Deeply Bound

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Good Son

The red eye flight to New York was okay. It was quiet. Sara dropped me off at the airport. She could have come but figured she would just get in the way. I told her that was not true. Anyway, there is no sense in arguing with her. When her mind is set it is hard to sway her the other way. I focused on clearing my mind during the time that I was in the air. It's an important interview, so I open up my email and reviewed the questions that they will ask in the morning. I read the questions but not really, because I have already gone over them a dozen times earlier and I know how I am going to answer. I put my phone back into my pocket.

There are others seated around me and the flight attendants are going from seat to seat offering drinks. I watch for a moment and aware of that airy hum that you hear when flying at a few thousand feet.

In the military, I used to fly a helicopter but one of these jets doesn't interest me so much. I appreciate the comforts of being a passenger.

My pocket vibrates and I reach in and grab my phone. I glance down seeing a message on my locked screen from my son, which says, "Hey Dad, Sara said you are already on your way and wanted to say that I'm proud you are my dad. I'll be listening tomorrow online."

He's a good son and I wish I could have been there every day for him. I was but not in person. When I divorced his mother I was a phone call away and every other weekend I would see him. He gets it now that he is all grown up and knows that I couldn't be there in person but he knows that I love him with all of my heart.

He is an adult now, going to school and making a future for himself. I think that my divorce with his mother made him grow into the independent man that he is today. He was never one of those kids that were always asking for things. He managed a lot on his own.

I read his text over again. I write all of these books to make him proud.

I glance around to see if any flight attendants are nearby. I'm not sure if I should be using my phone. My son is important to me so I quickly text him back once the attendants have moved away.

"Hey kiddo thanks that means a lot to me. Maybe next time you can make it and we can catch up. Have a good night." I click send and tuck my phone away again. There is no sense in reviewing the notes any further to prepare for tomorrow. I already know the material and besides I need to relax.

I tilt the seat back and close my eyes. I have no clue if I have ten, twenty or thirty minutes but I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder. I open my eyes to a young, slender woman. Her blonde hair neatly tied back. She is in an airline uniform. She says, "Sir we are landing soon. The pilot has asked to tilt up your seat and buckle up."

I nod, her blue eyes twinkle in the dim light as she smiles and continues to make her way down the aisle. I stretch allow for a yawn to escape and then the message of the plane landing plays over the intercom.

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