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Chapter 8- The Devil Is In My House


I laid straight on my bed gazing at the ceiling. The fan was moving with the same rhythm as my head.

The tears ran down to the side of my eyes, with several drops spilling into my ear before dropping onto my pillow. The audacity of Vaughn to come to my house after all the humiliation I’d suffered in school today.

My home was my haven of peace. The only place I felt safe. It was like a chain breaker. But now, I couldn’t even experience comfort there anymore because of the likes of Lucifer himself.

Why would he come here? He wanted another story to tell to the school tomorrow. How he came to my little broken-down home. I bet someone was in his car taking pics.

I quickly grabbed my cellphones to check for photos. Vaughn had to be up to no good. He couldn’t have wanted to see how I was doing. He has not one ounce of humanity in him.

What a calculated, sick, disgrace to the human race.

“Jazz…Jazzzzzz,” I heard my mom calling from downstairs. If she only knew that I just wanted to stay in my room and wallow in my misery. But I love my mom, and I see how hard she works, so I sprang to my feet, heading downstairs to see what she wanted that required her screaming my name.

“Mom…you called me?”

For the life of me, this isn’t happening. As I walked down the stairs. I came face to face with Beelzebub once more.

Vaughn was sitting on my small kitchen counter talking to my mother.

“Mother, what is this boy doing in our home?” I asked with tears already building in my eyes.

“He said that he came to apologize to you for something.”

Vaughn looked nervous. He did this thing with his fingers whenever he is under pressure. He fiddles with them.

I looked at the low-down, dirty, shame siting at my table, and with disgust, I growled at him, “Vaughn, go home, and don’t you come back here again.”

My mom had never heard me speak to anyone with so much hatred before. Her eyes popped, and as Vaughn got up from the chair, she asked me to apologize.

Sighing and bursting into laughter I turned my back to walk away.

“Young lady, don’t you dare walk away from this kitchen!”

I jolted back and froze. I have always been an obedient child, but that stellar record may have to be broken, because there was no way I was going to stand there and converse with Satan.

“Jasmine, I am sorry for the way I treated you. It was rude and unkind of me. In the presence of your mom, I am asking you to forgive me.”

I felt blood in my mouth. I wanted to choke the life out of Vaughn. What kind of sick game was this boy playing? Another one of his tricks. I am sure he is recording the whole thing. Sucker probably is wired.

My mom looked at me with this “well” expression. I knew they both wanted an answer from me.

“Vaughn if you are truly sorry, I will only accept this apology in the presence of everyone at school.”

His eyes widened.

“Heh, heh…I thought so. Now get out,” I spat.

Vaughn walked slowly out of the door while my mom looked at me with disappointment on her face, shaking her head in disbelief.

If I ever revealed to my mom what Vaughn had done, she would be on the phone with the cops, not watching me like I just walked over her grave.

I left for my bedroom upstairs, climbing two steps at a time. This is how far I wanted to be away from any remnants of Vaughn in my house. And as for mom, well, I just felt sorry that I could not reveal to her what dreadful thing this monster had planned for her beloved daughter.

I gravitated to my bed once more. My heart raced. It could be as a result of flying up the stairs, or the fact that these encounters with the Prince of Darkness were just becoming unbearable.

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