I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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8. Facing my fears... can't I just run away?

I was shaking in my two inch heels, trying to think of what on God's good planet was I doing waiting to be picked up to go on a date with... him.

Fear was dripping from my entire being and I was sweating bullets. Nervousness was an understatement because I was freaking out in my head and it was seeping out of my ears and beginning to encase my outer shell as I watched the time tick away.

Rick had given me his number when he took my phone from my shaky hands earlier in the afternoon and I could feel it vibrating with a vengeance I was so freaked and all I wanted to do was faint and just wake up in bed, but life wasn't as easy and the three boys behind me would argue otherwise.

I hate high heels. "Guys, do I really have to wear these heels, can't I just...not?" the boys thought for a second then Jeremy sighed and nodded. "Okay, so maybe the heels were a bit too much for a first date, but you don't know if he's taking you to a restaurant."

"So basically, they stay." Mike states sternly. Wow, I'd hate to be their little sister. I huffed and flopped down onto the couch next to Issac. He chuckled a little then hugged his arm around my neck, holding me close. I rested my hand on his arm as I tried to think about where on Earth Rick could be bringing me for our d—date. I wish I could twirl my hair around my fingers, but Issac had pulled my hair back in a large dark puff behind my head and I was pretty much as ready as I was about to mentally combust into tiny scared pieces of me.

I jumped at the sound of the doorbell going off and my heart flew up into my throat and I almost suffocated myself but managed to choke my heart back down before I passed out... he's here. Oh God! Call the ambulance, call the fire station. Help! My heart was pounding against my chest and my head was throbbing with a new headache as I feared for the worse. How did normal girls do this so commonly, I couldn't even fathom how hard it was being asked out by a person, but to actually do this and do it frequently was really freaking crazy?

Issac nudged me and I jumped off the couch, lost my balance due to these damn heels and fell flat to my butt on the floor. "Ouch..." I moaned and shut my eyes as I brought my knees to my chest. "Cyndi, baby are you okay?" Issac sounded worried but I was so edgy... scratch that, I was scared prideless.

I heard the front door open and I squeezed my arms tighter around my knees. "Cyndi, come on, you can't hide forever. You're a big girl now, and Rick will be disappointed if you bail on him." he was so annoyingly right, but couldn't I just stay here and stay scared and shy? I sighed and glanced up at him. "Okay, but... I'm still scared."

"I didn't expect you not to be scared. Come on, get up off the floor." I sighed and let Issac help me up. I dusted off my pants and worried my bottom lip. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, now follow me." Issac took my hand and led me into the kitchen, which had stairs that led to upstairs, we ran to my room, Issac took me into my closet. "Kick off those heels and wear this." he shoved me my black converse and I smiled gracious to have a friend like him. I mouthed thank you to him and he scrunched his nose up and smiled.

"Now come on." he took my hand and guided me out of my room to the front stairs.

We heard as the twins called me and I gulped, physically going stiff for a moment. I felt my hand being squeezed. "Hey," I looked up at him. "Be brave." I nodded and inhaled a deep breath, feeling dizzy from it.

I let go of Issac's hand and walked downstairs. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened at the sight of Rick standing at my door wearing long black jeans with a black long sleeve button up with a black leather jacket that made him look even more intimated than earlier. He had on a spiked black hat, covering his head tattoos, and when he saw me, he smiled and my heart blacked out for a second. I gulped and suddenly forgot how to communicate with human beings.

"Cyndi... you look so beautiful." my ears, cheeks and neck burnt red as his words hit my ears and I still couldn't speak. Talk about, 'cat got your tongue', I think it got my brain. Issac had found me a pretty flowy orange V-neck top that exposed my belly and gave me a black scarf to put over my mouth in case I needed to muffle my word vomit... or in my case the lack thereof. I had a small cross body bag with my credit card, some money, ID and my cell and my headphones.

Issac nudged me from behind and I glared at him a little. "Cyndi, say something." he whispered, but I couldn't, I could only just try not to faint. The twins were eyeing Issac, their eyes asking questions that were all clearly towards why I had gone dead silent. "So, Cyndi, you all better get going before it gets too late." Jeremy said pushing me closer to Rick.

"Y—yeah umm, su—sure." I had finally managed to squeak out. Mike winked at me, and then bent to whisper in my ear.

"Be calm, if anything happens, our numbers are all on your cell." he kissed my cheek and I blushed. They were really cool guys and I would have never known that if this day had gone normally.

"Hey Rick, take care of her and have her back by ten." Issac said with a smile on as he acted like he was big brother who wasn't home at the moment.

"Will do." he didn't ask why the twins were at my house, or anything and it didn't seem as though the twins got to interrogate him and I was thankful, the way they acted so brotherly told me that, that's how they got on with their little sister. I looked back to my house to see Issac looking worried but still happy for me. I waved him and he smiled and waved back.

We walked up to Rick's black car and he opened the passenger door for me. I blushed, such a gentleman. I smiled a thanks at him then got in the car. The interior was also black with deep wooden trimming, and it made me feel like I was being consumed by darkness. His door opened and he sat himself next to me. "So how are you feeling?"

"Uneasy." I answered honestly.

"Don't be, I'm not scary."

"Not to some, but to most." he chuckled and started the car. He glanced out of his window and smiled. "Jeremy and Mike... are they friends?"

"Y—yeah, they are, I guess. Why?"

"They act very brotherly towards you." he noted. "They're really protective of you."

"Yeah, they are." Surprisingly, they did come off that way, even if today was my first offical day getting to know them outside of just stolen glances in school. I guess my words ended the conversation, because he started to drive the car. "So... where are we going?" I asked, mustering whatever confidence I had found earlier after school.

"You'll see. Trust me." his voice held a trusting force and I thought of if I could really trust a guy I knew nothing about... not fully, not yet, but maybe.
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