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Chapter one…. An unforeseen encounter.

Jenna Anderson stood surveying the oasis in front her turquoise blue- green gaze, the lush green trees and the green pristine waters flowing from the natural waterfall which fell from a hidden spring inside a Rocky Mountain.

“ Breathtaking isn’t it Aphrodite “, she said chuckling by mind link to her wolf.

Aphrodite did a twirl around her mind returning the chuckle as she admired what she and Jenna had found.

Lets take a swim” suggested her wolf Aphrodite.

Jenna looked around cautiously, a worrying frown etched around her forehead, if they were caught, they would be reprimanded by her father he was the Alpha of the Moon Eclipse Pack. Jenna had accompanied her father to see the neighboring pack of the Harvest Moon Pack on rouges entering their territory and abducting their unmated females. The Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack invited her father to talk with him so they could come up with a solution and find out where the females were being taken. Jennas father and her had been waiting for two weeks to see the Alpha who had been called away on an emergency.

Jenna stripped out of her jeans cutoff pants and her black tank top, she walked to the waters edge and dipped her toes in experimentally, the water felt refreshing and cool against her over heated skin, usually after a run she usually took a refreshing shower, she knew when she let her wolf out Aphrodite she ran without a care in the world stopping to smell the wild flowers, sniff the air chase a rabbit or squirrel, their trips were usually to let them bond getting closer to nature and each other. Light hearted Jenna jumped in the water letting out a small squeal as the cool waters touched her overheated skin, she dived in for awhile frolicking and laughing. Jenna was enjoying this little swim when her wolf Aphrodite sensed that they were not alone anymore, she turned around swimming quickly to her heap of clothes.

Jenna felt very uncomfortable because she sensed it was another wolf, she could smell him, cedar and citrus very virile and woodsy smell, suddenly the smell was gone. The male wolf left , Jenna wasted no time she got out of the water shifted to her white

wolf form , grabbed her clothes with her mouth and ran back to the Super Moon’s pack house. She sneaked into her room without anyone seeing her. She decided to take a nap, she was a bit agitated for some unknown reason, maybe because she had disobeyed her fathers warning and gone on her own, she shuddered when she thought how close she had been to real danger.she could have been kidnapped just like her female pack members, Aphrodite was unusually quiet and not talking either, she seemed on edge for some unknown reason.

Jenna awoke with her stomach grumbling, the place looked unusually dark it seemed she had slept through dinner, her dad will be pissed at her. She hoped that the Alpha did not come while she was asleep and her dad was left alone to talk with him.

Jenna brushed her teeth, washed her face and combed her hair, before exiting her room to go find something to eat. The pack house was decorated with all the modern decorations, it was very beautifully done lovely grey shades that complimented each other, it seemed she was the only one up this late, she made her way into the kitchen, every imaginable kitchen aid was in here, she made her way to the huge silver GE Refrigerator and opened the door, she poked her head inside the huge interior, vegetables, fruits, yogurt and lots of left overs , Jenna ignored the left overs and grabbed an apple and was about to grab a handful of grapes when she smelt the familiar cedar citrus, woodsy smell she gulped nervously.

“ Hmmm very nice , but I like you better without clothes like this evening.” Drawled a very sexy male voice.

Jenna pulled out her head from inside the fridge so fast she banged her head on the inside of the fridge hard, it brought dark spots in her vision. She was going to give this moron a piece of her mind. She opened her mouth to lash out but when her vision cleared her mouth opened soundlessly as she stared at the most rugged, handsome species of male she had ever seen, his eyes deep blue cobalt ones captured her turquoise ones captive, he was leaning on the island but he straightened up walking like the predator he was towards her. His scent attacking her senses, pulling her towards him, her wolf whimpered in warning .

Jenna stepped backwards as he advanced straight to her, his blue eyes glinted becoming deeper as he saw her retreat, he saw the minute she sensed the bond, she shook her head in the negative as her back hit the wall, he kept coming until his chest touched the tips of her breast, she bit back the moan as her nipples hardened from the contact. He caged her in with both hands his scent over powering her.

“ Although it all belongs to me now. “ he said possessively.

“ NO, I belong to no one but myself.” Jenna murmured, before the lights went out and his lips crushed hers under a savage kiss that robbed her of speech, her senses spinning out of control, Aphrodite said one word “ Mate” as she was taken in a savage but passionate kiss that made her groan .

When the kiss finished he touched his head to hers, kissing her on the forehead.

“Go, while you can or I claim you right here”. He said huskily, one look at his stormy cobalt blue gaze and Jenna fled , seeing the effort it took him to fight to keep his wolf from taking over.

Jenna didn’t sleep, she tossed and turned for the rest of the night, it was very close to the morning when her eyes fluttered close, a rapid knock woke her up, her fathers voice from the other side of the door waking her up. “ Jenna shake a leg, the Alpha is here and wants us in his study fifteen minutes ago.”

She jumped out of the bed as she heard her fathers footsteps retreating back downstairs ,she speedily took a shower brushing her hair and pulling on skinny ripped jeans and a red off the shoulder top with a slight peek at her flat toned stomach, she grabbed her matching jeans jacket after spraying her favorite perfume the one by dolce and Gabbana.she tried very hard not to think about what happened the night before, she needed her wits about her to help her father in getting the Alpha to help them with the problem of the rouges and the missing pack females. Jenna would have to tell her father about her possibly finding her mate.

Chapter two ..... A shocking revelation.

Jenna was shown to the Alphas study by his Beta Cameron Riaz, she opened the door and walked inside to see her dad seated in a high desk chair, he was alone she had some time to compose herself before the Alphas appearance.

She surveyed the office just like the rest of the house the office was decorated in all the modern technologies of the twentieth century, there were bookshelves stacked with lots of books of every imaginable thing you can search for , her turquoise eyes took in the massive desk in the corner of the room tucked away but very dominantly in the study, two phones, books , pens etc were neatly on top of the desk.

She smelt him before she encountered his mocking cobalt blue eyes, his smirk and the message in his eyes made the fine hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

This does not bode well for us “came the unwelcome voice from Aphrodite her wolf.

“ Tell me about it “ she muttered in agreement.

Jenna and her father got to their feet respectfully, her father shaking hands with the Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack.

“ This is my daughter Jenna Anderson, Alpha. “ introduced her father Dean Anderson, his red gold hair and turquoise eyes just like his daughters one glancing at his only daughter with pride.

She steeled herself as her smaller ones were enveloped in a firm, big male hand, his eyes captured hers a gleam of Possession in his cobalt blue ones, as he shook hands with her , not releasing her hand but holding on longer than necessary.

“ Allow me to introduce myself Jenna, “ his voice caressed her name “ I am Alpha Kade Duvall of the Harvest Moon Pack at your service. “

For some unknown reason Jeanna felt like he was not only stating his name to her but his intentions towards her. A mate bond cannot be broken if either reject the other it would be very painful and lead to madness or death. Jenna never wanted a mate, she wanted to be free to help her father with their pack, she was next in line for the Alpha because she was an only child, her father had been teaching her from her early teens to take up her position as the Alpha of the Moon Eclipse Pack. Jenna had already been accepted by her pack as the next in line. It’s one of the reasons she had accompanied her father on this talk, now a problem had cropped up. Kade Duvall was a very dominant Aloha and he seemed too possessive of her already and he hadn’t even marked her yet. Jenna saw a problem cropping up, the only thing got her to do was reject him, but looking at him his cobalt blue eyes glinting at her every-time he glanced at her, she didn’t think he’d give her the opportunity to reject him there’d be hell to pay.

Jenna was bought rudely out of her thoughts when her father said “ The reason for our visit Alpha Duvall is simple, we’re having a problem with rogues , they are entering our territory and stealing our women.”

She felt his eyes on her his cobalt blue ones serious and determined as he answered “ I will be happy to assist you Alpha Anderson, but in return I want your daughter, she is my mate . “

My father turned towards me with a questioning look “ Jenna is this true ? “

With her turquoise eyes stormy, she nodded affirmatively “ It would seem so father”.

The Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack looked at both parent and child, it seemed they needed some time to come to the terms that he had agreed too. He cleared his throat “ Why don’t you use my office and talk over my terms, I’ll be back in thirty minutes for an answer Alpha.”

Dean Anderson looked at his daughter as the Alpha left his office, he had been a single parent raising his daughter Jenna since she was ten years old. Her mother his mate had gotten a fever that took her from him, before she died she had made him promise to keep their only child safe, never imposing his will on Jenna but bringing up a strong, independent young wolf. He had to admit that with every passing of the mating ball and Jenna not finding her mate had made him breath a bit easier, he had already lost one person he loved he didn’t want to lose the only person alive he loved. He had no son, to take up the reins of Alpha, who said an Alpha had to be a male. He had trained Jenna to take over after his death, the members of his pack already accepted the fact that she would be the Alpha and they respected her leadership. He felt her hand on his shoulder and turned to face her, he had heard rumors of this Alpha being ruthless and dominating. He had seen the look in the Alphas eyes he wanted Jenna, and he had a feeling that he would move heaven and earth to claim what was his, his mate.

Dad I’m not leaving our pack or you, I don’t want a mate .” Jenna said vehemently.

“ Jenna, we don’t seem to have a choice we need his help, our pack is small we need to find our female pack members and put a stop to the rouges.”

“ Don’t worry Dad, I’ll think of something, why don’t you go take a rest after we give the Alpha his answer” she said soothingly.

