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Chapter 4- Humiliation


This was by far the longest night in history. I felt sick to my stomach and I wanted to find a way to skip school.

The only issue was that I had a makeup test that I really needed to take and I had exhausted fake illnesses. I was already diagnosed with anemia, fatigue, headaches, stomach gripes...good Lord. I had no more tricks left in my bag to throw at my parents.

I took a shower and put on my uniform. Memories of what transpired yesterday lingered in my head.

My mom was already on her way out the door when I ran downstairs, grabbing a banana and some toast.

I shoved it in my bag just in case I felt faintish. I couldn’t stomach anything.

My mouth felt dry and my body just kept shaking. I just had a sick feeling that somehow this day was going to be worse than the previous one.

My dad was the one who drove me to school every morning. We hardly ever spoke to each other, so the deafening silence in the car was nothing strange to him.

When he dropped me off, he kissed my cheek like he usually does, telling me that he loved me for the umpteenth time.

“Love you too dad,” I said, hurrying out of the car.

I waited for him to drive off before slowly making my way into the entrance of the school. The doors were opened and I walked in with fear and trembling.

As I slowly made my way to my locker, suddenly, all the yapping from everyone stopped.

Silence filled the room. I saw Vaughn and his cronies standing in the hallway. The cheerleaders were there. The rich girls’ squad and the pompous boys’ gang.

I lifted my head for a split second and saw that Vaughn was looking at me. We made eye contact. I hate him. There was still a frightening silence until someone yelled, “She tore the sheet,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

“Look guys, it’s Free Willy…And she tore the sheets,” Amanda yelled, making her way to Vaughn. She leaned against him giggling.

“She tore the sheet,” they all said, turning it into a song. The cheerleaders were even dancing to the tune.

Instantly I felt like I wanted to die. I wanted the earth to open and swallow me. I turned to my left. My right. They surrounded me. Chanting “Free Willy tore the sheet!”

The tears flowed down my cheek like rain. They were hot like fire. A group of them made a circle around me. Encamping me. I tried to push my way through.

I placed both my hands on my ears, but they only chanted louder.

I finally cut through the human circle running with my eyes closed. I was running to the door. Anywhere would be safer than this place. I didn’t get close enough to the door before I crashed to the floor. The laugher got even more intense.

I wanted to remain on that cold floor. I didn’t want to wake up from there. The bell rang and not even that stopped the snickering. Everybody knew what had happened to me.

Vaughn must have told them. He stood there with his minions, looking at them humiliate me and he said nothing. I stood up and looked at him. We were about 7 feet apart from each other.

He was leaning against the locker with Amanda in his arms. “Oh, Miss Piggy, what did you think was going to happen? That he would marry you or something?” Amanda said, mocking me, and bursting into an evil laugh soon after.

“Let’s go to class, Baby. Surely, we had enough of this clown for one day,” she said, pulling Vaughn towards their classroom.

Michael and J’son followed. They had evil in their eyes and smirks on their faces. Somehow, I knew the humiliation wasn’t over. I staggered into the women’s bathroom and locked myself in.

I stayed there for almost an entire period. I couldn’t venture into my classroom. The entire school knew what had happened to me.

“Jasmine Scotland, please come to the principal’s office.”

The sound of my name on the PA system rattled my heart. This day surely couldn’t get any worst.

I made sure no one was in the bathroom, before slowly making my way through the hallways. I saw myself on that floor as I was having flashbacks of what had just transpired. I wiped my tears, but anyone could easily tell that I’d been crying, because my eyes were already swollen.

I walked past my locker and noticed the graffiti. Someone’d spray-painted it. “Throw Shamu back into the ocean. It tore the sheet.”

The principal’s office was a few blocks down from my locker so it gave me enough time to dry my eyes again.

I knocked on the heavy varnished door. “Come in,” I heard Principal Thompson say as I slowly turned the knob to open it.

Vaughn was sitting in the office along with Michael and J’son. Someone had told the principal what had happened and I was called in to confirm whether it was true or not.

“Jasmine, how are you today?” Principal Thompson asked.

Sir, I am…I am…fine,” I replied hesitating.

“Jasmine, we received reports that something happened between you and these boys yesterday. I want you to know that we have strict policies against such behavior. If what we heard is true, these boys will be expelled,” he said.

There was a silence in the room and I could see Vaughn’s face turn red, and his eyes cloud with fear and anxiety.

I saw him fiddling with his fingers like he was having a panic attack. All three of them were nervous.

“Sir, whatever you heard was just a rumor. None if it has any truth to it. Can I be excused?”

Principal Thompson did not get another chance to ask me any further questions. I stormed out of his office in tears. Marathon time again.

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