my dad realizes his truck is missing,” he said, hugging and kissing my cheek.

My body language pushed him back a little. Then I pulled him toward me and hugged him tightly.

“I can’t, Vaughn,” I cried.

He just kept holding me...His touch was so comforting. I wanted to kiss him but my lips had just been slamming into Mr. Enrique’s own, and that made me feel dirty.

Vaughn left me on my porch with a guilty cloud hanging over my head.

For sure, I have to make a choice. I have to choose between someone I can have a future with, or someone who could lose his future because of me.

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