A knock was heard on the door before Alpha Kade Duvall entered his study, his cobalt eyes expectant.

Chapter three...... The deal between mates.

Jenna and her father were told to reseat themselves , she watched as he sat himself behind his massive desk. He looked at her expectantly his cobalt blue eyes gleamed almost threateningly at her. Her fathers clearing of his throat made the Alpha glance at him .
“ Have you made a decision about my terms ?” He questioned tensely, his cobalt blue gaze unreadable.
“ Yes we’ve decided to accept Alpha Duvall.” Said Dean Anderson almost in resignation, his turquoise eyes quite not holding the younger Alphas .
“ Great, now with due respect Alpha, I’d like to have a private word with Jenna , “ he said unreadably.
Her father glanced at her, a question in his eyes she nodded slightly and he got respectfully to his feet and made his way towards the door, opening it he walked out leaving a tense Jenna behind.
The silence in the study was tense, Jenna felt her wolf Aphrodite giggle nervously.she tensed when he got up from behind the desk and prowled towards her, he stood in front her and then leaned against the desk his strong muscular arms crossed over his very muscularly ripped chest, she felt her wolf sigh with pleasure at the mountain of virile manhood perched on the edge of the desk.
Jenna looked up at him refusing to be intimidated by him, she had the blood of Alphas in her body she will not bow down to any man, be he an Alpha or mate. Her stormy turquoise eyes was held captive by a pair of possessive and determined cobalt blue ones.
“ You do not like my terms I gather ?” He asked unreadably.
“ Did you gave me a choice ?” She asked back heatedly.
He chuckled darkly, “ No.”
She couldn’t sit this close to him any longer, she pushed away from the chair and got to her feet “ Be very careful what you say to mate, he is not a very normal man. “ warned Aphrodite sensing Jennas tension.
“I will be ungrateful if I did not accept your generous help, my pack needs your assistance .” She said carefully trying not to rile the Alpha. He was watching her like a predator watching it’s unwilling prey.
He slowly got up and walked towards her, his eyes filled with intent as she walked backwards, he stopped a little away as her back came up against the bookshelf. Jenna didn’t dare watch his eyes she knew what she would see, when mates found each other the chemistry between them sizzle hot until they mated and marked each other. She could taste his arousal it was that apparent, she felt the answering flick of desire as her womanhood clenched down hard, her breast was hardening under his hot gaze, she fought it with all her might. He leaned into her fully his body plastered along hers, she drew in a ragged deep breath as she felt desire unfurling inside her. His hands settled on either side of her hips as he pulled her even closer ,Jenna felt his manhood settle just at the junction of her thighs as he rubbed himself against her .she heard his breath quicken as desire hit him hard, he bent his head towards her neck trailing soft kisses down making her bite her lips to stop the moan she was holding back. He kept grinding himself against her, she turned her head meaning to stop him but he was waiting for her he captured her lips in a kiss that stole her soul, his hands crept up from around her waist to her breast he needed it as his mouth devoured hers, she felt cool breeze hit her exposed skin as he tore her top letting out a guttural groan as he pulled her bra aside and his lips covered her firm up tilted Breast a groan escaped her as she felt her toes curl . Jenna felt his hands fumble with her zip on her pants and she tensed , pushing him away she held her top together with shaking hands covering her bated breast . She held up her hand to stop him he looked as if he was going to pull her back into his arms. His mouth was swollen from their kisses she knew hers had to be also, his eyes were so deep blue that she felt herself drowning in their depts. “ Please Don’t “.
He shook his head and looked at her coolly , Jenna knew he had gotten control of his wolf. “ Ok, but I will have you Jenna “. He said with steely determination.
He walked back to his desk, as she tried buttoning her blouse with shaking hands. “ Will you give me some time please ? “
“ How much time do you need . “ he asked unreadably .
She bit her lip nervously, will he agree to her terms ? “ I need to help my father with this problem of our missing female pack members “.
“ So you want to return with your father back to your pack ? He asked calmly too calmly.
“ Er yes, until this is resolved “. She bit her lip again, she broke out in sweat as his eyes darkened on seeing her punishing her lush red lips between her teeth.
“ you have two weeks Jenna, if you don’t come back I’ll come get you .” He said menacingly , she swallowed nervously.
“ Ok Alpha Duvall “. She said .
“ Not Alpha Duvall, Kade . “ he corrected sternly.
Jenna father mind linked her, they needed to leave in the morning another two of the female pack members had gone missing again.
“ Are we done Al ..... ummm Kade, we leave in the morning, another two missing female members . “ she informed him in a business like tone.
“ For now Jenna, I will see you and your father for dinner, I have pack business away from the pack house .” He said borrowing her tone of voice.
Jenna made her way out of the office like the hounds of hell were after her, she made her way to her fathers room, knocking on his door which he opened immediately.
“ Come in Jenna, is the Alpha allowing you to leave with me in the morning?” He asked getting to the point, his turquoise gaze meeting hers worriedly.
“ Yes but he’s giving me two weeks dad .” She admitted .
“ Without marking you or proclaiming you Luna of the Harvest Moon Pack, “ her father asked incredulously.
“ I guess he believes that I would not break my word.” She mumbled casually. “ Then he is a fool and I know he isn’t ,he has some other plan “ said Aphrodite her wolf worriedly. Jenna shushed her wolf internally.
Jenna and her father spoke for awhile and then she excused herself and went to her room, she decided to make herself scarce from the domineering Alpha. She decided to contact her friends Layla and Patrick letting them know she would be home tomorrow.They chatted about the pack for awhile and then she switched on the TV and watched her favorite movies Transformers.
Jenna switched the TV off and got off the bed, she dragged her feet towards the bathroom to shower and change for dinner. Aphrodite had taken a long nap, now she was all excited and dancing around knowing we were going to have dinner with our mate. Jenna exited the shower and made her way to the closet that held her few clothing that she had brought with her. Aphrodite wanted her to wear a black spaghetti strapped dress that molded to her voluptuous curves, there was a long slit at the front of the dress showing her toned legs, she paired it with black wedges .
we look good to eat “ giggled Aphrodite.
“ No we do not, I do not need a mate ,I am going to be the Alpha of our pack, we will be busy taking care of our members.” Admonished Jenna to her wolf Aphrodite.
Jenna made her way down to see only two place settings at the massive table, and her dad seated at one placement. He got up on seeing her entrance he smiled with pride at his beautiful daughter .
“ Alpha Duvall sends his regrets sweetheart, but he was called away again on another emergency so we dine alone tonight .” Her father chuckled .
Jenna sighted in relieve, she enjoyed the dinner with her father chatting away happily. After dinner she went up to her room changed out of her dress and crashed falling asleep the minute her head hit the pillows , with one thought in mind she couldn’t wait to be out of here and home in her own pack.

Chapter Four ..... Home among friends.

