Take a chance

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Love comes at the most unexpected time. Especially when you think you’re already in love or had already experienced it. But when it comes your way, take a chance. You never know where it will lead you.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 : The Break Up

“I can’t believe you’re doing this, right here, right now! How could you?!” I say in a low stern voice.

“C’mon, Val. You had to have seen this coming. I mean,” I cut him off. “And the worst part is, you did it in public! At our spot! On what was supposed to be our 8 year anniversary! Max! Really?! What the fuck!?” I yelled as all the patrons turned and whispered to one another looking at us in shock.

Look at them. All happy enjoying their meals. Probably on their first dates, or re-kindling their love, anniversaries, cheating on their husbands or wives, cheating on their girlfriends or boyfriends, or they could be like me. Getting dumped on their 8th anniversary.

I mean, here I was getting ready as if it were Prom all over again. That’s the last time we ever got all dressed up and went out! I was all giddy and full of butterflies in my stomach. And for what?! For this asshole to just dump me? I mean, who the fuck does he think I am?!

“Valerie?” Max’s voice suddenly woke me from my thoughts. “Val, I said I’d met someone. Someone who gets me. Carla.”

Oh. My. God. Fucking Chlamydia Carla. Who’s married by the way.

“Carla?! Carla, Carla? You mean married Carla? Max what the fuck?!” “You’re causing a scene, Val. I thought you hated that.” He says with a nervous chuckle. I could see this was a long time coming. The way he was talking about it, like it had been going on for months, maybe even years!

Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Should I run out, calmly get up and excuse myself? I mean, what is the proper I just got dumped thinking I was getting engaged but found out my boyfriend - now ex - is cheating on me with a married skank, exit?

What do I do?! I know...

Well, Max, I hope you two are happy. I mean she’s married...” “But she’s leaving him. Tonight actually. I’m picking her up after, well, here. Oh which reminds me by the way, can you come by and pick up your stuff? Carla is trying to organize my - our - apartment.” He said nonchalantly.


Why is he so calm and not even showing sympathy for me? At least fake it asshole!

I get up, grab my glass of red wine, pour it on Max’s clean, crisp white collar shirt. “Shit! Valerie!” Max scream whispers at me. I start backing away crashing into other tables and turn to run out as fast as I can so that Max wouldn’t see me crying. As I’m running for the ladie’s room, I can hear the patrons gasping and whispering. Some placing their hands on their chest and giving me a pity-like look. Some trying to avoid eye contact.

I reach the ladies’ room in time and lock the door behind me. I reach for my phone and call Emma. Shit. No answer. I quickly hang up, clean up my face, take a deep breath and calmly walk out.

I bump right into Max! He tries to get a hold of me but I did something I never thought I’d do. I kick him in the balls, straighten my dress and run out! At this point I’m running down the street like a fucking maniac and suddenly boom! I crash into a strong wall of a person! My arms completely go around him at impact! I feel his arms around the nape of my neck and the small of my back balancing me so that we won’t fall. He smells so good! I haven’t been held like this in forever!

“Oh shit! Are you ok?” He asks. I let go of him quickly as I come back to reality and quickly straighten myself up. “Yeah, no. I’m so sorry. I..” I stutter. “So which is it? Yes, or no?” He replies with a smile. I step back and smile and just walk away. I can feel him staring at me. Then I hear, “It was nice bumping into you!” Followed by a small chuckle.

I found myself smiling and just slowing down my pace and walking away. The smell of his cologne was so delicious. I could almost taste him. Too bad I’m a wuss and don’t even bother to turn back. I mean, it’s not my best look. I just got dumped and probably looked like shit. Luckily, this restaurant is walking distance from my apartment and I’m able to make it home soon enough.

I get home, pour myself a glass of wine and analyze and process what’s just happened and cry myself to sleep.

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