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Rescue Me

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"the best choice is not always the right choice, you know" i sighed to be honest I was tired of trying to explain things to him but I had to get through to him some how. " Look I know I'm the last person you'd wanna listen to but you have witnessed too much loss, that must have messed you up some how and yet you put up this front for everybody, but sometimes it's ok not to be okay."

Romance / Fantasy
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They say that life is too short but what we go through makes it long and hard.
We all have our dark times but we all deal with them differently. Some smoke, get drunk, resort to drugs, self harm but there some people who choose to face them head on and find an outlet that won't harm others or themselves.
As for me sometimes I prefer the silence, other times the noise or even a little bit of music. Most times a really good book would do whether it's romance, humor, erotica, historical fiction, generally all.kinds of genres.
Cause some times it's good to escape reality and become one with the characters and their journeys whether it's a sad or a happy one it's like a movie where you get to choose your own characters cause reality it too real.

This is my story.

"The world is going to continue whether or not i get my life together."
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