Jenna sighted contentedly as the pack house came into view, the minute they exited the Raptor her fathers Beta Michael Philips and his Delta Jack Ewaski, came out to greet them helping them with their luggage .
“ I’ll meet you all in the study, you too Jenna in ten minutes ,” said her father in his Alphas voice, they all agreed as they entered the pack house.
Jenna made her way up to her bedroom, she needed to change into comfortable shorts and cropped top, she changed out of her sandals into sneakers, she made her way towards her fathers study.
Michael and Jack were already there with her father, she took her seat beside her fathers desk , his office was much warmer that Alpha Duvall, Jenna her self had done the decorating using muted colors that both her father and her loved since it was a shared office.
“ Will he help us ? “ asked Delta Jack Ewaski Impatiently.
“ Yes Jack “ her father answered “ I know you are very worried about your sisters faith as we are for all the missing women.”
“ What I am about to say stays here between the four of us, there are conditions the Alpha expects. “ her father admitted .
“ I’m sure we will more than meet them.” Said Delta Jack Ewaski.
“ What conditions ?” questioned Michael Philips picking up on the tension between father and daughter .
Jenna’s father glanced at her, his turquoise gaze supportive. “ Alpha Duvall will help us find our missing women, but he wants me, that’s the condition attached .”
“ No, you are our future Alpha, you haven’t even found your mate yet Jenna.” Said Jack Ewaski in agitation.
“ About that Jack, the Alpha is my mate .” She answered calmly .
Both the Beta and the Delta looked at her with horror in their eyes, “ How will that work , your his Luna and our future Alpha.”
“ we will deal with that when we come to it gentlemen, “ answered Jennas father in his commanding tone of voice. Everyone left her fathers study Jenna made her way to meet her friends Layla and Patrick, they were meeting up at Starbucks. She got into her car and drove towards the coffee house, the minute she pushed open the doors her friend Layla rushed over and engulfed her in a death grip hug, Jenna hugged her back, her turquoise eyes met and held a pained comical expression in a pair of emerald green eyes, which belonged to her friend Patrick.
“ Is it my turn yet Layla, “ grouched Patrick good naturely.
Next she was embraced not so tightly but securely by a pair of male arms, she snuggled closer in the embrace feeling comfortable and safe. Patrick had been in her life forever they had grown up together attending the same schools, both of them had been inseperateble ever since . Neither of them had found their mate so they had jokingly said they would grow old together.
Now things had changed because Jenna had found her mate, she pushed away gently from his embrace she had to tell them both about all that had happened in the few days she was away. Layla ordered for them all, Jenna found herself figgitting under both her friends gaze two pairs of eyes boring into her evasive turquoise eyes .
“ Well how’d it go, is he going to help us ?” Asked Layla in exasperation her amber eyes curious.
Jenna didn’t answer immediately, she put off answering by taking a sip of her latte, she looked up a pair of curious emerald eyes and a pair of amber watching her.
“ Yes he’s going to help us, with conditions attached though .” She said grabbing her latte and warming up her hands that has suddenly gone cold.
“ what conditions “ came at her from both Layla and Patrick.
“ Alpha Kade Duvall of the Harvest Moon Pack is my mate.” Admitted Jenna in resignation. “ I have two weeks to get my affairs in order, before my mate come gets me .”
“ You found your mate cool , “ said Patrick looking at her through lowered lashes , not quite meeting her gaze. She noticed Layla frowning at Patrick but didn’t make much of it.
“ You are our future Alpha. “ stated Layla with concern.
“ A position I was groomed to take over, and come hell or high water I will fill, I have a very good role model my father, I won’t let him down or the members of the pack. “ Jenna said with steely resolve.
“ I noticed he hasn’t marked you yet, why Jenna ? “ Said Patrick observantly his green eyes gleamed as he took in her unmarked slender neck.
“ You know once you get marked, you will be inseparable from your mate, also the mating .” She said .
Layla and Patrick looked at each other thinking the same thing, their friend did not sound enthusiastic about finally finding her mate. Being good friends though they knew they would help her in what ever decision she made, whether to reject the Aplha or accept her life as the Luna of the Harvest Moon Pack.
They knew that Jenna was very close with her only remaining living relative, she had vowed never to accept a mate but to be the very best female Alpha second to her father. As several years had passed and her not finding her mate She had thought that the Moon Godess didn’t want her to have one, she had grown used to the idea of settling down as the Alpha of the pack.
Patrick excused himself saying he had to do something for his mom, he hugged Jenna again saying he was happy she was back home safe, she ignored the feeling that something was off with him. He seemed troubled about something, whenever he was ready he would talk to her, Jenna was sure.
One week passed with pack life being normal, Jenna kept busy with pack business, there had not been any abduction since their visit to the Harvest Moon Pack. Life went along normal but the small army from their pack kept watch around the borders making sure that the rouges did not breach their borders again.
Jenna was in the study doing the books, thinking that her two weeks would be up in two days Aphrodite was getting a bit agitated as it was coming closer. “ What are we to do, when mate gets here “.
I don’t have a clue Aphrodite but I’m not ready to settle down and be their Luna, popping pups out, my life has to have more meaning than that. I want to make my father proud of me, when he steps down as Alpha I want to take the position with pride and respect that I have earned, not because I am the only heir do you understand what I saying Aphrodite?
yes I know Jenna, I’m proud of you for wanting to earn respect and not expect it because you are next in line for the Alpha position, it shows you will be a great leader to the Moon Eclipse Pack. Kade Duvall is our mate not everyone is blessed with a mate by the Moon Goddess and it seemed you want to reject mate. “ said Aphrodite sensibly.
I don’t want to Aphrodite but he’s possessive and very dominant, he would want to control every facet of my life. I am very blessed to have the Moon Goddess favor, but I have a responsibility to my father and the members of our pack also, they already look up to me for my guidance. I don’t want to disappoint them. She explained patiently to her wolf .
I trust your decisions, although I want our mate also, I will stand together with you whatever you decide .” Said Aphrodite supportively.
“ Thank you Aphoridite for your loyal support of me, I will not let you down or our pack members “. Jenna vowed passionately.
Jenna concentrated on the record keeping, vowing to herself she was going to do everything in her capabilities to be a successful and fearless leader. They were going to recover their missing pack members and keep the rouges out in future, she vowed to herself.
The next day Jenna and her father went on a search for the whereabouts of the rouges, they searched until noon but the Wiley rouges were staying invisible there was not even a wif of their scent. It was like they were phantoms, disappearing after they took their captives.
Jenna and her father took two teams one lead by him and one lead by her. They had searched around the forest with no positive results, by mind link Jenna contacted her father There is not a trace on the eastern side father, I’m leading my search party to the south , there are some mountains to the south maybe we will be successful.
Good plan Jenna, I am having no luck here on the western side either , I will change direction to the north . Mind linked back her father .
Jenna headed to the south after mind linking with the rest of her search party, they searched the forested area but came to a dead end near a mountain, Jenna’s wolf sniffed around getting a slight wif of something but the weather suddenly changed and rain started falling very hard , she mind linked her team of search party and ordered them back to the pack house, she was the last one to turn around, she heard a slight scream like if it came from inside the mountain, but before she could investigate more a loud rumble of thunder crashed around her, before a streak of lightning lighted up the stormy skies, it seemed that the heavens opened and huge drops of rain started falling. As Jenna turned away and stared to run she had the weirdest feeling like she was being watched, she glanced around but saw nothing. Jenna’s father mind linked her where are you Jenna come to the pack house, the search will continue another day.
After showering and changing Jenna made her way to the kitchen, her father and Delta Jack Ewaski and Beta Michael Philips were already there, being served warm bowls of soup with home made fresh bread out of the oven, by their pack house cook Hanna.
“ Did you notice anything at all in the southern side of our borders ? “Asked her father.
“ No .” Chorused both the Delta and theBeta.
