I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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Cyndi Fenton likes this guy... He's name is Rick Gene, but everyone at school taunts him by calling him Zombie boy... Is that weird that she finds him attractive? 《《Full Summary inside》》 Story written in first person narrative with a third person over voice

Romance / Humor
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Cyndi Fenton likes this guy... well she thinks it might be infatuation. The guy she likes is umm, different from the rest—actually, he's pretty much a stick in the mud—he stands out, let's just say that. Anyways, Cyndi thinks she's falling for him... and she can't explain why, but she is.

He's name is Rick Gene, but everyone at school taunts him by calling him Zombie boy... but in all honesty, he likes the nickname. He isn't as bad as they say he is, he's confident and brave and smart.

Unlike all the rumors, there is nothing odd about him... well, there is one thing...

He's completely covered in tattoos...

Is that weird that she finds him attractive?

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