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Chapter 22 -Deeper


The next day in school I looked like a zombie. I hadn’t slept much. I felt sluggish. I missed my morning walk with my teacher but also playing in my head was what Vaughn had said to me last night.

As I entered the gates of my high school, there he was. Vaughn. Looking like a million dollars. Like he had just showered. He was doing much better than I, as far as looks were concerned. He certainly didn’t look as though he’d lost much sleep.

He positioned himself like he was waiting for me. His body language sold him out to all who were looking.

I held the string of my knapsack with both hands as I walked through the entrance.

Vaughn walked towards me, curling his hands into mine. Of course, the whispers began. I didn’t pushed him away. He walked me to my locker.

There was a heart drawn on it, with the initial V. The last time that I remembered that locker there’d been so many nasty things written on it.

Vaughn wasn’t a talker. Apparently, he was a doer. I smiled when I saw what he’d done. Everybody was looking at us. He placed his thumb under my chin to lift my head.

No…was Vaughn going to kiss me? Again? In that school? The last time, I’d been dragged to my Enrique’s office.

But what the heck? I was not expecting him at school today, so I might as well take that kiss and head to my class.

But Vaughn didn’t kiss me. Instead, he said, “remember, I am the one for you…not him.”

Vaughn obviously was trying to get me to talk about my relationship with Mr. Enrique. But I wouldn’t say a word.

“Vaughn…,” I called his name. His eyes were sparkling and he had a faint smile on his lips.

When I realized that he was expecting an answer, I politely asked him to walk me to my class.

I had Spanish first thing, but no one knew that Mr. Enrique wouldn’t be coming to class.

I strolled hand in hand with Vaughn. I wanted the naysayers to see that I won the war. The war against humiliation. The war against vilification. The war against overweight people.

I loved the public display of affection that I was receiving. I saw faces with jealousy written all over them. Others looked shocked, many were confused, and a small portion of the students just didn’t care.

As for me, I basked in my bliss. The attention had me feeling on cloud nine, not because I am conceited, but because with that size, I couldn’t even get a blind man. I was happy because I saw all things working for my good.

Vaughn clenched his hand in mine, and continued walking me to my class. I was late, but as I said before, Mr. Enrique should be home, and quite sick. I was pleased, in a way, because I would not be strolling into his class with Vaughn at my side.

When we got to the door of the classroom, I wanted to make a scene. I wanted to show those suckers in my school that they were not the only ones who could get a hot guy.

Vaughn let go of my hand and smiled at me. When he realized that I wasn’t entering the classroom, he raised his eyebrows.

“Babe, are you going in?” he whispered.

“Yes, but I need my goodbye kiss,” I said bravely, knowing that the students and haters were looking.

Vaughn was a man who wasted no time. He planted a warm, wet kiss on my lips. Hands around my waist. Mine was halfway around his neck.

“Jasmine Scotland, your class has started!!!!”

I heard that voice. That familiar voice. Cold and hard. Stern and somewhat angry.

It was Mr. Enrique.

Wasn’t he supposed to be at home? We froze in our position. In slow motion, our faces detached from each other, and there he was at the front of the class.

In living color. Mr. Enrique. Face like flint. Staring at me and my lover.

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