Jenna’s uneasy thoughts went back to the odd feeling she had while standing close to the mountain, she could have sworn she heard a scream from deep within the mountain, before that loud crack of thunder covered it up, she had felt unseen eyes on her as she turned to leave, could it have been her imagination or was there something sinister going on near that mountain.
“ what about you Jenna ? “ her father asked his turquoise eyes questioning .
“ I’m not sure Dad, but I’m going back to that mountain to investigate. “ she said spooning the last of her soup in her mouth. They discussed other pack business , supplies, the hospital and the training of the the pack members, in case they were attacked .

Chapter Five : ...... Alpha Kade Duvall.

Alpha Kade Duvall stood looking out at the scenery where he had first encountered his mate, the forested glen looked peaceful and serene, the water fell musically from the waterfall, butterflies, birds and insects flew lazily around eating from the small wild berries scattered around, his wolf Adonis wanted to come out and run around chasing the butterflies and wild hares that frolicked around the glen, but he kept him at bay.
“ If we miss mate this much, why don’t we go too her pack” ? Asked Adonis his wolf.
“ I want nothing more than to possess our little mate, and rip out that independent streak we sense in her, but we made a deal remember, two weeks before we claim her, I also have to hold up my end of the bargain, the unmated female pack members are being abducted and removed without a trace, I’m also very worried our mate does not have our mark on her, she could also be in danger.” Admitted Kade, thinking if he lost his mate he would rip this place apart until he found her.
What are we waiting for then, gather reinforcement and let’s move , the faster we get this problem resolved we could claim mate, “ demanded Adonis encouragingly .
“ Yes “. Said Kade . He stood taking in deep breaths of fresh air into his lungs, he would bring his mate here and mark her, he swelled out his Snow White furry chest as he and his wolf felt the possessive and strong desire unfurl in their stomach as they envisioned mating with their chosen mate. Kades thoughts went back to the first time he had sensed her, the strange smell of flowers and musk had drawn Adonis his wolf they had been taking a run before going to meet the Alpha of the Eclipse Moon Pack , his wolf had not been here in their secret hideaway for two weeks , but on nearing the hidden glen they smelt this intoxicating scent and followed it curiously, from a hidden thick forested patch of trees he saw another Snow White wolf with a tiny black spot on her right leg gazing in awe at the hidden glen with the waterfall, he watched with bated breath as she shifted and the most lovely and sexy young goddess emerged laughing light heartedly she dipped her toes experimentally in the water he knew it was cool against her bare toes, after many runs he had come here to drink the fresh spring water or dive in the cool refreshing depts of the water to wash away the dirt and grime. He watched enthralled as she dove cleanly into the inviting cool water, she frolicked around laughing gayly talking to her wolf Aphrodite, a fitting name because she was a very sensuous and curvy pocket sized Venus goddess, when they sensed his wolf and him, he knew he didn’t want her to feel like she was trespassing so he sneaked away on all fours , knowing in his subconscious they will meet again , before they scampered away Adonis said “ Mate “
“ I know “ . He answered with deep pride.
Kade turned away from his private hidden glen, with determination and a steely resolve, Jenna was theirs and he will not let her slip away, she belonged to them his wolf and him. He mind linked Cameron Riaz his Delta and Danny Vito his Beta, to gather their luggage they were going to the Moon Eclipse Pack to assist in finding the missing women. When he got to the pack house four black Land Rover cruisers were being loaded with everything they would need, half of his army was accompanying him while half was staying back to guard his pack. He mind linked his pack members he will be away for a short time on business .
He jogged into the pack house and headed to his bedroom to take a quick shower , his bags had already been packed by Hanna and waiting on his bed , he showered quickly his pulses quickening as he thought about seeing his mate after their two week separation, Adonis was eager himself to see his wolf .
The drive to the Moon Eclipse Pack was done in three hours, he did not drive in immediately but stood on a hill and servayed the community, the buildings were smaller than the ones in his pack but very beautiful and bustling with pack life , he glanced at the larger structure miniature castle style house that his little sexy mate lived in with her father , it was a beautiful sky blue color with arches and columns , a garden at the back of the castle with roses and flowers of every species , some small fruit tress .
Breathtaking just like mate “ breathed Adonis dreamily, sniffing the air to smell if he could smell her alluring scent.
“ Yes “ said Kade he took his foot off the breaks and drove slowly towards the enormous gate with two eagles perched in flight as two very muscular and burly body guards came towards the vehicles.
“ What’s your purpose here Sir? “
“ Good Morning Gentlemen, I am here to see Alpha Anderson on business “. StatedKade calmly, he had not warned the Alpha of his arrival he wanted to surprise his little mate .
“ Who is asking to see the Aplha .” Demanded the other guard gruffly, his grey eyes flints of ice.
“ Alpha Kade Duvall of the Harvest Moon Pack “, replied Kade coolly.
He watched in interest as one of the two guards walked back towards the small booth and reached for a phone he called to the pack house and his Alpha, he watched as the guard nodded his head too the guard left guarding the gate way. Kade admired the men’s protective-measures that they practiced as the gate was remotely opened the guards saluted him as he drove he heard them say in unison “ welcome to the Eclipse Moon Pack Alpha .”
He returned their salutes as he drove through the gate with the other three Land Rover cruisers following him closely behind , other pack members were gathered outside the miniature castle in a sort of formation properly to welcome them , Kade saw the Alpha waiting as his vehicle came to a stop in the allotted parking space, he got out and stretched his long legs. Alpha Anderson walked towards him a welcoming genuine smile on his handsome face, watched closely by his pack members .
“ Welcome Alpha Duvall “. He said warmly.
Kade was busy searching for Jenna but didn’t see her in the crowd, was his little minx of a mate hiding from him. “ Thank you, but the name is Kade Alpha, we are family after all, “ corrected Kade.
“ Yes that we are Kade, umm she’s not here. “ said the Alpha as he noticed the young Alphas searching cobalt gaze searching the group of pack members.
“ Where is she . “ he asked pinning the older Alpha with cool eyes .
“ Out on patrol, we lost four women last night, I can mind link her .” Suggested the Alpha .
“ No I want to surprise her “. “ he chuckled darkly his eyes gleamed .
“ Ok, well let’s introduce you to the members and get you settled in . “ said Alpha Anderson chuckling heartily, Jenna had met her match.
It was nearing dusk dark when Jenna tiredly made her way to her bedroom, the pack houses was strangely silent tonight. Jenna guessed that they were very worried that another four women had gone missing, she had found herself close to the mountain again, and just like before she had the sense of being watched but no scent was picked up by her wolf Aphrodite, why was around that mountain so creepy.
So deep in thought was she that she failed to realize she walked right passed four strange black vehicles, whenever she didn’t want to be seen there was a side door entrance that lead straight to the upper floor that had five bedrooms , her fathers bedroom was the room farthest from hers , there was a connecting door to her bedroom into another room one that was unoccupied but it was more of a masculine room. Jenna’s thoughts went back to the missing women, of all the packs why was her pack being targeted and why unmarked females, could the rouges be only males ,hence the females only being kidnapped?
Stripping she walked into her shower and turned the pipes on to the desired temperature she stood letting the water just flow on her head , Jenna leaned tiredly on the wall in exhaustion her mind going around in circles, this was getting out of hand nearly twenty unmarked females are now missing, she felt it her responsibility to get to the bottom of this issue most of these women she had grown up with, played with went to school with. Jenna felt tears of frustration slide down her cheeks her tortured thoughts on what the ramifications off what could be happening to these women, being raped and hurt by these rouges .
Jenna made her way out of the shower not drying herself but wrapping her towel around her jacked ness and dropped exhaustedly on her bed . She must have fallen asleep because she got up with a sense of not being alone, just as her senses picked up the woodsy scent of citrus her turquoise eyes widened and she sat up quickly, her gaze encountered a pair of cobalt blue ones gleaming down at her. Kade was seated in a reclining chair looking over at her .

