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Chapter 24-Locked Up

I looked at the three humans in that cold office and their faces didn’t tell a good story. I sat down on a chair that was already positioned for me. I was sitting between Mr. Enrique and Kim.

“Good morning, Jasmine. Happy, you could join us,” the principal said.

I didn’t like the tone of his voice. My butt was barely touching the seat, I felt like I was floating. I was a nervous wreck. Mr. Enrique’s face was flustered and his little Latino woman just seemed ready to cause trouble.

“Jasmine, this young woman…Mr. Enrique’s fiancé has complained that you were stalking him, and she found you at his house last night,” the principal, said rubbing his hands over his cheek in frustration.

I couldn’t reply. I didn’t know what he wanted me to say. I was afraid that if I said anything, that it could cause more trouble. Plus, I had no idea what had been discussed before I’d arrived.

“Jasmine, please explain to me why you were at your teacher’s house last night,” he insisted.

I raised myself from the chair. I looked at Mr. Enrique. I believed that he was angry, but he was keeping his cool. I noticed that Kim was attempting to make eye contact with him, but hate was written all over his face every time that he glanced at her.

“Sit down Jasmine,” the principal demanded.

All three of them looked at me. I was about to start running for my life, much like I have been for the past few weeks. I think that Mr. Enrique realized that.

I obeyed and sat back on my chair.

It dawned on me that Kim had not told the full story. She was keeping the most important part from the principal. The kissing parts. She’d met us kissing. Yet, she was accusing me only of stalking my teacher. I am young, but not stupid.

Kim raised her finger, asking permission to speak, because obviously I wasn’t saying a word, and her lover boy hadn’t uttered anything either.

“Go ahead, Miss Kimberly,” the principal said, sighing in further frustration.

“If she promises to stay away from my fiancé, I will not take this further. I will drop everything. But she has to promise not to stalk him or speak with him outside of school,” she insisted.

This woman was making me look so desperate. I wasn’t a stalker. I went to see Carlos. And I thought that he would try and protect me. But he merely sat there saying ’nada.’ What an idiot! This woman clearly has him wrapped around her dirty little fingers.

“Sir, I am not a stalker!”

If this was going to be my last chance to speak, I was going to defend my reputation. Some people die with a name, and I’d rather die nameless than let the name of ‘stalker’ be attached to my mine forever.

Kim opened her eyes in fury.

“Say something, Carlos!!” she raised her voice looking at him.

But Mr. Enrique only looked angrier by the moment.

“Jasmine Scotland, you are to stay away from your teacher. You are not to see him after school and don’t go to his house,” the principal warned.

Still not a sound from Mr. Enrique. Then he suddenly stood up and turned to Kim.

“You are to stay away from this schoolgirl. Don’t come to my school and try to cause trouble for me with your lies. Jasmine is a good student, and she isn’t a stalker. She was dropping off some books at my house. You, Kimberly Antoine, are to never come here again. Not to my school, my house or anywhere near me,” he said firmly.

The principal’s eyes opened so wide, you could see his pupils bulging behind his thick glasses.

Mr. Enrique stretched out his hands to mine. “Jasmine, I believe you have a class to attend.”

I stretched my hands, turning around to see if this woman was going to use her heel to pierce my head.

I got a slight nod from the principal, indicating that it was alright to leave with Mr. Enrique. I kept turning around but all I saw were tear drops coming from Kim’s eyes.

As soon as we walked out of that tense office, Mr. Enrique let go of my hand and walked quickly away from me.

“Carlos…Mr. Enrique…Hey….Hey…wait up,” I said, trying to catch up with him.

“Jasmine, go to class…leave me alone,” he said.

I caught up with his pace and pulled his left arm to slow him down. He tugged it back in defiance. I held on to it.

“I need to speak with you,” I asserted.

“We will talk after school…This is not the right time,” he replied, looking around to see who was looking at us.

We were walking past the men’s bathroom, and I pulled him inside. Love can make people do some stupid things. I don’t know what was going on with me.

“Jasssssminnneee,” he whispered, following my lead into the men’s washroom. He looked so afraid.

Once we were inside, I pulled him into a toilet stall and locked the door. We were standing face to face. Our faces almost touching each other.

I could tell he was nervous. “Jaz, I could get into trouble…Today was a close call.”

“Promise you will hear me out,” I begged, while he patted my face with his warm hands.

“This has to stop….We can’t be like this, Jasmine,” he said, using his eyes to plead for me to let him go.

Our faces were too close for me not to steal a kiss from him. Those juicy lips were just dangling in my face and daring me. But he read my mind and kissed me before I could kiss him.

The man had seemingly lost control. We forgot where we were for a moment. I surely didn’t feel like I was cramped up in the men’s toilet with my teacher. I felt like I was at a place I longed to be.

The voices of two high schoolers talking bounced us back to reality.

Mr. Enrique placed his finger on my lip and flushed the toilet to send a signal that someone was occupying the space.

But the voices sounded familiar. Well, one of them at least. It was Vaughn. He was talking about me.

“I’m taking her to see my parent’s, bro,” he said to the boy who sounded like J’son.

“You are that serious about Jasmine?” his companion asked.

“I am…I love this girl,” he boasted.

That’s when the eyes that were looking into mine became sad. Mr. Enrique folded his lips and sighed. Then looked at me with a smirk on his face.

Suddenly he began kissing me again and I tried to stop him. I couldn’t make any sound because Vaughn was in the toilet right next to me. J’son, or the guy who sounded like him, was washing his hands over the sink.

Mr. Enrique purposefully bit my lips, causing me to moan softly. I wasn’t waiting for that. But it was vindictive.

“Is there a girl here?” Vaughn asked.

Then someone looked underneath and started to giggle.

“Hey man, there’s a girl and a boy in here…Vaughn take a look at those shoes,” he said.

You could hear my heart beat from a mile off. I started to have dizzy spells. Several heart attacks. Massive strokes. Veins popping. Arteries clogging. I was dead meat.

Then there was a silence in the bathroom.

“Yo, Vaughn…You ok man?”

But Vaughn said nothing for a while. Until a few seconds later he commanded, “Jasmine open this door. I know your shoes.”

Crap. Today I die. Lord, I am finished. I trembled. Mr. Enrique didn’t seem to be bothered. He seemed quite thrilled that we’d been busted by Vaughn. This war between these two had to stop. But my behavior was fueling the whole thing. I felt sweat running down my thick thighs. I was having cold the chills. This has to be a lucid dream. I waited to wake from it.

“Jasmine, open the damn door!” The voice rattled me to the core.

I had no choice but to slide the latch and open the door. There we were. Face to face with Vaughn. Our bodies so close together.

It will be forever etched in my mind, the look on Vaughn’s face, when he saw me and my teacher so close together, breathing on each other, locked up in the men’s toilet.

Even the sound of that makes me sick to my stomach.

Oh Jasmine! What on earth have you done!!!

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