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Chapter 7 -Falling For The Outcast


I walked out of the principal’s office and pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. I was expecting to be expelled from school and then buried alive.

But Jasmine denied the whole thing had happened. Why did she do that? This girl must truly be good at heart.

I deserved to be expelled. Me and my two despicable friends. I felt horrible inside. Guilty even; that after putting this innocent girl through hell, that she could protect me like that. Why did she protect me?

I have to at least tell her thank you. I need to at least show gratitude. Surely, I can’t be seen speaking to her in school, that would ruin my reputation.

I remember where she lived, and tonight, I would drive to her house and thank her in private. That’s the least I could do after she’d saved my life from the death of my father.

My boys believed that she was trying to protect herself by not snitching on us. They claimed that she would be the one humiliated.

I didn’t see it that way. How could she be humiliated more than she’d already been? My girlfriend Amanda took the cake for making Jasmine feel bad today.

Amanda is the worst thing to happen to the female race, but she was the most popular girl in school. It is only quite fitting that we mesh together. But I don’t love Amanda. I never did. I have to play the game for the sake of my rep.

Anyway, as I was saying…I, and of course my tag team, had everything to lose. We would have been expelled and disgraced. People would eventually forget what happened to Jasmine. So, I believe that there was more to protecting me than I understood.

As I drove home from school, I turned the music up to its maximum volume. Flashes of Jasmine laying on my chest that dreadful afternoon lingered in my mind.

Each flash hit me like an avalanche. Why were these thoughts in my head? The smell of her hair never left my nostrils either.

Come on Vaughn. Really? Get a life dude. She’s only the weirdest-looking, unpopular fat girl in school.

This may be so, but I can’t get this plus-sized girl out of my head.

Maybe its guilt that I feel. The guilt of attempting to rape her and have my friends further violate her. Yes, this is what my emotions are about. A guilt trip. And now to propel the situation, she saved me from being expelled.

Clearly, I could not be having feelings for this girl. HA! HA! I could never.

I made my way home. Had dinner in my room. My parents are always too busy to have dinner together. We try to make up for it on weekends. But we have maids who do a fabulous job of raising me.

Typical American lifestyle for the rich and famous. Maids raise the kids.

Once I was done with dinner. I showered and decided to head to Jasmine’s home.

On my way, I felt a sense of fear. That was simply because I had no idea how she was going to come across.

Maybe she would spit in my face. I walked with a washrag just in case and extra clothes to change into, if she decided to splash me with overnight urine.

I imagined all kinds of stuff. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t listen to me either.

As I came closer to the picket fence, I clenched my fist and sighed, parking not too far from the entrance.

I walked into the yard, making hesitant strides to the door, finally having the courage to knock on the glass.

“Goodnight, is anyone home?” I choked.

I waited for a while, and just as I was about to knock again, she opened the door.

Her eyes turned fierce when she saw me. It dangled with pure hatred towards me.

I clenched my jaw. She was wearing a mini skirt that exposed a little skin and one of these tops with the slim string. I don’t know the exact name but that’s how I can explain it.

“Vaughn, get out of my yard. You mean school wasn’t enough? You decided to bring your insults and hatred to my home?” she growled.

I couldn’t speak, and as she turned her back to close the door, I jammed it with my foot saying “I am sorry for what I …we did. Thank you for protecting me.”

I could see the tears building up in the corner of her eyes.

She pushed me, causing me to fall flat on my behind on her wooden porch, before violently slamming the door in my face.

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