Deeply Bound

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Wild Fire

News spreads like wild fire over the course of the week. Without me so much as hinting that I am expecting on social media or the extended family, Josh and I only told our parents and siblings and with that, I have gotten messages of congratulations and phone calls over the week. Many questions that range from the, "How are you feeling?" to, "What names do you have picked out?" Nonetheless, it comes as a surprise with all of the love that we have experienced in these past few days.
Names, wow I am not even sure where to begin? Well, that is not true I sort of do have an idea for a boy name. If I am having a boy, I want to give him two middle names, after the two men in my life. I need more time to think for picking a first name.
Hmm I wonder how Devon is doing. I haven't heard from him in a few days. I'm not worried or anything I just know that he has been very busy with interviews and promotion of that bestseller of his. He did say that he would be away but I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss his chats. I daydream for a few moments, wondering what it’s like to experience the attention he is receiving as an author. I wonder how it feels to have your work get the amount of attention his is now receiving.
It is the early evening of a rather long workday. Josh is at work with his second job. He won't be home until after 10:00 PM and I am just relaxing in the living room, eating an egg salad sandwich in front of the T.V. and catching up on all my recorded shows. I finish eating and decide that the recording will have to wait. I am too destructed with thoughts of Devon so I think that it's time to head down to the office and sooth my thoughts with creeping my guy on the internet.
The nice thing with Devon reaching fame is there is usually a new article posted about him and if I am lucky, there are a few photos of him in the article.
My search doesn't fail me and I am rewarded with an exciting article that comes with highlights of Devon's interview and a couple of pictures with Devon and the Media person.
I pause on the picture and take in his smile, the spark in his eye, his masculine square jaw line and his handsome complexion. His short brown hair flicked up in the front. He is dressed in a new sharp looking black suite with a white shirt and an edgy vibrant green tie. I rest my chin in my hand as I stare. What a sexy man and now I'm wet just thinking of the time we had together. He is so loving and so passionate and his emotion not only comes through in his lovemaking but in his work to. I lift my chin from my hands to read the article. The interviewer asked if Devon had imagined his book to take off as it did. Devon's answer reads, "Yes, it's something that every author hopes for and for me I knew that my time would come in publishing this one. I spent many years as a struggling author and with every book that I published leading up to this one I knew that I was getting stronger as a writer and at the same time developing a fan base that would eventually launch me further with the publishing of this novel." I smile as I read because he had shared that thought with me in one of our many chats. I knew from the start that he would amount to something big.
I wander if his spouse Sara went with him on this trip. It’s not hard for me to find that out. Sara is much older than Devon. Sara is retired and she spends a lot of her free time on Facebook. I search for her name, find her page and to my surprise it appears that she stayed home? She has a post from last night that reads, "Congratulations to my love Dev on his fantastic interview in New York City. I always believed in you and wish I was there." I close down her Facebook window. I have never met Sara or have spoken to her and she has no idea that I even exist. Her comment bothers me because it feels dishonest. She has never shown her support for his writing before. I think that she is a genuinely nice woman. I trust Devon's taste in women and believe her to have a kind heart but I know from Devon telling me that his spouse has never so much as even picked up one of his books. I'm sure that she means well and I guess that's like the tea pot calling the kettle black because Josh hasn't read my work either. Well I guess I have no reason to be irked but I am and wish that she would read Devon's books and with that thought, I get a twinge of pain and wish that Josh would read my own.
I shake the thought and scold myself internally for creeping her wall. Sara deserves privacy and I have no right peering into her life. I close the Facebook window and switch back to Devon's interview pictures to brighten my mood again.
My mood changes back to a more neutral state and I am inspired to work on my own novel. Devon's success is fuel for my own.

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