Deeply Bound

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American Smart Ass

Life is routine, I go to work during the day, chat with Devon, go home and either see Josh or don’t because he has picked up extra hours. Well, it’s not all routine. When I am not working or talking to Devon or spending the little time that I do get with Josh I write and edit and work on cover design.

I finally finish my new book. I know that the last time I had shared news of my writing I was still in the middle of writing it. I admit that the encounter with Devon and getting pregnant put my writing to the sidelines. Now that everything has all happened and that I am getting used to the idea of being pregnant I managed to finish the novel. Like a proud author and the fact that I am the kind of person that seeks approval from others without having Josh to turn to I seek assurance from Devon. It is not that Josh wouldn’t read my work, he would if I asked him to. It is just that I am shy in sharing this book with him. Partly because I don’t want him to read it and because he doesn’t enjoy reading in the first place. With Devon, I can pick his brain with the business of it all since he has been a published author longer than I have.

I send Devon a text, “Hey, I just wanted to run this by you because I value your feedback. I finished Breaking Lines and I am now working on the edits. I already started writing the second book. I'm thinking to have the trilogy completed prior to publishing the first and I'm going to stagger the release dates either by six months or a year between releases. I am also going to register myself as a publishing company. I think I am going to mark the price point at a dollar per book. I know it's low but if it's marked low I may generate more purchases. I know that the biggest obstacle with my first book is finding the audience and I think if the price was more appealing it may generate more readers. What do you think?”

Devon answers back within moments, “That is the right approach. Sell book one for a dollar (looney) and second a little higher.” Devon is such an ass at times. Really, he needs to write “looney” in brackets next to the word dollar. Sometimes I think that he thinks that because I am Canadian I have no concept of North American terminology or that he simply likes to tease. He is an American smart ass.

I reply, “I know I have time to think but I just can't seem to ignore the price point. Okay, well it's a good idea. I am already registered as a publisher but because I want to stay discreet. I need to register a second company to change my name I'll be two publishers so free ISBN's for all! P.S. You are a goof I know what a dollar is. I think this series is going to produce me some fat stacks I'm going to buy a ranch in Texas.”

Devon responds, “Gain the audience first, laughing over here and save a horse and ride a cowboy?”

I send him a smile, “Yes for sure! I realize that it wouldn't be nice to keep horses on my island so I need property where the cowboys are and live there six months less a day so that I don't lose the Canadian benefits. I have to admit that I am wondering what those cowboys taste like.”

He replies, “Well there are plenty in the state of Texas. Chuckling here.”

“Hey what do you take me for? I just want to taste one and grab his ass.”

“Chase me.”

“Hmm let's see playing hard to get are we? Well, seeing that I know where you live and I know your schedule, I would guess a time to "run" into you and I am confident that I wouldn't need to tie you up or anything. I would do that creepy move confidant that you wouldn't turn away if you said no. I would throw a pair of panties at you and well I guess retreat defeated. You know what; I have never had to chase a guy. They have always come to me.” I send him a smile and continue, “Laughing over here, boy I sound like a creeper. Reality is I would text you saying I was in town. Meet me here and we do whatever.”

“So chasing someone is new huh?” He adds in some laughs.

I admit, “I’m not about to be in the habit of chasing someone but if you turned me down I would probably become a nun. Actually, that's a lie. I'm just hot for you.” I send him a wink and continue, “I know that I could just give you the look and you would be game.”

He admits, “Yeah. You got me.”

“I have never ever wanted someone this bad. You drive me nuts and I have never been wet this much.”

“Tongue wagging, I am honored. See are friendship is cool. We know each other's limits but know we want to fuck each other's brains out. You have me smiling over here.”

“Yah I like what we have. You have made me truly happy even though you are so far away. I smile a lot more now.”

Devon writes, “Good. So can I eat you now? I’m starving again for your yummy box. I dream of entering you again and watching you get off. Want another taste of you and feel you again.”

I let him know, “You can eat me whenever you visit again. I would be all smiles, eyes closing, sighs and trembling with anticipation.”

Devon admits, “I want to see your chest bounce again too. Love those girls and doggy style you and go to town on you. I'm such a dirty guy. Hell, I would lick your panties dry while they are still on you. You drive me nuts. Wow I love your body features right down to every curve.”

“Your my dirty guy and I can't wait to enjoy you again and P.S. Whenever the coast is clear on your side say the words and I can mail you a pair of panties with my scent on them.”

“I would love that. I would enjoy that while you know what.”

I smile to myself and let him know, “Thought you would.”

He asks, “Can I have them drenched in your scent? I want it to last a while once I know I can get them I will let you know. I know next week Sara is going up north so I have five days available to get them. So I am hoping after work we can FaceTime from email address I will again let you know.”

“Yah I'll make sure that they are soaked. I'll let them dry and then put them in a ziplock (keep them fresh) and mail them to you.” I continue on a second thought, “Nice. So she goes Sunday so maybe Monday or sometime next week we can FaceTime?”

He clarifies, “She goes Sunday.”

I already can’t wait to get to see Devon again. I respond. “Smiling big for the FaceTime.”

Devon says, “Okay, well I am off to a meeting. Talk to you later.”

I put my phone away for the moment and take in my surroundings. I’m at home, its quiet and Josh isn’t here. I pick up my phone to check for texts from him or anyone other than Devon. Not a single person has messaged me. Is that sad or what? I haven’t announced my pregnancy yet to my family maybe tonight I should. Geez I just don’t want to say it and then lose it. I decide not to say anything besides Josh and I should make the announcement together. Another time I guess.

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