Chapter six ........ Cat got your tongue ?

Jenna swallowed uncomfortably, remembering the state of her undressed , she quickly got to her feet and put some much needed space between her and Kade .
“ Cat got your tongue ? “ mocked Kade .
“ I’ve been busy, we’ve lost four more women last night,” she said almost tearfully.
Jenna didn’t even see him move towards her, but felt a pair of muscular arms around her comfortably , she leaned against him inhaling his citrusy woodsy scent taking the comfort he gave.
“ I heard your father told me when we got here. “ he said she nodded her head in agreement, he continued rubbing her back soothingly. Jenna didn’t quite know when his caress changed , she felt his breath grow raspy and his hand came closer to the underside of her breast . Jenna was pushed at arms length but then a pair of demanding lips melded to hers , she gasped in surprise but Kade took that moment of weakness to drive his tongue inside her mouth , desire unfurled inside her stomach as she found herself holding on for dear life as she was swept away by the storm of desire that sprung up as they kissed hungrily, her towel slid around her feet , his hands molding her buttocks closer to his manhood she ground herself on him her breast swelling in desire. Kades lips left a trail of kisses down her neck and fastened itself on her breast she moaned in surrender, when she felt his finger between her legs she panicked and pushed him away .
They were both breathing hard his eyes dialated in passion, Jenna grabbed her towel and hid behind it, “ I need to change “.
Kade visibly pulled himself together, Adonis his wolf had taken over the moment he had felt her in their arms , the smell of her skin, the fruity smell of her shampoo that immited from her long red gold hair, knowing She was naked beneath that damp towel.
“ Good idea ,” he murmured thickly and almost chuckled when she fled before the words were out of his mouth.
Jenna locked the door securely behind her, looking into the mirror she was amazed to see her turquoise eyes were over bright, her cheeks were red and flushed, her lips were swollen and red like red cherries, she looked throughly kissed. “ Wow, mate can kiss .” Came Aphrodite’s shocked but turned on voice.
“Shut up “ she scolded her wolf and got a bark of laughter in return from Aphrodite.
Jenna ignored her wolf and quickly donned a sky blue Lacey panty and matching bra, she grabbed a beautiful navy blue dress that reached mid thigh, she placed a white pair of flat sandals on her feet.
Her father mindlinked her that dinner was ready and everyone was in the foyer. “ Be right there dad “ she mind linked back.
Opening the door she stepped back into her bedroom to see Kade looking at some of her pictures, they were mostly of Layla and Patrick and her. A few were of her parents but mostly her friends.
“ who is this ? “ he asked pointing to a picture of Patrick holding her upside down across his muscular shoulders, she was all smiles with her long red gold hair almost touching the ground. Jenna looked at Kade his eyes gleamed almost black in turmoil, his jaws clenched tightly.
“ That is my friend Patrick .” She said not seeing what he was getting bothered about.
“ Friend . “ he has his hands on your ass as if he owns it, he growled his wolf very close to the surface.
Jenna stared at Kade in shock, what was he hinting at, Patrick and her were friends since they were neh high. “ You’re delusional she muttered “ . She walked to her door pulling it open she walked away without watching if he was following her, but before she could descend the stairs leading to the ground level leading to the foyer and kitchens, she was grabbed and pushed up against the wall . She looked up to glare at him angrily but was not even given an opportunity to protest, a pair of angry male lips crashed down on hers, this kiss was different from the one before, this was meant as a punishment, she felt his hands dig into her sides as his lips ground against hers, she felt violated , he seemed to want to draw her soul through their melded lips, he bit down on her lower lip hard she knew he had drawn blood.
He pulled away his cobalt blue eyes stormy like the seas, “ You belong to me, nobody touches what is mine”.
Jenna’s turquoise eyes grew equally stormy, she didn’t answer him but pushed him away and walked downstairs fuming. She made her way to the foyer and made sure she was seated close to her father. He watched her curiously but didn’t say anything . When he saw Kade storm in and threw her a heated look he shook his head and hid his smile. “ Trouble sweetheart “. He mind linked Jenna, she growled warningly, everyone looked over at the couple and looked away quickly, seems their Alpha and his future Luna were having issues.
“ Gentlemen, let’s enjoy our dinner and then commence to the hall, where we will discuss our plan to deal with these rouges and find our female pack members . “ Suggested Alpha Anderson.
“ Great idea .” Everyone agreed wholeheartedly.
The meal was served by Hanna and two of the older pack female members, the first course was a beautiful fresh salad grown in their own kitchen garden Jenna picked at her lettuce, pushing around her tomatoes and cucumbers , her stomach felt tied in knots. She noticed that Kade didn’t have the same problem he cleaned his plate when he saw her watching him, he lifted a mocking eyebrow questioning .
The second course was rear beef steaks, with baked potatoes and sweet peas and carrots, everything smelt delicious, but Jenna couldn’t swallow the food .
“ Aren’t you hungry Jenna ? “Asked Kade with a smirk.
“ The foods fine, maybe it’s your company .” She muttered under her breath crossly, she heard him growl warningly.
“ Anyone want desserts or will you pass ? “ asked Alpha Anderson heartily, to cover the tenseness he felt between his daughter and her mate.
Everyone refused but thanked Hanna for a delicious dinner, they all walked towrds the hall, where the members of the pack were gathered, Jenna’s father took her hand and walked at the front of the hall where there was a table and chairs that sat twenty people, he motioned for Kade and his men to join them at the table. She sat next to her father and Kade sat on the other side of him, his men seated themselves around the table.
“ I would like to introduce Alpha Kade Duvall and his men, they are here to assist us in finding our missing pack members and once and for all put an end to the rouges. “ her father said in his Alpha voice, the members of the Moon Eclipse clapped in appreciation. The Harvest Moon members and their Alpha stood up and saluted the members respectfully.
Jenna’s father sat and motioned for Kade to address the members, some who seemed to have questions for the Alpha of the Harvest Moon pack.
One pack member asked Kade “ when will we be going out to search for the women .”
“ I would like to say tonight, but my security men are very good trackers , the best in all the packs. We will need to see what your army here are capable off, rouges are dangerous, if they know we are hunting them they can and will attack the pack house and members. So what we have decided to do is watch your training for a few days see if your skills of combat need a boost before we start this rescue. My men are skilled in arm to arm combat, we fight to the death so if your army needs more training then we will need a week or two for combat training . “ said Kade in his Alphas voice.
It had been three days since Jenna had been alone with Kade, she had been keeping busy on patrol and training with the army, each day she got stronger physically and mentally, she blocked thoughts of Kade out choosing to concentrate on putting a stop to the rouges, and finding their missing female pack members. Jenna had been beating the stuffing out of a bag of sawdust, she had zoned out Patrick and Layla had joined her in the training, both of them were sparring with each other in hand combat, she turned and delivered a spinning hook kick to the bag.
“ Wow, who got your panties in a bunch ? “ laughed Patrick , he and Layla made their way over to Jenna,
She was aggressively beating the shit out of the bag.
“ I’m pissed at these rouges, they come in and disrupt our life, everything was good before they came here making problems for us . “ she muttered crossly.
“ Which rouge are you referring too, the ones that kidnapped our women or the one that’s boring holes in your back right now ?” Asked Layla trying not to laugh, as Jenna turned and glared at the rouge who was looking at her a scowl written on his face.
“Both “ she muttered under her breath.
Layla and Patrick came to stand on either side of Jenna protectively, the three friends sat down under a tree to take a breather, they watched as the both members of the two packs trained tiredlessly preparing for the imminent attack they sensed that was fort coming .
“ What’s wrong Jenna ?” Asked Patrick holding one of her hands soothingly, he dropped her hand hurriedly when he heard a murderous growl come from Kade all the way on the other side of the field.
“ That is what’s wrong, I’m not his possession, I have feelings , I have friends you and Layla, but he acts like I should belong to him and him alone.” She grouched angrily.
“ Listen Jenna, it’s the mate bond , when you meet your mate you are exclusive to each other, any other friendship or relationship you’ve had before will pale in comparison. “ explained Layla patiently.
“ I’m not leaving out my friends because I’ve found my mate. “ she vowed passionately.
“ That’s not what I meant Jenna, it’s different with the Alpha, because he is an Alpha.” Explained Patrick quietly.
“ But you don’t understand , he’s jealous of you Patrick, he thinks there’s something between us.” She said her turquoise eyes puzzled.
Layla and Patrick exchanged looks, one that confused Jenna, until Patrick cleared his throat almost in embarrassment. “ Look Jenna, I won’t lie, I’ve been praying that you didn’t find your mate and we could be together, but you did find him “ .
Jenna stared open mouthed at her friend , her turquoise eyes pained she had no idea that their crazy talks had been taken seriously byPatrick. “ I didn’t know Pat “ .
“ It’s ok I know you’ve been unaware of my feelings .” Admitted Patrick.
They hanged around for another thirty minutes, then split up To go shower and change, they were meeting up at Starbucks. Jenna made her way to her room in deep thought, she grabbed a black pair of skinny jeans and orange off the shoulder top, she rummaged through her drawers pulling out matching black lace panties and matching bra set. She quickly stripped and walked into the bathroom, Jenna switched on the shower and walked beneath it, she was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear the bathroom being slid open and her not being alone anymore, she opened her eyes in shock as her nose picked up the strong smell of woodsy citrus cologne, but before she could comprehend a pair of muscular locked around her hips and she was propelled against a very naked male muscular body, she froze as she felt his manhood rub against her buttocks.
“ I warned you didn’t I Jenna,” he hissed into her ear, before she felt herself being spinned around and pushed against the shower wall, her hands were held in one of his larger ones, her turquoise eyes were spitting fire at him as she encountered a pair of determined cobalt blue ones. With his free hand he grabbed her breast kneeling them, she felt her breast peaks harden under his big hands and swell in his palm, he murmured thickly. “ Your body knows who it belongs too baby “
Jenna opened her mouth to protest but he was waiting like a hawk, his lips covered hers in a passionate kiss, she moaned as desire unfurled insidiously inside her stomach, she opened like a flower to the rain kissing him back , she heard him groan excitedly as the passion licked inside them both , he hauled her into his arms kissing her deeper as his tongue drove repeatedly inside her mouth, his hands roamed everywhere, he gripped her buttocks and pulled her closer to his hardening manhood , she felt excited as his flesh settled between her legs , she felt herself rubbing hotly against him wanting to feel him inside her, he tore his mouth away from her lips trailing kisses down her neck and shoulders , his lips suckled her breast , she pushed her breast deeper into his mouth excitedly as she felt real desire unfurled inside her she groaned trying to pull him back up to her lips, he kissed down her body as he knelt on bended knees between her legs, she looked down confused as he watched her confused gaze, he bought his hand on her upper thighs and parted her legs, holding her gaze with his mo,ten hot cobalt gaze he slid a experimental finger inside her core, he saw her turquoise gaze widen in desire, she bit her lip hard as he removed his finger and she watched as he bought his mouth where his finger had been she jumped a bit when she felt the tip of his tongue graze her clit, he opened her wider as he started nibbling her she moaned as desire intensified his tongue slid all the way inside swirling around she grabbed his head to steady herself as he ate her pussy hungrily she felt herself getting wetter and her hips mo Ed with a mind of its own as she felt herself tightening , Jenna had her first orgasm and screamed loudly as she burst apart by the seams. Kade pulled himself up his mouth latching unto hers greedily, he grabbed hold of her hand and placed it around his penis , with his hand around hers he placed it between her thighs and moved her hand on his penis she felt him eatin* her mouth greedily just like he had done to her vagina, his hand quickened around his penis as he spilled all over her stomach .
“ Oh baby that was so fucking sweet, you are fucking sweet “ he groaned against her neck, nipping her with his teeth on the side of her neck.

Chapter seven ......... Passion unleashed.

