Deeply Bound

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New Things

It is early, about mid-morning and I have settled at my office desk. The computer is on. I have opened up multiple applications and I have organized my work pile for the day. I have returned from the water cooler in the hallway with a glass to sip at my desk. I have just been given some news that affects me and in a good way and I am about to explode. I need to share and who else to share with than my secret friend Devon.

I send a message to him, “Hey you know what? Today all my wishes are coming true. Hear me out this is whacked. I was hoping for a change at work and this morning I found out that I’ve been assigned to work with a new boss without even asking. I was also wishing to have an office with a window and now I am getting one. I was also wishing for more reviews on my book and I received two more emails this morning from people telling me that they are reading my book!

Devon answers back within moments with my phone screen lighting up on my desk. He says, “There you go. The universe is working for you.”

I reply, “It is just nuts how it all works. A woman from New York is doing a review for me. Actually, we are exchanging reviews and the other is a friend. How is your day going?”

Devon says, “Going meh. I’m working on creating an x server to host a calendar server.”

I reply, “Bugs aren’t very fun. I am just happy that I have a couple of tech people that I can go to here and they help me with my own stuff.” I pause for a second and then send another text to Devon, “Since all my wishes are coming true I wish for another Devon Chambers porn to be delivered to my inbox. Do you think the universe will deliver?”
Devon writes, “Yep, I recorded one this morning and will send to you later. It’s nothing fancy but you will like hopefully.”

I smile to myself then say, “I'm sure that I will thank you.” I don’t know why I say and ask for weird things but I do and I make the demand, “I also want a picture of you sticking your tongue out at me and flipping me the bird.” I regret the text after clicking send but at this point if I try to delete the text it will delete on my end but not on his.

The office is a steady buzz of the same old things going on. There is nothing out of the ordinary except that everyone has more work to do with the office cutbacks. I have to pack my things at some point to move over to the new office space. This morning I go through my office emails, answering the requests that come in from my clients. They are all routine requests and thankfully, they are quick to complete.

As I work at my desk the odd person walks by saying good morning to me and asking the question, “So when are you moving spaces?” News always gets around quick with our group and it can be a good thing and a bad thing but this environment it is hard to keep secrets because people are chatty. I think that is why I haven’t really become close friends here with anyone.

I am not too withdrawn with the group. I talk to them in the office, saying my hellos and make small chat but when it comes to doing things outside of work hours like going out for lunch or attending some event after work hours I often decline.

It’s not that I hate these people, that is not true, some of them I can’t stand but I do get along with the majority. The thing for me is I am already spending eight hours a day with them and that is more than enough time to spend with them. I also want to keep my family life separate from my work life and I rather leave it that way because like I said before, people are chatty here and I rather keep my family life out of the gossip that goes on in the office.

Lunch approaches and I haven’t received a reply from Devon. I know that he is working so I refrain from texting right now and decide that it is time to start moving my things over to the new office. Just as I start taking down some pictures from my office wall my new boss stops in to see me.

She says in her perky upbeat and mousey voice, “Hey Jordan, so I see that you are already starting to move over to the new office space, how exciting!”

I smile politely and reply, “Yes, I am hoping to done today. I got an email from the Technician this morning. It said that he was going to stop by mid-afternoon to move my computer and telephone line over.”

Her straight chin length blonde hair bounces as her petit body jumps with a clap, “Oh how exciting! Well Jordan I came over to say hello and see how you were doing with things. It sounds like you have everything under control.” I nod and she continues, “This afternoon I will send you a couple of meeting requests. I think it’s a good idea for us to sit down and learn how we both work and how to work together.”

I say, “Yes, that sounds good.”

She claps again and squeals, “Wonderful, well I am off to lunch. I guess that you are going to go for your walk?”

As I have said, nothing goes unnoticed here. Others know that I take walks on my lunch hour. I reply, “Yes, going to get a bit of exercise.”

She says, “Well I love that you do that. I should do that too but I actually have to run a few errands. My son is coming in from out of town this weekend and I need to buy some things before he arrives. Anyway, we will catch up later. Enjoy your lunch.”

She is already part way down the hall as she says her goodbye and I doubt she hears my response but I say it anyway, “Enjoy your lunch, bye.”

