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Chapter 3- The Sinister Plan


I can’t believe I was such an idiot. How could I have ever thought that I would get away with treating a woman that way?

This wasn’t how I was raised. But I needed to try and fit in and remain relevant.

This girl Jasmine was always digging on me at school. She would look at me in this seductive way.

But hardly anybody paid her any mind. People would walk right into her and never recognize her.

She was a very smart girl. She was a straight-A student, but we don’t care about brains really. Beauty was what kept us attracted to a woman.

When she handed me that letter a few days ago in the cafeteria, the boys -J’son, Michael and I, we all laughed.

J’son said we should teach her a lesson that she should stay in her “piggy” lane. Oh, by the way, Jasmine is...Hmmm, overweight. Ok. Ok, FAT!!

It didn’t feel right about the plan but I had a reputation to protect.

Apart from being the most popular guy in school, my family is prestigious and they expect me to date a certain type of girl.

And because of their expectations, I couldn’t ask Jasmine to come to my home so Michael decided we should use his uncle’s house.

They figured a girl like Jasmine shouldn’t be allowed to enter our upscale home.

In all honesty, there was always a knot in my belly, but I went along.

I remember when Jasmine walked into the house, she looked pleasantly different in casual clothes. She smelled nice too.

I have always seen her in uniform. I never saw her look so plain before.

The boys were in place and I told them that after 20 minutes they could come in.

Usually, by 15 minutes I would be done with whatever I was doing with the countless women I have ever ‘messed around’ with.

Call me a rabbit but I don’t waste time. The cuddly stuff is for men who like that kind of thing.

Women see me as an object, and I give them pleasure and done. No time- wasting.

Jasmine entered my room and sat on the bed. We immediately started talking. She is quite the yapper. She went on about a movie that she thinks we could watch together. The Kissing Booth, I believe.

From the time I heard the word ’kissing,” I moved in quickly and began to fondle her until she started to push me away.

She said she wanted to talk instead, but that fell on deaf ears. I continued my move and when she resisted, I started to get rough with her.

It wasn’t until I saw that she was crying that I stopped. She told me that she was a virgin and that made me scared.

I have a sister and a mother and aunts too.

I would never want a man to violate them like that. Besides, losing one’s virginity should at least be consented to, and it should be something special. That’s why I don’t mess with virgins.

I placed her head on my chest and she was trembling. It made me a bit concerned. Although Jasmine is a weighty girl, she felt quite normal and light in my arms.

I could smell her hair. It was like strawberries and coconut combined. And I noticed that she had beautiful and soft skin too.

I was beginning to feel comfortable when Michael and J’son burst through my door demanding their share.

To cover up my shame, I instructed them to go ahead and do what they wanted with Jasmine.

It took quite a lot from me to say that but I didn’t want my best friends to think I’d softened up.

Jasmine sprang to her feet and started to wrestle her way out of what was planned for her.

After several minutes of resistance, I quickly intervened. I punched one of the guys. I don’t recall which one.

I was just as surprised as J’son and Michael. I could see their faces. They were puzzled. But in my gang, I called the shots.

I didn’t realize how quickly they left the room as my focus was on Jasmine in her wrecked state.

She looked terrified. I’d tried helping her up but she called me a “rapist.” And she was right.

I felt despicable. As she left the bedroom, I pondered whether her destination would be to the police station.

I played out the scene in my head. I would be arrested. Charged with attempted rape. Expelled from school and shoveled in the ground by my father.

He wouldn’t even consider boarding school. He would prepare my tomb and kill me to make sure I occupied it.

I was scared and jumped in my ride, looking for Jasmine. She was walking home. Poor Jasmine. She walked fast and I drove behind her. I could tell she was crying.

I asked her whether she wanted at least a ride.

She insisted she didn’t. Her blouse was torn. I am in trouble. I followed her home and drove away when she entered her little picket fence.

“Vaughn you are dead” I whispered to myself. I knew this is yet to be over.

When I went home, - my real home - I didn’t see anyone in the living room except the helpers who were preparing dinner.

Thankfully, my parents were working late as usual.

I saw Michael and J’son blowing up my phone. I refused to answer.

Instead, I laid on my bed thinking about my coming demise.

I tried having happy thoughts, knowing this would most likely be my last couple of hours among the land of the living.

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