Jenna stood watching out her window, thinking of the day in the shower, Kade had unleashed a passionate side to her body. She craved his touch one look from his cobalt blue eyes and her panties got wet with excitement. They had been sharing a bed every night after that, he had not fully made love too her but in every way he had shown her desire. Jenna smelt him before she felt his arms come around her waist pulling her towards his muscular chest.
She felt her heartbeat quicken and liquid pool between her legs as he nibbled her earlobe, Jenna arched her neck as he nibbled the side of her neck, his tongue and teeth nipping her skin, she knew that her neck had little red marks all over.
Kade turned her around, his gaze deep cobalt liquid pools, “ I need to Mark you Jenna .”
“ You will just not yet, let’s rescue our females first, “ she said pulling herself together.
“ I don’t want to lose you like the others, if you’re unmarked you can also be taken .” He said his voice tormented .
“ Kade the rouges will not risk abducting a future Alpha , and your mate .” She said realistically.
In his eyes she saw he wanted to argue, taking a finger she placed it on his male lips, he kissed it running his tongue on her finger tip. “ Please , you keep me safe each night, our pack members and your own patrol these grounds diligently every minute of each day .”
He nodded in resignation, they have had this conversation before , he wanted to mark her so he could finally introduce her to his pack as their Luna.
“ were you waiting for me baby ?” He asked teasingly.
“ Yes I was on my way to meet Layla and Patrick.” She said watching as his eyes flared flintily.
“ I’m trying to not snap that little twerps neck, but I know you’ve been friends from since childhood so I’m willing to,tolerate him around you, just don’t let me regret my decesion .” He said coolly.
“ Thank you .” She said in gratitude, tiptoeing she dropped a kiss on his nose .
Kade’s lips twitched a smile forcing itself out of him, his cobalt blue eyes glinted down at her. “ Is that all you’ve got ?”
Jenna’s eyes glinted in devilment she pulled his head down slowly towards hers, she touched her lips fleetingly against his, letting her tongue lightly graze his lips, she nibbled his male lips biting it harder , when he gasped she drove her tongue inside , kissing him just like he had taught her. Only when she heard him groan in surrender did she pull away.
She made a move to pull away but was grabbed back towards him , “ No you don’t .”
He quickly unbuttoned her blouse flinging it away , he unhooked her bra and unzipped her jeans , he watched as she shimmed out of them her pink Lacey panties coming off also, Kade quickly took his clothes off, he pulled her towards the bed and pushed her on it, he followed her dropping on top of her , his lips captured hers in a deep kiss that had her arching into him as their heated bodies touched, his hand crept down between her legs she opened them to give him more access as he drove his finger inside her slickness, she moaned In his mouth , his fingers stroked inside intensifying as he felt her slickness around his finger , “ Oh god baby come for me “ he groaned icing her lips as he felt her orgasm coming closer , she screamed and he swallowed it as she shattered al around him .
Jenna took a few minutes to get her breath back, she pushed him off and straddled him , feeling bold she kissed him like he had done for her, she kissed down his flat muscular chest and stomach, she didn’t stop till she reached his engorged penis. Kade watched her through thick eyelashes his eyes passion filled , she touched his penis, he pushed against her hand, she licked her lips and lowered her head experimentally she ran her tongue lightly on the head, Jenna heard his breath hitch in his chest as he shuddered in ecstasy , she licked the length taking courage from the panting groans coming from him, she pumped his penis as she licked him , she put him in her mouth experimentally he tasted salty she kept licking and pumping him, he groaned louder she felt him actually leave the bed as he came spilling down her chest , he pulled her up and kissed her deeply .
“ That was incredible baby “. He moaned kissing her again.
Jenna blushed and looked away, from his desire filled cobalt blue gaze. He captured her face and made her look at him. “ You are breathtaking Jenna, I’ve never felt such desire or so fulfilled after an orgasm.”
“ You always pleasure me , I thought I could do the same for you .” She said cheeks red .
“ Thank you “. Kade said simply.
They both showered and dressed in clean clothes, and walked hand in hand downstairs , smiling at each other.kade walked her to her car and waved as she pulled out to meet Layla and Patrick.
Jenna parked in Starbucks driveway and made her way to her friends, she was surprised to see a strange young woman sitting next to Patrick, she was a beautiful black haired young woman, and seemed very shy.
“ Hey guys “ she greeted taking a seat next too Layla.
“ Hey, “ was returned from the three people seated around the table, Jenna became aware that she was being measured by the younger woman seated next too Patrick.
“ Jenna I would like you to meet Julia Andrews, my mate . “ murmured Patrick his cheeks rosy in shyness .” I’m escstatic for you, Patrick .” She exclaimed excitedly, her turquoise eyes genuinely happy. Everyone relaxed visibly.
She learned that Julia and her parents were visiting from the Purity Pack, her and Patrick had literally ran into each other and realized that they were mated. Julia described her pack in great detail , relating the life there , her other friends and their Aplha. The three friends regaled Julia with lots of their antics which had her almost rolling around in laughter.
Jenna and Layla walked outside leaving the love birds alone, they both had parked close to each other they stood discussing the issue at hand , the training of the pack and the strengthening of their army. They were making good progress so it wouldn’t be long from now that they would be able to launch the rescue mission.
Kade and his army continued to train the Moon Eclipse Pack diligently, Jenna’s father also was training along side his men. She and her friends were also training everyday they tired themselves training each day.
Tonight Jenna’s father was throwing a party for his guest and the members of the Moon Eclipse, to show his gratitude that they had been trying their very best to take the training that was offered by Kade and his men. The older pack women members had been cooking up a storm, they had decorated the hall with colorful balloons and streamers, the place looked beautiful .
Jenna and her friends parted promising to meet up later after their shower, she walked into her bedroom stripping and walking into the shower, she was shampooing her hair when she smelt him, his citrusy woodsy scent , Jenna giggled as her back collided to a well toned chest.
“ You could have waited until your turn, “ she said cheekily, Jenna squealed when she received a smack on her ass. “ Then there won’t be any sexy woman in it, where’s the fun in that “?
They showered together between kisses and caresses , laughingly coming out of the shower. Kade left through the interconnecting door to go get dressed .Jenna choose a turquoise colored dress that matched her eyes exactly, it was a spaghetti strapped dress that reached mid thigh , it was a flared dress with tiny white flowers sprinkled all over, pairing it with gold strapped Sandals .
“ Wow, “ whistled Kade from the entrance of the connecting door.
“ You like .” She twirled playfully smiling seductively up at him.
He prowled towards her , taking her hand in his he twirled her around several times . “ Tell you what I’d like to do, rip that dress of you and devour you and I mean no oral baby, I want to fuck you all night long, then mark you .” He muttered heatedly truthfully.
“ Well see “. She said in a promising voice.
The get together that her father had organized was a huge hit, there was food buffet style, pack members, ate, danced to the music coming from the dj set, and chatted away light heartedly. Jenna played hostess to her fathers host, Kade by her side .
Jenna was chatting with a pack member when she felt a female pair of hands go around her slim waist, she turned laughingly because she knew that scent of berries and vanilla, it was Layla.
She was not alone though, Kades Beta Cameron Riaz, stoodlooking down at them both, pink riding on his cheeks, his blue eyes glinting down at Layla.
“ I found my mate Jenna. “ said Layla squealing excitedly.
“ No way “. She laughed looking over at a blushing six feet plus male.
Kade came to stand next to her, he heard the tail end of their conversation , “ Congratulations Cameron , welcome to the Pack Layla. “
“ Thank you Alpha Duvall .” She said smiling shyly.
“ Let’s celebrate, shall we “. Said Kade laughing.
The festivities lasted until the early hours of the morning, the pack did not know that a pair of amber gold eyes followed Jenna everywhere she went that night. The wolf was very good at hiding his presence so his scent was not picked up by the guards nor the pack members, he watched longingly as she smiled and made laughing remarks to her pack members . He watched until Kade pulled her along with him upstairs, only then did he leave.
Jenna stripped and made her way to the bathroom, she took a quick shower and walked into her bedroom to see Kade getting off his phone .” Is everything ok ? “ she asked .
“ Yes baby, I’ll be right back need to shower. “ Jenna dried off cleansing her face , putting moisturizer and a slight wif of perfume, she hand her towel up and got into bed naked, She was warned on several occasions no clothes in bed. She felt the bed gave under Kades weight as he got into bed ,but he did not get on his side , Jenna felt her legs being opened and Kade getting between them , she moaned as his hands parted her feminine folds, his finger sliding inside “ Always wet and welcoming “ he murmured huskily.
She didn’t answer but groaned when his hot tongue slid inside pleasuring her until she was so slick, but he did not bring her to orgasm, instead he pulled himself up his tongue sliding into her mouth , he kissed her deeply, Jenna closed her eyes as desire washed over her, she felt his hand between their bodies, all the while he was kissing her hungrily, she felt him slide his penis between her feminine folds , Jenna knew what was happening but let it, his penis felt hot and soft but firm and hard , she was slick from his mouth before so he slid easily inside her, when he pressed a bit harder she felt a stinging pain as her maiden head gave way, Kade groaned hotly as their flesh became one, he felt himself expand even more as he felt her pussy grab his penis in a tight fit . Jenna moaned as Kade began pumping his penis back and fort inside her, she grabbed on finding herself moving along with him, he pulled her closer as he fucked her hard , they kissed and fucked each other until Jenna felt her orgasm coming close , he quickened his strokes just when she was about to shatter in pieces, he pulled his lips away from hers latching unto her neck and bit down hard as they both shattered together .
Jenna felt him lick where he had marked her, it was healing already . “ How do you feel “ ?
She watched him through passion filled eyes , “ I want to fuck you now “ .
So saying she pushed him from top of her , and switched places with him, she straddled him, fumbling a bit till she got him inside of her, he was still hard, Kades eyes flared as she rode him, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride, when they came she claimed his lips in a deep kiss that touched them both too their very souls, both their wolfs merged they felt it, so the ecstasy lasted long after they were both spent.
“ You blow my fucking mind Jenna.” He said honestly his eyes molten pools of desire .

Chapter Eight ....... Jenna’s marked and missing.