I sigh, she is an older woman, maybe in her early fifties but she has a lot of spunk and is over the top. It is always as if she has guzzled ten coffees before coming to talk to me. I haven’t heard what she is like to work for but so far she seems nice. I’ll need to iron out details with her about my pregnancy and maternity leave. I think that she knows about it but I’ll bring it up to her anyway in case that the office gossip has not gotten to her yet. Well maybe not today but I will tell her soon.

I head out for my lunchtime walk. I need to get out. I know that it is early and it is probably my mind playing games with me but I feel bloated. Well I always feel bloated and glance at my stomach as I walk to see if I am starting to show. I think I am. I think my clothes are starting to feel tighter but I am not at the point where I can’t wear my things. I look like I have a little pouch.

I keep to the sidewalk and go through a laundry list of things in my mind with what I need to do for my novel. Marketing is always a concern and what to work on next is on the list. I glance at my phone screen to see if Devon got back to me.

There is still nothing from him so I decide to text him as I walk down the quiet sidewalk path, “I was kidding with what I said earlier. There is no need to get all shy.” I press send.

Devon writes, “Ha ha, I was just working in SQL hell.”

A red squirrel with a puffy tail crosses the sidewalk into the open field as I continue down the path and I write while walking, “That's why they pay you the big bucks.” I send him a smiley face with my response.

“Doh” He comments.

I ask, “So how is your server coming along?”

He fails to respond right away. I know that he is hard at work and get the impression that he does truly want to chat but can’t so I tuck my phone into my pocket and enjoy my walk in the late summer sun.

After work once I am home, I finally receive a message from him. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him today but smile as the message lights up my phone screen.

He writes, “Meh, it’s trotting along. Drink a glass for me.”

“Devon you are silly. Remember there is a bun in the oven I can’t. I'm like some chick who has been invited to a Super Bowl party and am asking the host to explain the game ha ha ha I know not sexy.” My comment is in reference to his server problems.

Devon replies, “Laughing over here we are both silly. Well I am finally done here so headed home. Not feeling so chipper now after the flu I just got over I am now fighting a cold too. Some co-workers came to work sick and it sucks for the rest of us here.”

I know that he has forgotten the promise he made earlier so I remind him, “Hey before you forget, I want that video.”

He confirms, “I will send to you when I get home. It’s on my home computer.”

I text him a smile and say, “Okay, well I can be patient have a good night sexy.” I send him a string of kisses and hugs and write, “Rest up, no need to send tonight.”

Devon explains, “I normally don't get sick but people here have kids in daycare.”

I say, “It could be all that masturbating catching up on you.”


I say, “I am totally giving myself a full on wax tonight. I am going to be smooth on my camel.”

Devon replies. “Nice and yummy, well I need to drive so I can't think that, laughing over here. Have a great night hottie.”

“Bye sexy, feel better soon and rest up.” I send a smile and continue, “I miss chatting with my guy.”

This conversation dragged out throughout the course of the day. I already find myself at home, diner is done and my husband still isn’t home after the final message is sent. I put my phone down and decide that I should probably take a shower. Josh won't be home until later tonight.

I stand naked in front of my mirror after stepping out of the shower. I think my boobs are getting bigger. They say when you are pregnant they do. I know I am only a few months in but I swear I look different. I feel different, a good feeling but wow I look different to myself. Anyway, I get into one of Josh’s old T-shirts and a pair of pajama pants, comb my damp hair and wrap it back into a towel to let dry.

I settle back in the living room with the television turned on but not paying attention to the show that is on. Instead I have my phone and I am browsing the social media feed and I am honored again with another unexpected text from Devon.

Devon writes, “Hey there, I sent you a quick review to your email. I am not good at the angles but oh well.” He accompanies his message with a smile and uses code words to play it safe in case that Josh is near. Quick review means personal video.

Like the greedy horny girl that I am, I watch and then re-watch it a few more times before I reply back to him.

I write back, “I Just watched. You are so hard Mmmm and I could hear your whispers, so sexy. Thank you and now I'm soaked...”

He sends a smile and says, “That's the point. Keep that hot box of yours wet. Hope you have a great night.”

“I would lick and play with that swollen head and you wouldn't be staining your carpet. I would be down on my knees eager to drink cheers!”

He replies, “Yeah. I have been cleaning floors and carpets since knowing you. Hmm wonder why.” He sends me a laugh and I chuckle to myself while reading his last message.

I hear the sound of the garage door opening. Josh is home.
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