The morning was tranquil and silent as Jenna shifted into her wolf, it had been awhile that Aphrodite had been on lock down. Ever since the last abduction of the females both Kade and her father had made her promise to stay a safe distance to the pack house.
Kade had marked her last night, so Jenna knew that she would be safe, her thoughts went back to the night before, it had been incredible now she knew what the other mated wolfs in her pack felt. Jenna’s thoughts went to her father, he had that kind of bond with her mother, until he lost her to an illness.
Kade had made love to her twice after the first two times, she felt pleasantly sore between her legs.
Wow, that was seriously incredible last night, I felt my soul touch Adonis’s “ admitted Aphrodite her wolf.
Yes Jenna had felt it too, it was incredible she had really found her soul mate , Kade and her were twin flames, a half of each other.she knew their wolves had also felt it too it’s why the passion between them was so intense .
Jenna blamed it on her deep thoughts but she felt a hot flash of pain on Aphrodite’ s left flank as a dart hit her, before she blacked out she looked up into a pair of amber eyes looking down at her.
When her eyes opened she became aware of the strong smell of dirt and moss, then women voices some crying , someone whispered her name. Through a haze in her brain Jenna’s eyes opened slowly at first she thought it was night, it then her eyes grew accustomed to the very dim light, she realized she was underground. Jenna had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was under the mountain she had patrolled many times, she had been aware that she was being watched now she know for certain she had been.
Someone called out her name, Jenna struggled to get her eyes to focus through the fog, feeling nauseous when she tried to move, Whats going on why can’t I move ? Aphrodite muttered weakly.
I don’t know Aphrodite, I feel really sick and weak.” Mind linked Jenna to her wolf, she closed her eyes and let the darkness engulf her weakly.
In and out of consciousness she went, Jenna was not aware of how long or how many days she was unconscious or the chaos that took place when both Alphas knew she was missing, her father and her mate.
When she was next conscious , she became aware of two voices arguing both of them males, Jenna felt very weak she tried communicating with her wolf but couldn’t feel her. Had they been hurt during the abduction is that why she couldn’t feel her wolf, was she badly hurt. “ Aphrodite, Aphrodite?”
She tried to concentrate on the arguing voices, one sounded older and the other a bit younger, “ She has connections with not one Aplha but two you shouldn’t have brought her down here Adam.”
“ I want her, she will be mines “. Said the younger voice.
“ Did you not see she bares a mark Adam, she is already mated to the Alpha.” Said the angry older voice.
“ That says nothing , I will get her to regect him .”
“ Listen you have put us in a lot of danger, you need to take her back where she will be found .” Ordered the older voice.
“ I’ll think about it, “ said Adam grouchily.
He had said down here, which means they were inside the mountain, that’s why the trail had always ended by the mountains, before she blacked out again Jenna vowed to try and help the other women, she was inside the enemy lines.
Jenna became conscious feeling her buttons on her top being unbuttoned, she forced her eyes open to see who was touching her, she relaxed on seeing a older woman she didn’t know, wringing out a warm wash rag and wiping her arms and legs. They were in a rough room dug out in the mountain, there was some furniture in the crude room. She felt weak like a baby and allowed the woman to tidy up the grime on her skin.
“ Where are we, who are you ?” She croaked througha cracked and dried throat.
The older woman looked around nervously, she motioned for Jenna to be quiet. “ You have to be quiet, pretend that you are not conscious, reserve your strength to help us escape, I will bring you food so you can eat and gain your strength back.”
Jenna nodded her head in agreement weakly, feeling dizzy she closed her eyes weakly, trying one more time to mind link Aphrodite her wolf, she felt nothing, tears of anger and frustration leaked from the corners of her eyes . She should have been more careful listen to her father and Kade, now because of her lapse in good judgment she may have lost her wolf. She welcomed the darkness sinking deeper into nothingness , unaware of being unconscious for a full five days. Jenna was unaware of being nurtured for that four days by the older woman, who stayed taking care of her , applying cool clothes to her forehead as she shivered with the fever that the drug that was in the dart had resulted from. She was a strong young wolf but the drug was very powerful it was taking dire effect because she was weak from the strength of the drug.
Back at the Moon Eclipse Pack Kade Duvall, had been in and out of consiousness, his body racked with shivers and high fever, the same symptoms that Jenna was affected with he was mirroring her. His Pack members had been taking care of by his Delta Cameron Riaz, he had been in daily contact with their pack back on the Harvest Moon Pack. Acting in his Aplhas place doing everything he had been doing, Beta Danny Vito had headed the search party each day along with the Aplha of the Moon Eclipse Pack Jenna’s father. Each day they would go on searches but every day they came back degected and angry that it had been futile. Every time they lost track of her scent close to the mountain, confused and slowly losing hope that she was still alive.
The atmosphere around the pack was one of quietness, everyone trained more diligently and with determination, the women of the pack felt lost without Jenna, she had come to be so important to their pack life, and her Mate Alpha Kade Duvall. He was lost in his own world of grief by her absence, he had lost consciousness since her abduction, affected by high fever and constant chills.
Alpha Dean Anderson was in his own nightmare, years ago when Jenna was two years old rouges had come into their pack and stolen most of their females including Jenna’s mom, he had searched for many years for her but given up his search. He had told Jenna that her mother had died with a disease because he didn’t want her to spend her life looking for her mother. At the time he thought that it was the lesser of two evils. Now history seems to be repeating itself again, he had been just like Alpha Duvall after he recovered the trail had gotten cold it had been to late his wife, his mate had disappeared .
He had never taken another mate, the small hope in his heart that one day she would return to him, as the years had passed and no sign of her he had believed that she and the others had been killed. Now years later women started missing again in his pack it’s why he had enlisted the most fearsome Alphas help Kade Duvall. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the Alpha would turn out to be his daughter’s mate, tears of frustration and lost made tears run down the older Alphas turquoise eyes as he thought of his double lost, feeling like the world had ended the two people he loved more than life had been taken from him.
He needed to run the pack was stifling him, he changed to his huge silver wolf and let his wolf take over in grief. His wolf Minotaur took over and in grief he ran deep into the woods where he trashed around trying to find solace, his wolf took him to a plain where humans lived and worked, he was well hidden from them but for some unknown reason he felt a sense of peace over come him. He sat on all fours and placed his head on his extended paws and just looked at the busy human life in the little town. Minotaur whimpered as memories came crashing through his grief stricken mind. Thoughts of his mate before she was taken the warmth in her smile, how much his pack loved their Luna. Only the pleasant memories he forced himself to think about. Minotaur perked his ear up as his Delta mindlinked him Kade was awake.

Chapter Nine .......... Led by her wolf Aphrodite.

Jenna opened her eyes and focused her turquoise eyes around the crude dug out room, she had been brought too. Seeing without the fog that had been present since she had been taken, feeling very weak she focused on contacting Aphrodite her wolf, Jenna felt her wolf very very faintly “ I feel really weak but I’m trying to mind link our mate Kade, he’s the only one who can help us Jenna. Our bond is stronger than your bond with your father.”
The mind link with her wolf was bought to an abrupt stop as Jenna saw the old woman, come into the room hurriedly she seemed agitated for what ever reason. She fussed around Jenna fixing her hair and pulling it away from her face, she tucked a thick blanket around her making sure not an inch of her skin was showing. Jenna was a bit confused by the older woman’s behavior, she looked over at the woman curiously “ Whats wrong ?”
When the woman looked up, Jenna froze a pair of aquamarine eyes looked up at her, deep in the recess of her mind an image came to her, off looking up at a pair of aquamarine eyes smiling down at her over her crib.
“ He’s coming be careful “ . She muttered nervously her countenance one of fear.
A commotion at the entrance of the door caught Jenna’s attention, a very handsome and heavily tattooed man came into the room, his amber eyes caught and held her curious turquoise ones. He was dressed in black leather pants, and a matching sleeveless jacket, his muscles bulged as he crossed his arms across his massive chest, and stood looking at her, he laughed a very cocky and amused look entering his gaze.
“ Well I can finally meet my captive .” He said mockingly.
“ You fucking arrogant son of a bitch . “ Jenna said angrily, her turquoise gaze murderous.
“ Tsk, Tsk, language Jenna, I can see I’ll have to curb that tongue of yours , I have very pleasurable ways of making you tame.” He said sadistically, his amber eyes glinting down at her insolence.
He made a move towards the bed threateningly, but the woman spoke up her voice trembling in fear. “ Please she’s not strong yet, give her a few more days.”
He put his hands up in surrender, “ I was not going to attack her, just thought I would introduce myself.”
“ Jenna, I am Alpha James Warik of the rouges, your soon to be mate .” He said calmly his amber eyes glinting down at her.
“ I already have a mate, or didn’t you know that.” She said coldly.
“ Correction sweetheart you had a mate, I am going to kill the Alpha of the Harvest Pack, I will be your new consort , with you by my side we will merge his pack with my rouges .” He said steely.
“ You are demented, he’s the most powerful werewolf alive he’ll destroy you. “ she gasped at his madness .
“ He may have been powerful, but the absence of his Luna and mate has made him very weak, it will be very easy to destroy him.” Said James his voice deadly calm.
“ I will never be yours , I will always be Kades .” She said angrily , she felt very weak thinking of not being with her mate if this mad and dangerous wolf succeeded in killing her mate .
“ From the moment I saw you, I knew I had to have you, I’ve been watching you following you around for months, the Alpha got to taste you before I did, but after I’m done with you, you’ll forget he ever existed “.
He vowed passionately.
Jenna stared at him in horror, he had said for months he had been stalking her, she had been that close to being kidnapped before and never knowing anything. She felt very weak, sweat breaking out on her forehead, the older woman got a cool rag and placed it on her forehead , she was burning up again .
James looked down at her his amber eyes held concern on seeing her weakness , “ Take care of her, I’ll visit her tomorrow.”
It was another week before she felt any semblance of normal, she felt extremely weak and tired. The strange woman’s job seemed to be of her taking care of Jenna. She slowly regained her strength, she tried mindlinking her father with no results, instead she got a headache every time she tried. Jennas wolf was also healing slowly but something in this mountain interfered with her communication with her wolf it was very faint, she felt Aphrodite but was just not able to communicate with a strong signal to her wolf.
Today she was being led by the older woman her caretaker to a room with a bathroom, she was grateful to wash away all the dust and grime with a proper shower, she found shampoo and lathered her hair cleaning it , toweling herself dry she was handed a black dress and a pair of flat sandals.
She was shown to a small dining area where James sat on a small table with two chairs, food was on the table, she was motioned to sit. Jenna sat looking at her dinner companion, his amber eyes glinted with leashed passion, as his gaze took in every detail of her attire. “ You look much better .”
“ No thanks to you .” She retorted rudely, turquoise eyes snapping angrily.
“ You are gorgeous and feisty, “ he chuckled not taking her one bit seriously.
Jenna got to her feet feigning weakness, she couldn’t sit here and eat with the man who had thorn her away from her mate and father, without any thought whats so ever. Her caretaker had been standing in the corner of the room, waiting on her patiently, she moved towards the table taking Jenna’s hand as she excused herself.
“ You won’t always be able to escape me .” He said threateningly.
Jenna didn’t answer she moved towards the opened door, walking through. She was taken back to her bedroom she noticed that two guards had been put outside the door, now that she was feeling better it seemed she was going to be watched closely. The minute she got back to her room, she tried making contact with her wolf again, despite the headache she got, she was able to get a message to her wolf Aphrodite.
“ Aphrodite you need to try and get through to Adonis, let him know we are under the mountain please, so we can be rescued.”
I’ll try but something inside this mountain keeps the communication locked in from the outside, I’m not sure but I feel it’s either iron or silver of some sort.
Jenna had been thinking the same thing, she turned to the woman with the aquamarine eyes, could she be trusted ? “ Do I know you ?”
“ I’m your mother Jenna.” She said smiling she moved towards her taking her hands in hers, “ I have survived pretending I’ve gone crazy, until I could be rescued along with the others .”
“ My mom’s dead , dad told me you died with a disease.” She said in shock.
I got in contact with Adonis, their outside the mountain, they found the opening. “ mind linked Aphrodite. Jenna let her wolf take over, she shifted nudging the woman behind her motioning her to walk behind her . She made her way towards the door attacking the guards and snapping both their necks, the woman came out of hiding behind the wolf, and motioned for her too follow her. They made there way through a tunnel hiding , she was led to a corridor where there were prison cells erected against the walls.
Women were being kept in them, Jenna snapped the locks with her jaws, they all got out the older woman making signs to be quiet, they were almost out of the underground prison section, when guards walked in and saw the cells open and the women missing. A bell was rung and many feet’s and screams were heard as they gathered together their army.
A loud crash was heard just in front of the escaped women and more male voices were heard, Aphrodite’s ears twitched as she heard growls from many wolves as a battle was heard, it seemed her pack had found their way into the mountain, Jenna’s father mindlinked her , “ I’m here father , the women are with me”
Mindlinked Jenna back to her father. Members of her pack came into the passage way that the women had been escaping through, they helped the women out some of them were sick and not able to walk on their own.
Jenna had stepped back so the women could be rescued first, a huge black wolf with amber eyes launched on top of her pinning her down, being still weak she was not able to throw him off. Her pack members had walked around a bend trying to get the women out, Jenna had kept back just in case the rouges had sneaked up behind them, so she had been out of sight.
Every time she got a little edge the wolf repinned her back under his much larger bulk, her energy was being zapped out, seeing that she was weakening the brown wolf she knew was the rouge Alpha, grabbed her by her scruff and started pulling her back deeper into the mountain.
Father, Kade he’s got me, the Alpha of the rouges, he’s taking me deeper into the mountain” she mindlinked .

Chapter Ten ....... A fight to the death .

Jenna was taken through the mountain and then out of it, her eyes was blinded by the light, when she was able to focus her eyes, she realized that they had exited into a deeper and thicker part of the forest. A deep growl was heard behind them, the ground shook under his feet as a very huge white wolf came thundering at the brown wolf, he let go of Jenna’s scruff as he was tackled by the white wolf.
The white wolf was on top of the brown wolf froth coming out of his mouth as he bit into the other wolf , it was a fight to the death both of them rolling around biting into each other, with every bite the fight got deadlier, as they both tried to get the killing bite that would end the others life.
Jenna stared helplessly as her mate fought for her, she knew it was Kade he was fighting like the skilled leader he was , she tried getting up to help but her strength was gone, she couldn’t move but just stared helplessly as both wolves fought on tiredlessly, they seemed to be evenly matched by strength and skill.
Kade was fueled so much anger, that he couldn’t see straight. This rouge had taken his mate and god knows what he had done to her or the other women, if Aphrodite had not weakly mindlinked his wolf Adonis they would still have been searching fruitlessly.
When he had come out of his coma where he had been experiencing all of Jenna’s symptoms, he had weakly shifted and been searching for her ever since. He knew how much pain his mate had been under because he had felt every inch of it himself, he knew he could have lost her because of this rogues jealousy and covetnes. It’s why he was seeing red now he wanted to rip him apart for daring to take what wasn’t his to take. When it came to his life mate he would destroy anything that tried to hurt her, this rouge needed to be thought a lesson he would never forget, he would tear him apart first then end him.
So saying the fight took on a more macarber, the Alpha rouge wolf managed to get out from under Kade’s much larger body, he walked a little distance and turned back around, he took his stance knowing that this could mean his death, his amber eyes glanced over at Jenna he whimpered longingly seeing her weakened state, she was lying unable to gather her strength to move.
Her turquoise eyes one of shock and understanding what she was seeing, this was truly a fight to the death
Kade was already standing his ground, he had seen the look of longing the rouge Alpha had thrown his mates way, it made his hackles rise seeing the possessive way his eyes had dropped on his mate, Jenna belonged to nobody but him. Adonis his wolf dropped his head and charged towards the already charging wolf they met in the middle their bodies clashing in the dance of death and dominance, they were both evenly matched but Kade was fighting for his rights to be Jenna’s mate. They both did extensive damage to each other before Adonis made the killing move, the other wolf throat was left unprotected and he ripped it out, as the rouge fell his amber eyes turned towards Jenna his life force leaving his body .
Jenna felt tears of regret slide down her face as she shifted back to human form, Kade had shifted as well he made his way towards where she was crying silently.
“ Are you ok ?” He asked with concern .
She nodded her eyes sad as it dropped on the body of the dead wolf, Kade gathered her in his arms embracing her , their nakedness forgotten. “ It was a necessity baby, he would have been a threat to you always, I think he made the choice of my death or his.”
Jenna hugged Kade tightly, she bought his head down to hers and kissed him gently to show her understanding , he deepened the kiss robbing her of breath as his mouth possessively devoured hers.
“ Jenna I’m coming in with clothes for you both .” Mind liked her father.
“ Thanks dad “. She mind linked back. Her father came through the entrance and turned his back towards them as they helped each other dress.
“ Were decent Dad .” She chuckled weakly.
Her father turned laughing , his eyes sad as he looked at the dead body of the rouge Alpha on the ground.
“ What are we going to do with him ?” Her father .
Kade and Jenna looked at each other, he nodded his head giving her the opportunity to do what she felt was right. “ Well bury him here dad .”
“ Ok .” Her fathers turquoise eyes became unfocused as he mind linked his Delta and Beta, the two Alphas and Jenna watched as the rouge was buried in a nice spot over looking the forest .
They left the site through the mountains and made their way back to the pack house, Jenna was carried all the way in Kades arms, he refused for help with her, although he was severely bitten in the fight by the rouge . He took her up to their bedroom and stripping out of their clothes he took her into the shower, he gently washed her cleansing the small little cuts and bruises she had gotten, he quickly washed himself picking her back up, he towel dried her making his way back into the bedroom he pulled the sheets down and put her to bed. “ You need to rest Baby “.
Jenna nodded closing her eyes tiredly as weakness over took her. She could rest knowing they were all safe and the threat was no more.
It was two weeks after that Jenna had regained enough strength to leave her bedroom, Kade had been patient with her, knowing that she was weak, he hugged her each night securely in his arms.
She was in the shower feeling much stronger, when she felt another presence in the bathroom , she smiled and turned around her turquoise eyes seductive and inviting, Kade felt himself drowning in their liquid pools of desire, he felt his penis grow rock hard as her hand settled on it, she caressed his length as it grow even harder in her soft hands, she licked her lips and going down on her knees right there in the shower she took it into her mouth and ran her tongue down his length, he leaned against the wall and groaned at his little temptress, as she enjoyed licking him and sucking him . Kade felt himself close to climax , he pulled her up and slammed her against the wall he opened her legs and drove deeply inside her , taking her mouth in a deep possessive kiss he grabbed her ass as he fucked her hard, they held on to each other tightly as they rode the waves of desire , when they climaxed it was together.
There was a festive air that night , Kade and Jenna had spent the entire day in bed, reacquainting themselves with each other’s body. Her father had mind linked her that there would be a party to celebrate the rescue of their females.
Kade had left her to get dressed she had chosen to wear a midnight blue mini strapless dress, throwing a matching shawl around her shoulders, she walked downstairs and out into the big hall where all the big festivities were held, Kade saw her and enveloped her in a passionate embrace , he kissed her possessively.
“ You look good too eat “. He said hungrily.
“ Later .” She promised laughing shyly.
Jenna’s father mind linked her, “ Jenna can you and Kade come up here please .”
They made their way to the front of the big hall, where her father was standing and to Jenna’s surprise the older woman from the mountain was dressed in a beautiful lace black dress, she looked radiant and younger.
When her father saw her he turned to look at her, if she was surprised at the woman, she was amazed to see her father looking like he had dropped twenty years, he looked boyish and happy, his turquoise eyes alight and playful.
He motioned for her and Kade to be seated around the table, Kades Delta Cameron Riaz and Layla was also seated at the table, Patrick and his mate was also there, along with her fathers Delta and Beta and their mates. As soon as they were seated her father walked up to the front of the small podium that was erected, “ Ladies and gentlemen’s I would like to congratulate my daughter and her mate on their marking of each other, may their union be filled with joy and harmony and many pups .” He laughed good naturedly .
He motioned for the woman to come forward , he took her hand in his and kissed it lovingly. “ Secondly I would like to say a deep and heartfelt thank you to my daughter Jenna , for finding her mother and my long lost mate along with our unmarked female pack members. “
With tears in his eyes he motioned for Jenna to come forward, both women turned towards each other embracing “. I told you I was your mother, but you were to weak my love to understand .”
“ I heard you, I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t believe you, I was led to believe you were dead .” Said Jenna her eyes misting over.
The whole floor of pack members got to their feet and clapped loudly , showing their deep love and appreciation for their pack leader and his family.
“ Now let’s party .” Shouted her father gaily, as he grabbed his mates hands and started dancing as the music was put back on.
The festivities of the pack continued throughout the night, Kade and Jenna broke away about midnight, laughing like a couple of kids. Kade kissed her deeply “ Will you accompany me back to my pack, so we can officially declare you my mate and Luna, and we can begin our life together ?”
“ Yes Kade, but at some point I will have to take over from my father you do know that right ? “ she said calmly.
“ I know baby .”
After that there was no more words spoken only the sound of clothes hitting the floor, moans and groans as desire sprung up between them again. The bed squeaked as they joined together in the dance of love passion and desire.
“ I love you Jenna, “ muttered Kade his voice rough with desire.
“ I love you too Kade ,” she answered his declaration .

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